RECAP: Beauty and the Beast – S3E12 – Sins of the Fathers

Older women, younger Beasts

Just another day in Vincat’s life… which means they have to worry about all the usual stuff: protecting V’s secret beast identity, single-handedly saving NYC, stopping the vendetta of the supernatural killer, etc etc. However, there is a new issue for them to worry: BEAST LONGEVITY. As we learned on the last episode, Beasts are like whales [or turtles] and can live for centuries. Cat is not taking this new development very well and she is already envisioning herself as an old lady with a very good looking young beast. Could be worse, Cat... but I get it.

As for Liam, the new plan is to apprehend him, NOT kill him. I am all for this plan, since I love Liam, but Vincat certainly changed their tune. The reason they want a less lethal option is that – at some point between last week’s episode and now - they realised that Liam’s blood is magical or something. In other words, it can cure JT. Guess Liam is like Klaus Mikaelson and werewolves’ bites? Come to think of it Liam is a lot like Klaus… [Manipulative, vindictive, hung up on ancient family history, wanting to force supernatural bromances/army of minions, etc etc].

Anyway, speaking of JT…. He is busy having a dream sequence about playing professional hockey… wait… that is NOT a dream sequence. It’s actually happening. Strange, I know. But kind of made sense in the end. Tess has made it her mission to check items off JT’s bucket list. One of which was apparently hockey… [I would have guessed something more along the lines of smoking cigars with William Shatner]. In any case, JT appreciates what Tess is doing. However, what he truly wants is to spend his maybe-last-days-on-earth helping Cat and Vincent catch Liam. Because that’s what JT is all about: Being the best side-kick ever.

Meanwhile, Vincent gets a VIP referred patient at the hospital. It is Helen Ellingsworth. She is there because her “brother” Liam spoke very highly of Dr. Keller. Naturally she is shocked when V tells her that her brother ancestor is poisoning her with Thallium. Helen doesn’t believe him, but he is determined to save her life nonetheless. Unfortunately, Liam’s plan was to murder Helen and then make it look like Vincent accidentally killed her by prescribing the wrong treatment. It’s quite brilliant, I have to admit. Liam is quite Machiavellian.  

But the question is… why would Liam want Helen dead? Well… he wanted a funeral that would congregate all the Ellingsworths in one convenient location – a church - where they could be blown up all at once. Liam is pragmatic.

Since Vincent and Cat need Liam alive [and V can’t kill him anyway], their new plan is to erase his memory. Because if you can’t remember who you hate, you can’t have a murderous vendetta… For this plan to work they need:

  1. One kidnapped beast – Done thanks to the magical BeaStone whose properties and reach keep changing from episode to episode. I usually have tracking logic issues, but this week I had GEM LOGIC ISSUES.
  2. Chemicals that can be easily obtained at a university lab – Hmmm that seems way too easy! Even Cocacola has a more mysterious formula than this beast erasing concoction!
  3. One morally ambiguous daddy with experience in beast memory erasing – Since Wentworth Miller is busy being Captain Cold, V has to take care of this prison break on his own.
So daddy Bob begins the process of erasing Liam’s memory while wearing JT’s shirt [everyone wants to wear that shirt]. Since Liam is getting some memory work done, he misses Helen’s funeral, but thanks to a conveniently pre-written eulogy, Vincat realise that he was planning to blow up the church. They arrive to the church just in time to stop the second bomb and save the Ellingsworth family.

Unfortunately, while Vincat were at the church Liam has a… less than ideal reaction to Daddy Bob’s memory therapy. Bob manages to make Liam forget about his vendetta against the Ellingsworth, but that only ignites his revenge desire against Alistair and Rebecca [which should have been the original vendetta in the first place… way more interesting]. To top that, the gem suddenly stops working [or wasn’t there in the first place?]. Liam manages to free himself and kills Daddy Bob in the process! No! But I guess that’s what happens to all good morally ambiguous TV dads… they get killed by beasts, blow themselves up inside caves with immortal psychos and take bald kids to undetermined points in a hostile future….  

R.I.P daddy Bob! You will be missed!

Not much happens after that [or perhaps I was too busy crying]. Liam escapes to plan his new vendetta, JT uses Liam’s blood to cure himself [when did they get the blood?] and Cat shares her concerns about Beast longevity with Vincent. I personally think V would totally be like Ioan Gruffudd in Forever and stand by Cat until she is in her 70s, but this new development certainly raises the stakes and brings a series of new conflicts.

I really liked this episode, one of my favorite of the season so far. I am now keeping my fingers crossed, wishing they don’t kill Liam in the finale because it is the best thing that happened to this show since S1!

