RECAP: Beauty and the Beast – Episode 6 – Worth

We get to see a walk down non-memory lane, a pretty girl gun fest and we learn a hell of a lot about Worth

First of all, the CW totally messed up my plans of summer re-watching/recapping BATB and instead of airing Episode 6 “Worth” this Thursday they jumped to Episode 18. I decided to keep recapping the episodes in order (posting a new one each Friday as usual). There are 14 Thursdays left before the October 7th premiere which is almost enough to recap all 22 eps. And hey, what’s the internet for right? We can do our own “summer re-watching” schedule. If you would rather read recaps for the episodes airing on the CW let me know in the comments section.

Now, let’s start the recap

I noticed something funny during the intro. They overlapped Cat’s voice saying “You are not a monster” with a shot of Vincent getting out of the shower [picture below], he so isn't a monster. That is completely irrelevant to the plot but I thought it was funny.

Now let’s start for real. Previously on BATB: Cat kissed Evan, but it is OK because she is still into Vincent. She invited him [Vincent] for dinner but he stood her up, but that’s also OK because he had a good reason to do so… like waking up on top of the Brooklyn Bridge.

At the beginning of the episode Cat pays Vincent a visit. She wants to know why he stood her up and she figured it is because he saw her kissing Evan. She does best to reiterate the kiss meant nothing, but Vincent is all “you can kiss whoever you want, now if you’ll excuse me I need to figure out what’s up with my ‘Beastie walkabouts’” That is not what Cat was hoping to hear at all. He still apologizes for missing dinner like the gentleman he is and Cat says “It’s no problem” like the proud woman she is.

Time for the CRIME OF THE WEEK! I say with fake excitement…  OK so this crime was the trigger for one of my favorite scenes ever, so I won’t hate on it [much].

Case of the week:  Nicholas Varkas, an up and coming painter found dead inside a Soho Gallery
Suspects:  Marco Giconni the gallery owner, Lauren Harris the gallery curator, the mysterious girlfriend [isn’t there always?].

Back at the PRECINCT Cat is filing her frustrations away. Tess figures she is having guy trouble [you don’t need to be a detective for that], Cat denies it for like a second and then starts to spill. She is upset because she got into a complicated “non-relationship” that is going nowhere. Haven’t we all been there? More than once… Cat’s new resolution is to “stick to simple”… yeah, like that’s gonna happen. The girl talk is interrupted by the arrival of MR. CHANDLER, Cat’s dad. And for some reason, I didn’t figure out until the finale that Mr. Chandler is played by the same actor who played Roan on Nikita! He looks exactly the same so I don’t know what could be my excuse for not noticing this earlier. Unlike Ari and Ari Muirfield (Silverfox), Mr. Chandler and Roan are definitely not the same person [I hope!]; Mr. Chandler is a super nice dad while Roan was a cold blooded assassin. Anyway, Mr. Chandler reminds Cat of the dress fitting for the wedding and he wants Cat to spend more time with his maybe-not-a-gold-digger-after-all-girlfriend BROOKE. So he invites her to dinner and then basically traps her into taking Evan as her date. That’s not awkward at all… Oh dads…

At the CRIME SCENE Tess is enumerating all the advantages of dating [or rather having fun with] Evan. Cat is not interested; she is too busy thinking about her complicated guy keeping it simple. After learning Nicholas was killed by someone he knew, Cat has a chat with Evan and tries to get him to back off dinner because she is tired of “murky undefined situations”. Evan reminds her, he is not “murky” he is “simple” [Wasn’t that what Cat wanted?]. She wants to discuss the kiss and starts going on about “having feelings for someone who doesn’t return them” … So basically she is still talking about Vincent, but Evan isn’t even listening. He simply tells her “there are absolutely no feelings”, interesting approach to get girls right there. I guess it could work because he was looking particularly charming in that scene, plus everything he says sounds sexy with that accent. Anyway, he finishes it off with a near kiss and I confess, it was pretty hot… at the time but…SPOILER ALERT Vincent’s “almost kiss” in later episodes will be SO much hotter. Evan/Cat near kiss was like static electricity while the Vincat kiss-interrupted was a full on electroshock END OF SPOILER

