The TV Empress started her career as a financial analyst, so she knows everything about money… Once she got tired of giving out small business loans she decided to pursue her true passion: television. For over two years she researched the American television industry, focusing on programming and ratings. [If you are interested in reading some of her not so entertaining research, just ask]. Besides being a long-life TV fanatic who watches pretty much anything that airs on her black box, she enjoys blogging and screenwriting. She has recently completed an MA in Creative Writing, which may make her feel like a more "official" writer, but is unfortunately not yet paying the bills! Want to know more about the TV Empress? Like her real name, why she hates Nielsen ratings or what’s her favorite color? All you have to do is tweet: @TVRepublik

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  1. I was so lucky to find this site! the recaps have me ROFL. Love CatVin and JT and comments here also. I cannot bear the new boyfriend really disgusting after crimes on cath and vincent season 1. i just read recaps, season 2 THANKS

    1. I am so lucky you found it! (tell your friends hehe). Glad I made you laugh.


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