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Episode 1 - Who am I?: We learn that beast making doctors can be really lame. Also, evil organizations can easily be destroyed by starting a small fire. In addition JT gives us a lesson on zoology and Cat shows us all that there is no reason she can't buy a new car and redecorate her apartment while mourning.

Episode 2 - Kidnapped: Cat takes Stockholm Syndrome to a whole new level. Vincent demonstrates how skilled he is with pressure points and chair-pulling. We also learn that drug dealers need beasts.

Episode 3 - Liar Liar: I try my best to be mad at the beast, but fail. We learn that Muirfield was an equal opportunities evil corporation and that English dudes shouldn't take their children to magic stores and then send them to war. Most importantly, we learn that humidity shouldn't stop you from following your baffling promising career. Another episode full of life lessons.

Episode 4 - Hothead: Gabe embarks on a mission to "Save the cheerleader Beast, save the world" Meanwhile, Vincent has a family reunion with his Jane By Design nephew and everyone go after an arsonist Beast. The writers also try to make Vincent somewhat appealing to women and we learn the complicated procedure to flatline a beast. *Hint: IT DOESN'T WORK.

Episode 5 - Reunion: We learn that high school 10 year reunions are the ultimate event to find yourself. Unfortunately high school reunions might kill you, especially if you are a geeky mascot or a beast with a jealous vendetta.

Episode 6 - Father Knows Best: Vincent succumbs to his beast nature and looks like he has been watching way too many episodes of The Vampire Diaries. FLATLINING is re-introduced and we discover I have some serious issues with morally ambiguous TV daddies. We also learn Amber Skye Noyes has incriminating photos of the casting director. 

Episode 7 - Guess who's coming for dinner: We learn that you shall not bring your boyfriend home on Thanksgiving, especially if he doesn't have a job, a house or a tie. We also learn that there is nothing better than drinking pizza & that pumpkin cookies are bad omens.

Episode 8 - Man or Beast? Vincent tries to teach Tori how to have a "Beast-monition" & Gabe tries to teach everyone how to successfully blackmail people. Meanwhile, I tell you all the reasons Tori was the worst daughter ever [and most likely a psychopath]. We also learn that Cersei Lannister may not be so bad after all. Plus I finally figure out the trigger logic! [I think]. 

Episode 9 - Don't Die on Me Tori realizes her aspirations to start a Poodle clothing line never prepared her for more practical stuff, like being a Beast nurse. Cat is not in this episode, so we have to watch Alternate-Cat do very confusing stuff. There is an antique shop, a funky skeleton and a couple of Beast-Hunting-Lawyers with an Indiana Jones complex. Confused yet? Luckily, Spoiler alert: Vincent doesn’t die on anyone.

Episode 10 - Ancestors: The theme of this episode is "finding yourself", we know that, because everyone keeps repeating it every 5 seconds. It's all about [pretending] to move on, which involves undercover missions, treasure hunts, ancient manuscripts and plastic guns.

Episode 11 - Held HostageTurns out Ukrainians are REALLY GOOD at planning surprise heists. Which is unfortunate for nice guys with cakes. Cat works really hard to pretend she is over Vincent, only to remember why she fell in love with him in the first place. Meanwhile Tori is unconscious most of the episode, which absolutely rocks.

Episode 12 - Recipe for Disaster: Beasts, Dungeons, caged archaeologists, kidnapped biochemists and blood drainage. Just another day in the BatB world. Plus, Cat learns how to make aphrodisiac amuse bouche and I present compelling evidence that Tori was a victim of body snatching. 

Episode 13 - Till Death: Catherine and Tess discover that being a cop is hard when none of them is sleeping with the boss. In the meantime, JT decides to embrace the cheese factor again, but learns that solved cases are much more romantic than balloons. Also, Vincent realizes he is still in love with Catherine and shows it by becoming Gabe’s cheerleader… yes, it is a bit confusing.

Episode 14 - Redemption: We have a meant-to-be-psycho that isn’t a psycho. Two psychos that are the same psycho, a beast, a man, dream sequences and a LOT of exposition. We also get some lessons on fake-funeral-etiquette and learn that hospitals are a VERY dangerous place and that row machines were created by God.