Cat and Tess go to NICHOLAS’S HOUSE to speak with his mom. She tells them the poor guy was broken up about a girl who ended things with him two weeks ago. We also learn Nicholas had a heated phone conversation about the price of his paintings. Following up, Cat and Tess discover some price discrepancies. The gallery was selling the paintings for $5000 or more, but Nicholas was only getting a fraction of it. So where did the money go? As a friend of mine used to say: “If you are loaded, you are a drug-dealer and if there’s too much cash it’s money laundering” So looks like I just cracked this case… OK maybe not...

At the WAREHOUSE JT is having the cutest video conference with Sara. I really want to see her again! They are interrupted by Vincent, who is going out of his mind trying to figure out why he is “fuguing-out” (JT’s words not mine, obviously). Since there is nothing physically wrong with Vincent [other than turning into a beast from time to time], JT figures out his fugues are triggered by jealousy. I guess Sara is softening JT because, instead of his customary panic attack, he simply suggests Vincent should go over to Cat’s and confess his feelings. Seriously who is that guy and what did he do with tums-loving-JT? Well, we’ve met JT-man-of-action and JT-international-man-of-mystery already. I guess it is time for JT-love-guru to make an appearance.

Meanwhile, at the BRIDAL SHOP, Cat is trying on the most awful dress ever! In Brooke’s words “it looks like a leprechaun ate too many marshmallows”. Turns out Brooke is actually nice. They bond a little and then they start the inappropriate daughter/soon-to-be-stepmother conversation. First they discuss Evan and then Cat’s dad. Brooke explains how they don’t make sense on paper, him being twice her age and everyone assuming she is a gold-digger and something about him [Mr. Chandler] kissing a lot of girls before… seriously ew... Cat is not so thrilled with the over-sharing, but Brooke is actually imparting some wisdom. In synthesis, she says that for the right guy it is worth ignoring the obstacles. Brooke is actually referring to Evan and his player status, but Cat is totally thinking about Vincent and his “Beast” status.

Brooke gets a text and has to go, but she leaves her sunglasses behind. Cat and Tess hurry after her and find her on the street with a guy who kisses her. Brooke pushes him away… but too late. Daughter with trust issues has already seen her. I guess this little arc with Brooke had the purpose of showing how Cat can’t trust anyone and always assumes the worst. But for a moment I felt there was more to Brooke and… time to share a CRAZY theory. It’s totally out there and I don’t think it could actually happen [but if it does I totally called it] SPOILER ALERT Brooke could be the girl Vincent almost slept with/killed two years ago. I really don’t think that’s the case, but it was one of those insane thoughts that just pop into your mind without warning END OF SPOILER. For now let’s assume there is nothing nefarious going on with Brooke and she is just some regular non-gold-digger-woman marrying an older guy.

Cat is multitasking again. She is at NICHOLAS’S ART STUDIO and on top of worrying about her murky love life, she is investigating her soon-to-be-step-thingie AND Nicholas’s murder. She finds out that Brooke is married and the man kissing her was her husband, while Nicholas was painting everything 3 to 4 times [completely unrelated facts BTW]. I guess all this multitasking is affecting Cat because she doesn’t take two seconds to look at the non-duplicate paintings before leaving the studio. After finishing their insufficient sweep of the Art Studio, they finally get the elusive gallery owner Marco down to the PRECINCT. Tess performs a “sexy-girl-bad-cop” routine on him, but nothing comes out of it because Marco had an alibi for the night of the murder. However, it looks like Tess has finally figured out what I knew all along: that it’s a money laundering scheme.  Also an ADA is involved. Seems like in the Beauty and the Beast universe, they have really low standards and poor background checks at the DA’s office!

