Discovering one great British show at the time. The perfect guide for UK-TV newbies

You must have noticed that I watch A LOT of TV shows. Even with my limited free time, I manage to watch an insane amount of TV. However, most shows I watch are American shows.

One of my new life-goals is to learn as much about British television as I know of American TV. I have a lot of catching up to do! A life-long worth of television watching… but I have to start somewhere.

So… Starting now, I’ll immerse myself into the wonders UK TV has to offer and, of course, blog about it.
If you live in the UK, or if you want to discover new different shows check this out.

BROADCHURCH: Soon there will be Gracepoint, but before that we had the original mystery. Same actor different accent. Read about the show that joins the ranks of the most celebrated whodunits.

UTOPIA: A graphic novel, a scientist, a mysterious antagonist and yellow bags of torture. How far will you go to create the perfect world? 

THE MILL: What if Veronica Mars had lived in a 19th century cotton mill? This show gave me the answer to that really bizarre question. 
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