Episode 15 - Catch me if you can: Sam is still on a mission to beastify the world one orphan at the time. Turns out JT made one hell of a serum! It includes beast-fugues and sire bonds! Meanwhile Vincent wonders if he is doomed to hell and starts seeing ghosts [sort of]. But whatever! It's all about a car crash this week! [and secret CIA bunkers that may or may not be part of the Alliance] and GUMMI WORMS!

Episode 16 - About Last Night: Tess is confused about girl power, Cat is confused about her feelings, Gabe is confused about his personality, we are all confused about secret societies' organizational structure and I am STILL CONFUSED about how tracking works! There is a lot of lying and denying and finally coming to terms with the reality of this epic [or not] story.

Episode 17 - Beast is the New Black: Vincent gets arrested, but it is OK because he can totally pull off an orange jumpsuit. Meanwhile, Catherine manages to finally find herself; Gabe acknowledges that he is a vulture and Tess takes up grave digging as a new hobby. Beast definitely is the new black and convicts are the new “eligible bachelors”… apparently. At least in TV Land.

Episode 18 - Cat and Mouse: On this episode of BATB we learn that smart terrorists take their hostages to the UN, lawyers can become part of a SWAT team for no apparent reason and that gummi worms are the best cure for depression. Plus we get a visit from our Fanshee favorite Thunder Man, who turns out to be the one honest FBI agent on the show.

Episode 19 - Cold Case: Baby Chandler comes back to town with a big ring on her finger, but her big sis never finds out because she is busy ditching the police and having secret rendezvous with her fugitive boyfriend. Gabe finally goes psycho and decides to kidnap Heather by proxy. He also starts time-sharing Wardy’s office AND the dungeon. You can’t blame the guy of not optimizing the use of resources! In the end, Heather has a close encounter of the beast kind and finally realizes her sister isn’t as crazy as she thought for the past decade.

Episode 20 – Ever After: Cat pretends to be Richard Castle and Vincent pretends to be a normal Canadian dude? Not exactly sure, but he was watching hockey. In any case, they discover the grass is not greener in suburbia and that fish are excellent listeners. Meanwhile JT & T attempt to face the big evil alone while overdosing us with cuteness.

Episode 21 – Operation Fake Date: The whole blond thing really gets to Catherine. Unfortunately she turns out to be less like Marilyn Monroe and more like her beastly boyfriend. Meanwhile, Heather plans a stress-free party but not even hunky strippers can erase the trauma of being kidnapped. Also, reporter Beth is back, but don’t get too attached to her. She ends up being a little heartless… literally. 

Episode 22 - Deja vu: Cat finally forgets about the “finding myself by dating other people” non-sense but has the “brilliant” idea of finding herself in Rebecca’s diary. She decides to repeat all of her ancestor’s greatest hits, like locking her boyfriend inside a dungeon and luring out bad beasts. However, Cat eventually concludes that following in the footsteps of a woman who had to witness the love of her life burn in a stake might not be the best idea after all.


Episode 1 - Pilot: Where we meet a cop that doesn't look like a cop and a beast that doesn't look like a beast. Plus we learn that even crappy pilots with awful voice-overs and terrible wigs can turn into awesome shows.

Episode 2 - Proceed with Caution: Cat investigates the murder of a ballerina who was surprisingly not murdered by the understudy. She also decides it is her turn to stalk Vincent and she learns a couple of lessons about invading personal space.

Episode 3 - All in: Cat and Tess investigate a case they shouldn't investigate. Vincent keeps saying he is not Batman, yet he keeps acting like he is. JT has tummy issues and Joe shows us he REALLY tells it like it is.

Episode 4 - Basic Instinct: Vincent finds an unconscious kid inside a dumpster, but that's not too important because Cat is abducted by Muirfield and we meet the worst black-ops operatives who don't know how to properly kidnap cops, apprehend beasts or cover their tracks. They do, however have business cards.

Episode 5 - Saturn Returns: It is Cat's Birthday and everything gets in the way of the poor girl having a quiet evening with her beast. She also investigates a case of a girl in WITSEC and gets all the answers she needs to fix her love life. There is cake, tequila, some astrology B.S. and dangerous photo booths.

Episode 6 - Worth: Cat investigates a painter's murder. Vincent finds a mystical newspaper vendor and figures out a way to an indirect love confession, but then gets lost down non-memory lane. Also... we learn green tea is full of antioxidants.