Meanwhile, Cat is telling her dad about Brooke’s non-single status. And… he already knew… so yeah, that plot is going nowhere. In summary, Brooke is getting divorced, Mr. Chandler knew and Cat has trust issues, which is exactly what her dad tells her. Then he tells her that “No one is worthy in her eyes” but don’t fret Papa Chandler… that is about to change very soon. He finishes his disapproving father speech by telling her that her judgmental attitude makes her a good cop, but also makes it really hard to have a relationship with her and she probably starts thinking about Vincent... again.  

Later, Cat gets ready for the Art Gallery opening while she speaks with Tess on the phone. Cat tells Tess that Nicholas applied for an apartment to live with his girlfriend… [Or maybe he just wanted to stop living with his mom].  She hangs up and Vincent shows up. Vincent is obviously there following JT’s advice to confess his feelings. He opens with the really lame line: “I was just in the neighborhood”. Doing what? Rooftop hopping? Catherine is upset because she doesn’t know where their relationship is going. He starts speaking but does a terrible job and Cat assumes he is letting her down so she tries to beat him to the punch. She tells him she was “reading into their connection like it was fate or destiny that brought them together” [like hell it WAS!] but she is not so convinced anymore. She thinks it would be better if, from now on, they “stick to cases” and… come on, if she really wanted to get rid of him she should have asked him to break contact entirely. It’s not like he is a cop or a vigilante as he keeps reminding us! Vincent tries to resume his love confession but they are interrupted by Evan’s arrival… and that sucks, but… just wait [12 episodes or so] because Karma is a bitch. Vincent leaves, feeling awful and has a jealousy attack, complete with glowing eyes and everything.

Back at the WAREHOUSE Vincent is getting directions for the art studio, because you know… Cat told him to “stick to cases”. As usual JT expresses just what I was thinking and tells Vincent: “You are so lame”. Vincent goes to Queens and speaks with the Newspaper Vendor because, apparently, he is the secret key to solving all crimes that take place in NYC… yeah… perfectly logical. Let’s assume this isn’t completely implausible and lame. Mystical Newspaper Man tells Vincent all about Nicholas and notices he looks like a former customer, Michael Keller (his dad)… how convenient. I am really confused about something. Are Vincent’s parents dead? And if so, when did they die? It was implied during a couple of interviews that they are not dead, but in the Pilot it was clearly stated that all of his “next of keen” were deceased. I guess we’ll find out eventually. I would actually like for them to be alive… Anyway, back to the episode, Vincent says goodbye to the awful plot-device Mystical Newspaper Man and heads to the ART STUDIO. So he basically went through all that trouble [which turn out not so troublesome] just so he could keep stalking Catherine, but more indirectly.

With a less mystical endeavor; Tess, Cat and Evan are at the ART GALLERY. They quickly realize the money laundering is not about drugs [so I got that wrong], it’s a prostitution ring. In a nutshell, men pay for the women and get over-priced paintings in exchange. It’s pretty clever, I have to admit. Tess interrogates Lauren the curator while Cat just happens to bump into Nicholas’s mystery girlfriend without even trying. I guess she is having some mystical luck as well. The girlfriend, Daphne, is played by an actress who was on Jane By Design! Which I suddenly realize I really miss… Seriously. Cat engages Daphne-by-design on a casual “working girl” conversation which ends with Cat saying she is “still holding out for Prince Charming” [wrong fairy tale Cat]. Daphne implies her Prince Charming (dead Nicholas) was a liar and a player. Cat casually lets her know he was planning to move in with his girlfriend. And then Daphne leaves. Not suspicious at all.