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  1. Your recaps are much more entertaining than the episodes. Keep it up.

  2. Thank you for your review. The new worry about beast longevity can't be an issue with Vincent can it? He can't heal himself any longer, another benefit from Bio Dad Reynolds. If Cat hadn't been such a bad shot, she would have killed him back in season 2. So chances are, if he continues in his current lifestyle, he won't live forever.

    Or, she could just kill him.


  3. Thank you for your fun review. I loved this episode too. A little more touchy-feely would have been nice but they seem to have done away with it.

    I love Liam. He is fascinating with his big head and heavy walking. To keep in the animal vein, he is like a rhinoceros, lumbering around, trying to look all mean with those beady eyes. He is fantastic.

  4. What is the story of how Cat was born? Did they tell us? Did Vanessa cheat on Thomas and raise Cat as his own with him knowing she was Bob's kid? Did he not know? Was Vanessa pregnant with Cat when she got with Thomas and he knew that Bob was her dad and agreed to raise her and love her as his own? I'll miss having a villain like Bob on the show. I didn't like him, but liked to dislike him. I like how Cat was conflicted about Bob. I didn't like that she called him dad though...He was her dad, but he was evil, but he tried to be a better person.

  5. I actually liked the episode. I've actually thought the main non-romance storyline writing was better this season. The romance storyline writing was better in season 1 for me. I'm sincerely curious if someone could explain to me how the romance was better/more intense/more love story/more passion in season 2. Please someone on the internet. LOL I get how season 1 was more of an epic love story, but at least I could watch this season. The romance was completely missing for me in the second season (better once Vincat got together though) and I thought it was romantic and intense in season 2 episode 1 bc of Cat's desperation and intense love for a newly found V. Oh and the kiss in ep2 oh lordy. and I guess the dance in ep3. And season 3 ep1 had the passion and love story going strong for me. Vincat has been cute and adorable, but I agree not what they were in season 1 since ep 1 of season 3. I think though that no show or couple is as good as when it first starts typically. The falling in love is always the most intense and exciting part. Season 2 was just painful and sickening to me so I am just glad season 3 is watchable. I feel like the actors maybe are too comfortable and friendlike now because they've known each other too long?! Like some stuff just is weird like there did used to be small touches between them and longing looks and those are missing. Like JR once put his hand on Cat's back when they were running and it was so sweet and caring, but Cat's dad died and the scene had no touching!?!? That literally doesn't make sense. Was it written that way? Did the direct want this? I'm sorry, but the actors couldn't have added a hand hold or hug!? They used to kill I was expecting a scene like after Evan died, but no comforting. I honestly don't know what the people involved in making that scene in front of and behind the camera were thinking because that's a good example of the obvious romantic things lacking in this season. There are some great opportunities for romance, but they are missed. OBVIOUS ones, too that make me wonder if the people are drunk. LOL

  6. Brad Kern, with all due respect, seems to think this was the most romantic season and while I understand why (I don't think VC have said they love each other or talked about being together forever this much)...this audience wants and expects the other romance-meaning show it, don't tell us about it. Romance with VC is intense looks and passionate kisses and tender hand-holds. I've seen JR and KK in other stuff before and they seemed more into kissing their other partners/had more passion(excluding season 1 where their chem was on fire). This season the kisses have been more pecks and reserved and less passionate. I've heard actors say it's boring kissing the same person and weird kissing your friend. Maybe they're too good of friends now and bored? And season 1 was so hot bc they were nervous bc it was the first time and they were strangers so it was all a new job/experience. I mean the writers aren't writing scenes with intense emotional dialogue and the actors/directors aren't bringing/doing the intense looks/passionate kissing. I mean how much harder is it to make a peck a more passionate kiss? You're already kissing the person! And I refuse to believe that everyone in front of the camera and behind the camera don't get what the fans want. It's obvious and stated often; yet Brad and I've heard the actors say BATB can't just be sex scenes. I get that. I do think 1 love scene wouldn't hurt anyone and would greatly help excite their fans about the show, which they need bc the show isn't #1 on tv so why not do it? Seriously? It's not expensive. Or even a makeout scene or intense emotional hugging. There must be a reason everyone is holding back. It just doesn't make sense when you have a struggling show and know what to do to drive fans to the show/please fans and you don't do it. The only thing I can think is that the actors are maybe checked out and don't care or are too good of friends they find it odd to do intimate scenes anymore. And Brad really thought talking about a romance is romantic; he didn't get that we wanted to be shown it. Saying I love you sounds shallow, but a loving hug says it much more profoundly. I mean the scenes used to be so emotionally intimate. I felt an emotional connection between VC! Also, why focus on the normalcy of VC? It's mostly loved for its epic fairy tale love story and he said he was giving the fans what we wanted, which is obviously that. He seemed to want to make VC a more grownup love story (said that in an interview) and bring them down to earth and make them have real probs. Watching an epic couple have real probs isn't that fairtytale thing we love, some I get, but this season has been about that and that has some value, but we needed more of that epic romantic love stuff. That's the thing that made this show stand out and makes fans fight. Maybe 1 scene every other episode! My goodness! You want the show to survive so why wouldn't you do what fans need! I guess I should be happpy bc some shows don't have the couples even kiss anymore after a while. And VC are still kissing and saying loving things to one another more than most couples on TV so I'm grateful for that. It's still one of the most romantic shows on TV so that's good. In S3: They are constantly worrying about the other and talking about how much they love one another. Their end scenes in bed in Heart of the Matter and the coffee shop scene in The Most Dangerous Beast were adorable and to me still had chemistry and great music. Their rooftop scenes in ep 1 were amazing to me, too. I just needed more of that this season, especially in a short season. Don't tell us about their love, make us believe it. I wanted to see more tenderness/intensity/looks and touching between the actors playing VC.