Episode 7 - Out of Control: Cat investigates the murder of a frat boy and the killer may or may not be Vincent, but we get a little distracted because he is shirtless in more scenes than usual. There's also a kid with a Dexter complex and Cat suffers from a case of Beast confusion and expects Vincent to behave like Ron Perlman's Beast.

Episode 8 - Trapped: Diversity Barbie and "Cat in the Hat" investigate the attempted murder of a really annoying teen idol. Meanwhile Vincent gets high with endorphins or something and remembers his beastifying times... We also learn a lesson or two on nick-naming people and naming mice.

Episode 9 - Bridesmaid Up!: Cat investigates the murder of a finance guy. Meanwhile she tries to overcompensate with her dad by making up verbs, learning a lot about shoes and turning her apartment into a cotton candy factory. There is a lot of wedding angst, we figure out the difference between corny and epic TV romances and we learn the hard way that matchmaking services suck.

Episode 10 - Seeing Red: Cat survives her accident, even though she is saved by a M.E. instead of an E.R. doctor. Vincent runs into his ex-fiance and we learn everything you should [not] do when your supposed-to-be-dead-fiance shows up. Also, Vincent develops night vision and he is not turning into a female clown fish [yet], so JT doesn't need a trip to Victoria Secret.

Episode 11 - On thin Ice: Tess investigates a case no-one cares about. Cat gets oddly good insights from a shrink while Vincent may or may get the same insights from JT, but we can't be sure because their scenes seem to be missing about a page of dialogue. We also discover Alex won't be running the NY branch of Heisenberg's empire any time soon.

Episode 12 - Cold Turkey: Vincent tries to figure out things with Alex, but it is a little hard to keep up with their ever-changing plan to "help sick children" and/or possibly build a drug empire. Meanwhile Cat drowns her sorrows by eating ice-cream, karaoke singing and raiding Alex's apartment.

Episode 13 - Trust No One: Vincent tries to win Catherine back while trying to stop Alex from getting murdered. Joe also tries to make up with Tess, but he fails to embrace the cheese factor. Meanwhile Alex goes from a "fatal attraction" situation to the voice of reason in less than a minute.

Episode 14 - Tough Love: Meeting your sister's boyfriend may not be such a good idea, but ironically it's the boyfriend with the money issues and not the one who turns into the Beast that poses the biggest threat. Meanwhile Muirfield makes a career advancement offer to Evan and prove that they have one hell of a cross-training program [although questionable operational manuals]

Episode 15 - Any Means Possible: In this episode you get every flavor of handsome men in a tux, plus a lesson on how to make something perfect and epic even more perfect and epic. But not everything is good, we still get our fair share of deception, threats and death.

Episode 16 - Insatiable: Joe has an insatiable need for revenge, Evan insatiably looks for answers and Vincat seem insatiable for... other things. We also do a lot of "clarifying" about key words, missing dialogue and the "subtext" of some scenes.

Episode 17 - Partners in Crime: Catherine and Vincent try to convince Tess to join the Beast-team. It doesn't go too well, especially after they drug her and hold her hostage in the sewers. Meanwhile JT tries to steer Evan away from Vincent's trail and to stop him from embracing the "cheese factor". We also learn a couple of lessons about public deception and living in a GRAY world.

Episode 18 - Heart of Darkness: Evan goes through an entire character arc faster than Vincent can jump from the fire escape. He realizes the Beast may be the "man" Cat needs after all and makes the ultimate sacrifice. We also learn that even though, M agents have license to pee and universal key cards... their security system is seriously defective.

Episode 19 - Playing with Fire: Vincent goes back in time to when he was "insecure" about his relationship. For the first time ever Vincat stop communicating with each other with fatal [burning consequences]. Also, there is a cute M-Agent, an universal key card and the easiest break-in in TV history part II. Finally we learn a couple of things about Greek mythology and evil scientists.

Episode 20 - Anniversary: Cat has mixed feelings on the Anniversary of her mother's murder/the day she met Vincent. Gabe seems more obsessed about Vanessa than anyone else and we learn a thing or two about the unwritten rules of acceptable "stalking". We also learn all that needs to be known about girl power, how to get it, how to keep it and when to throw it out the window.