For some reason, Cat doesn’t go after Daphne and Tess is either with the man of her dreams or calling vice. So Evan decides it is time for some flirting but it doesn't go far because Cat spots Vincent in the second floor of the gallery. Evan watches as Cat runs towards Vincent and then drags him to a room. Vincent pretends to be all about solving the case, however the first thing that comes out of his mouth [in his super husky voice] is: “I needed to see you”. It doesn't really do the trick on Cat [as much as it did on me] and she is still being cold and upset about him breaking and entering or something. Isn’t it funny how Cat changes her standards about breaking the law depending on her mood/love situation? In any case, Vincent is a better detective than Tess and Cat because he actually took the time to look at the paintings in the studio. Cat says the paintings don’t matter, but Vincent extends his hand and asks her to come with him. There is a brief moment of hesitation in Cat’s face. Stay with her simple law abiding life [complete with potential British boyfriend] or swan dive into the unknown complicated abyss that is Vincent? Is it worth it? (Pun intended) There is no decision to be made…not really, even if Cat likes to pretend otherwise. There was no way she could have refused him.

So Cat goes with Vincent to the ART STUDIO and turns out all the non-money-laundry paintings are pictures of Daphne-by-design. Cat thinks maybe Daphne was just Nicholas’s model, but Vincent disagrees and what follows is 100% transcription worthy:

Vincent: Look at the way he… captured her. The curve of her back, the softness of her skin. He spent every waking moment painting her. She was in every brush stroke. I know I am not the detective here but, this man, he loved this woman. Now, maybe there was someone else, someone that didn’t want them to be together.
Catherine: But they weren’t together. She said he loved a lot of girls.
Vincent: I find that hard to believe. You know, maybe she doubted him. The way he felt about her…
Catherine: But if he loved her so much… why did she push him away?
Vincent: She didn't feel worthy.

As Vincent finishes his heartfelt speech, the realization of just how much self-loathing he has dawns on Cat. Like everyone in the audience, she looks up at him with loving eyes verging on tears. And he’s got her; you can tell there’s no turning back for her. In the blink of an eye, he disappears and leaves Cat alone in the studio looking at the paintings that are a perfect metaphor for her life.

OK. Time to melt, swoon and cry. I know I always make fun of the ON THE NOSE lessons Cat learns from her cases, and this is a little bit on the nose I guess. Vincent is obviously speaking about himself and Cat and is indirectly confessing his feelings an explaining the reasons he pushed her away. On the nose or not, I DON’T CARE. It was one of the most beautiful scenes I’ve ever seen on TV. Everything was wonderful: the way it was shot, the set, the dialogue, the music, the chemistry and the acting. And speaking of the acting, I resent the fact that so many people call Jay Ryan just another “CW hottie”. Yes, all CW shows have good looking people, some of them can’t act and don’t really need to [they are too busy doing shirt-less push-ups, turning into wolves and biting people]. But as good looking as Jay is I actually believe he is a pretty decent actor, he is not going to win an Oscar for this role or anything but he has quite a bit of range. The problem with some “TV hotties” is that their good looks can make their characters appear overconfident. Not the case with Jay Ryan. I absolutely believe Vincent is an insecure, damaged guy as was evident during this art studio scene. He considers himself “unworthy” of Cat’s love which is a theme that will continue throughout the show. It works because he makes it believable; it doesn’t come off as a cocky handsome guy “pretending” to be insecure. It feels honest and elicits an emotional connection with the character.

Back to the show. Cat gets Tess up to speed on the whole unworthy girlfriend situation. Tess is in no questioning mood so she just accepts the theory and runs with it. They conclude the person making her feel unworthy had to be her Madame who turned out to be Lauren, the curator. Oh, and they have this entire conversation in front of Lauren’s apartment. So… how exactly did Cat get there? Why are they having this conversation right now? Couldn’t they have caught up on the phone? Never mind. They walk inside MADAME LAUREN’S APARTMENT building; they forcefully open the door and find… a Mexican Soap Opera inside. Daphne-by-Design is holding a gun on Lauren and complaining on how she made her feel like a call girl “unworthy” of Nicholas’s love… who saw that coming? Anyway, in classic procedural-drama-third-act fashion, Cat starts spelling out everything she knows about the case: Nicholas’s phone fight wasn’t about the paintings’ prices it was about how much Daphne’s freedom was “worth”. Apparently call girls’ freedom goes at a very high rate these days so Nicholas threatened Lauren with turning over her client list which prompted her to murder him. For a second there, I wasn’t sure if the killer was Madame Lauren or psycho-Daphne-by-Design… but all is good, Madame Lauren is the murderer and Daphne was worth loving after all. After Cat convinces Daphne to lower the gun with an abbreviated version of Vincent’s “worth speech” they arrest murderous Madame Lauren and put a halt to the “Pretty Girls with Guns” fest. END OF CASE.  