  7. I don't get why some have a prob w/ Cat in S3.While I didn't agree w/ everything she did (I never do w/ any1) I felt like she was someone who was worried +really in love with someone who could die+who could cross to the dark side so she acted a little like a mother hen.That didn't bother me.I guess that's why TV is subjective!I feel like the writers tried to make VC less lovey dovey to show that they were committed for the long haul so we could believe they could be married and that they were in a healthy relationship. The writers got so much crap for making C worry about V all the time that she ignored her job and other people so in 1 ep they had her be like I can't worry about V (which rubbed me the wrong way, but I understood) to show that C isn't sacrificing herself for V. I think the writers got crap from critics about VC being co-dependent so they made a point to address that, which wasn't sexy, but good bc critics were like they aren't healthy and the writers wanted to show they are a healthy couple. I feel like the writers addressed the complaints of critics who found the show too romantic/sappy so they toned the romance down.I feel like the writers addressed the complaints of some who asked if Vincat could be together without fighting beasts or is their love story just about that. They wanted to show that they happen to be good at that, but their love is more than that. I appreciate that, but not the sexiest. The co-dependency episode wasn't just about them being co-dependent (defining one another based on each other, which BTW the doc said they weren't co-dependent, but had some tendencies so I don't know why VC&Tess kept saying they were co-dependent; they were also co-dependent on beasts&crime-fighting, which is why V was concerned Cat was preoccupied with cases-he didn't know she was doing it to get rid of the supernatural bad so he would't have to go primal and it was why he wanted them to do normal things like concerts). Cat said that it was going to take a while to not focus on threats facing them bc that's been their life for 2 years. I get that.They don't want to be co-dependent on cases so they're minimizing the threats they face and making them less big in their lives, which lowers the stakes and intensity, which also lowers the intensity of the romance story so I think that is what happened. I do believe VC is a healthier and more committed couple. Although I'd love C to say G was just a rebound; we never got an adequate explanation for that sH**show. GC bothered me more than ToriV bc the writers went too far. Cat was way less likeable in season 2 for me. I at least know this cat and understand this S3 cat. I didn't in season 2 so I'm surprised to see all the complaints re her and the story in S3 after such a terrible and way worse IMO S2. I don't think the writing is as bad as some think. Just VC romantic scenes weren't as good in the past, but I feel like the storyline better minus the lack of VC romance and their repetitive exposition scenes, which could have been better and more romantic. I'm not crazy about JTnT, but I tdon't care about anything else really as long as I'm happy with Vincat.I love Heather+V.I hope he warms up to her and shows a more sensitive side to her bc V/JR wasn't as sensitive/tender or touchy feely this season and I miss that! He's a great actor, but I want him to be more tender with C and H and at least tell H he's happy she's his family. They're just so great together bc they're so different. S3 has shown us how far VC are willing to fight to be together, which is very romantic. C never would have fought like this for G for ex.Her love for V is on another level. Basically I feel like the writers addressed the complaints critics had this season, not the complaints or wishes of fans in the romance dept. Maybe we should just be grateful they still say ILY, kiss, and didn't have love triangles.

  8. I think the passionate kisses and eye contacts was reduce to pecks because something personal happen between JR and KK. Even the hugs are different. (Heartbreak).


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