Episode 21 - Date Night: Gabe comes out as a Beast and he offers Vincent some magic pills in exchange for a vial of his blood, which sounds like the start of a really bad fairy tale. Vincent is granted one night as a human and he uses it to go swimming with his girl, it's less romantic than a "Ball" but less clothes are involved. In the meantime, we learn why new smartphones shouldn't ride on older roller-coasters and girl power is taken a little too far.

Episode 22 - Never Turn Back: To Beast or not to Beast, that is the question. Gabe kidnaps Cat to get to Vincent, JT is lured to the rocks by deceitful sirens and Mr. Chandler may have become the latest casualty of M. In addition, Catherine takes "meet the parents" to a new [deadly] level. It's not easy loving a Beast.  
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  1. I loved it very much xD

    I really want to read more recap this summer! I don't know how to spend it without my VinCat dose :(

    Good Job :)

  2. Enjoyed your recap very much!.. Please keep them coming... Like you said, it'll help to get us thru summer.... Great job!...

  3. Good job on this - please keep it up! I also loved rewatching the pilot through 'wiser' eyes, and it made some of those scenes so much more poignant. And yes - the VOICE in his first non-Beast scene there, it literally just jumped out of the screen at you. Hey I even didn't mind the horrible wig so much lol ;)

  4. vincat shipper 6 June

    Yes please keep them coming. Love all the thoughful observations, the quotes and your wry sense of humour. It will help pass the long days before the season 2 return of our beloved couple

    1. Due to all the wonderful feedback I will keep writing the recaps throughout the summer! Thanks for all your nice comments :)

  5. My thoughts:
    1. In the beginning even after she tells him that he needs to discover his feelings, Vincent still comes to Cat trying to show her that his relationship with her is what is NOW important. Cat mistakenly thinks she saw the writing on the wall especially after how much Alex rambled about still being in love with Vincent and all. But you are right she totally does “preemptive breakup” and his TMI about “six years and entire childhood” did not help, big gaff by Vincent but I think he was nervous.
    2. Alex – she exhausts my soul period! From dropping the towel, the pictures, the psycho soul mate spiel. The whole arc I was trying to figure out if this was a movie whether she is the dumb chick who follows the hot guy with a big scar on his face and a shaky story without asking any questions till he chops her up, destination the freezer. Or if she is the fatal attraction stalker chick that will stab a guy and his new gf in their sleep and try to live with his dead corps, seriously! While you at it, his name is Vincent – badass caring beast not “Vinnie” the neighborhood loser with slick back hair and fake gold chains –YUKK!
    3. Case of the week- some are enjoyable but this particular case is why I am glad that aspect is gone in season two.
    4. At the illegal clinic Vincent was presented with a choice to leave a life of playing Tarzan with NY city high rises and waiting for JT or Cat to tell him something exciting from the land of the living. And I also think he felt while not portrayed well some guilt for her obsession the way he accepted the beer invite like he couldn’t say no after ignoring her for 10 years. As he was clearly sneaking out without saying bye to her from the clinic. That should have given her the clue that her one time fiancĂ© has moved on because if a guy wants you he hangs around.
    5. When Cat gave him a piece, I mean a chunk of her mind I was really happy. I was happy because Vincent needed to realize that he can live his fantasy life with Alex but the people he probably will end up hurting when sh*t gets real is JT &Cat.
    6. This is an important Episode for Catherine because despite mine and hers hesitation about Dr. David, he was solid. He was cute! But he also got Catherine to her psychological orgasm aka a break through. Yay Cat! Totally want him back in S2!
    7. Last Scene- why –o- why must Vincent utter that misfit line? “Alex is willing to give her life up to go with me (…) would you?” This unfortunate line was a product of the initial rejections by Catherine when he went out on the limb, Alex and her insistent babble on their meant to be love and her suffering for the last 10 years as well as the unrealistic life she was painting for a desperate man, and the mere fact that Cat was handing him a flash drive after she committed one more crime because his life will always be complicated and in need of protection. You mix all that in a pot and you can only get a disaster. I am so glad you brought up his expression. I was furious with V when he uttered those words – as I’m cursing at him for his audacity and was screaming things like “what?!?! Excuse me! you’re a manimal without a job, a temper you can’t control, on the run with incompetent killers after you! Why the HELL would anyone that is SANE give up their life for you unless they are CRAZY” The expression on this face stopped my rant. It wasn’t I am the shit come with me but more so I am ready to escape my life and run. This all was about a glimpse of a better future because when he asks Cat if she would run with him he knows he won’t be an underground doctor or whatever but he will be a different man. And who wouldn’t get tired of the people you care about more than anything else putting their career and life endanger to protect you every day so you can have a life that’s not much of a life really. Bad choice of words – Yes – and who isn’t guilty of that but bad intention or was it intended to put down Catherine –NO.
    Luli - @itslulim