On to more important stuff. Tess makes a beer date with Cat but she needs to run some “errands”, meaning she wants to go see Vincent. At that point, Evan joins the conversation and he is being especially British, saying things like “bordello” and “acquitted”. He wants to take Cat to dinner with no chaperone, but Cat takes a rain check. She is basically picking Vincent over Evan to everyone’s joy. Evan is pretty confident and believes “it has to rain sometime” [if you are taking a “rain check” wouldn’t you wait for the rain to stop?]. Oh Evan… he is pretty hot and charming, but he is unaware of exactly how good his competition is. Cat’s first “errand” is to go to the BRIDAL SHOP to apologize to Brooke. She forgives Cat and gives her some final words of wisdom. Brooke tells Cat she wouldn’t have had to make assumptions if she had been honest. I am guessing this will give Cat a push to go tell Vincent exactly what she feels and put an end to all his “unworthiness” assumptions.

Finally, Cat goes to the WAREHOUSE to speak with Vincent. After he indirectly declared his love for her, she decides to go with a more DIRECT approach; which is a pretty good idea. If life has taught me anything is that guys NEED DIRECT approaches! She starts by telling him how she waited for him all night. And he is all “Huh? At the art studio?” and Cat’s all “No, at dinner duh!” See… they NEED DIRECT approaches. Cat also tells him she is constantly waiting for the next moment she gets to see him. However, with all his confidence issues, Vincent is still not getting it. Since he obviously needs more CLARIFICATION she goes on to tell him he is the “best thing in her life right now”. But Vincent is still NOT taking his cue to grab her and kiss her! Man, how many more lines does a girl need to drop on you? Then Cat makes fun of how kissing Evan didn’t “help her chances”. Vincent just laughs it off and says that in another life he would have smacked Evan square in the mouth. Cat is pleased to hear that and so are we. But then he goes back to self-loathing and brooding. He tells her the way he is makes everything impossible… but Cat has one last thing to offer. She approaches him and simply states “Who you are… makes everything worth it” Awesome line, awesome delivery. I seriously have a new outlook on what is “worthy” in life. Finally, Cat cups his face and when we think they might kiss… she tells him she has to leave [drinks with Tess, remember?] And…

Vincent wakes up in the middle of a street with blood in his hands! Cliffhanger!

A little more about my “how I became a Beastie” story. I started watching the show online around Christmas and I think I watched episodes 1-9 over the course of a weekend. By the time I finished watching “Worth” I was like: “Next episode NOW!” so I suddenly asked myself “Am I addicted to this show now? Is this my new TV obsession? Didn't I hate it 48 hrs ago?” Yes, Yes and NO more. I loved Saturn Returns, but I was still thinking it might have been a fluke. After watching Worth I realized I absolutely loved the direction this show was taking, both with the mystery (what is happening to Vincent?) and the relationship.

So that’s it my friends, do you want to keep reading recaps for episodes 7-22 from now on or do you want me to follow the CW aired eps? Let me know in the comments or twitter. And be sure to tell what you loved and hated about the recap I love reading all your feedback; it’s the best part of writing this!


Cat: The last thing I want to be doing is having dinner with another murky undefined situation
Cat: It’s a minor big deal
JT: What were you doing before your sleepwalk down non-memory lane?
Brooke: It looks like a leprechaun ate too many marshmallows.
JT: A lifelong New Yorker who is part bloodhound and you suddenly forget how to get to Rockefeller center?
Evan: Careful, last time I made plans with Catherine I ended up in a bordello
Cat: Seems like that’s what I do the most with my time these days… wait for the next moment I get to see you.
Cat: Vincent it never even occurred to me that you didn’t know that you are the best thing in my life right now.


One last announcement. Some people were asking me if I could send them twitter alerts when I post new recap/BATB articles. I thought I could start a DM list, so if you interested let me know and tell me for what type of articles you would like to be notified. 
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  1. I love your recaps..and so glad u didn't jump to the ep that aired... I enjoy reading your history about how u became a beastie.. That was really a 360 from where u reviewed the first ep!... For me, I started watching for the romance that would develop but wasn't hooked until Bridesmaid up.. Then I was lost.. Went back and rewatched from ep 1.. But those scenes in the studio and their convo at the end rewatched so many times...)).. Thank u for taking the time to do these recaps,..

  2. I love your recaps please do all the eps. as originally aired. I can't wait, I read all the recaps today in one sitting. Love the way you relay your view and I enjoy it whether I agree or disagree with the view point. I started following you on twitter which led me to your blog. I don't really watch TV all that much and before I watched it I thought a remake of #batb was stupid, accidentally watched it when extremely bored and the argument in the rain "all in" sparked my interest and I was a #beastie by Saturn Returns/Worth. So I like reading your journey to #beastiehood....Thank you and really enjoying your belog.


  3. funnily enough i started watching BATB around christmas as well. i was a fan of the original when i was a kid and thought i'd give this one a try. i saw episodes 1-9 in two days too and by the end of episode 9 i was totally hooked and disappointed I had to wait for quite a few weeks for episode 10 to air :) love your recaps and cant wait till season 2 starts

  4. Love your recap of the scene in the studio where Vincent describes the paintings and Cat is left in awe and like so into him. It was beautiful and beautifully acted by JR and Kristin (her shocked and moved reaction/ her teary eyes and you just know she is hooked). I think that scene kind of summarizes (like the dance in episode 9) why I love Vincat. It's the intensity of their feelings...the emotional connection...not just lust... but you definitely get that from them...and the palpable chemistry...just perfection.

    Sidenote: Online I've seen negative comments regarding Kristin's acting (Smallville days) & I never watched Smallville so I can't say anything about that, but she is a wonderful actress. She does in love and sad so frickin well. I believe she is in love with JR's character. And I think JR is a wonderful actor, too. I believe the love from both of them (I'm sure their strong chemistry plays a part)...they're at their best in emotional scenes. End of seeing red for ex. I feel like people think they're bad actors just bc they're pretty & on the CW.

    1. I have seen those negative reviews about Kristin's acting as well (really don't get why) but then I saw a reply on a website and it was from an acting teacher and he went on and on and explained through several examples why he disagrees with the view that she is a bad actress... I'll try to look it up.

    2. Oh, don't trouble yourself because I can def tell she is a good actress! :) Honestly from what I read it's because some people didn't like her character Lana on Smallville and/or Lana's relationship with Clark. And it's a classic case of people not liking the character so then they don't like the actress who portrays the character. It's unfortunate that that happens. I don't know why some people didn't like Lana, but I didn't watch Smallville so I can't say anything about Lana either way. I just wish Kristin got the kudos she deserves for BATB (Jay, too!)! They're great individually and great acting partners.

  5. i esp love your recap on the VinCat scene at the art studio. definitely swoon-worthy. the lines, the expression from these two talented actors, the background music...{swooning indeed}. A friend once said Batb is a great romance novel on tv. i think that explain batb so well. but now its better coz i also has some elements of actions and comedy too <3

  6. Really enjoy the recaps and the humour in your writing. I think the street vendor scene was a nod to Vincent's past. Did he grew up near there?
    I loved the line where Vincent said he knew how it felt "to feel unworthy".
    I have been a fan of the show since it aired on this side of the Atlantic (Ireland). Season 3 has ended but just recently found your recaps.
    Jay Ryan really draws on his years of acting to be so expressive without words. He has come a long way since his days in the Australian soap which has aired in Ireland and the UK for over twenty years. A man with talent and looks!!

    Keep up the good work . Thanks for taking the time and effort.



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