  6. I also want to add something since my last post was short--ha!

    I read a lot of comments on twitter and such in regards to Epic Love and how can their love be Epic if he chose Alex not Catherine this , that and the other. For me while I hated the Alex arc, Alex, frustrated by Vincent, Catherine and sometimes both. I thought while it could have been handled better, suffered a lot of gaps thanks to editing and was PAINFUL to watch because of the road they travelled just to hold hands. I am (ughh) “glad” it happened. At least for me indifferent scenes and dialogues I was able to see how much of a tortured soul both Catherine and Vincent were and the fact that they both need all or nothing kind of love to be fulfilled. They found ways to attach themselves to each other lives just to find that and provide that to someone else. Vincent needs to save her, show up and offer to help her with stiches or flexibility exercises provide over explanations and she did the same while angry and thinking she had lost him to Alex, she still showed up for everything. At any point did we see V trying to sneak away wbad boy but as my soul mate”. For me that’s Epic love and even epic love is built with unfortunate circumstances or good intentions that break hearts but it’s also about the place we hold in someone’s heart. Epic love doesn’t have to be fatal attraction, I see you and now I can’t live without you. While I do respect the opinion of my beloved beasties, I DISAGREE beyond words that the arc tainted the epic-ness of the love because it’s too early to judge the magnitude of epic-ness. They are just building it, fighting their inner and outer demons. They’re making sacrifices not on our schedule or in a manner we expect them to but they are honest with each other, protect each other, forgive each other and that’s the ingredients of Epic love to me. I will add a little once you preview Cold Turkey… (Can’t wait)!

    Luli - @itslulim

    You recaps are really good and funny.

  7. i think that the alex arc made cat admit her filling for vincent before she couldn't even admit it to herself so we should thank alex ahaha

  8. A general review comment - you have the Best nick name or description to scenes, moment, organization, and people for BATB. So creative and soo flipping funny!!!



  9. Yay! Looking forward to your S2 recaps! Thanks, Alex.

    Have a great weekend.
    Denise in NY

  10. Thank you for your reviews of season 1. You are spot on! please consider doing season 2, I can't wait to see your views. Allison

    1. You are welcome. TY for taking the time to leave a comment. I would have loved to write S2 reviews after each ep aired, but it wasn't possible. I did make an informal promise around twitter that if the show gets renewed for S3 I WILL write all S2 ep recaps.

    2. That just provides another reason for a season 3, your recaps of season 2.
      Well even if we don't get a season 3, it has been one heck of a ride. I am forever grateful to have had the experience of seeing this epic, rare and beautiful chemistry.


  11. so I'm reading your recaps cause I seriously never saw this before and I just have to say I love your sense of humor, your irony and your sarcasm - I am LMAO :P Now back to the recaps........

    1. Good to see some ppl are still reading these... I had a lot of fun writing them.

  12. I had mixed feelings about that shove also. Vincent shoved Catherine while in beast mode and we all gasped and felt betrayed. Yet when Gabe threw her across his lawn with intent to kill her, he was brought back to life and treated like royalty. (even called a noble hero by some) Not sure why we didn't seem concerned about her safety with him.

    The whole scarf scene and the café scene were painful to watch. Using Vincent to further a case was pretty low especially when he was on a guilt trip and so hopeful that she might actually forgive him.

    Thank you for helping us with this long wait for season 3. Your recaps of the episodes are so much fun.


  13. Hi TVEmpress, i'm working on a small and privat BATB project and i need some short episode descriptions. I would be proud if i could use yours, of course with indication of source and a link to your recaps. May i copy these descriptions?
    Greetings from Germany and Happy Holidays! Iris

    1. Hi Iris, as long as you only use the short descriptions and cite/link them I am OK with it. (I just don't like ppl copy pasting the entire recaps, but the descriptions are OK) Be sure to share your project once you are done.

    2. Thank you very much!


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