RECAP: Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 Episode 21 – Operation Fake Date

Sometimes the FBI is involved in comic book plots

The whole blond thing really gets to Catherine. Unfortunately she turns out to be less like Marilyn Monroe and more like her beastly boyfriend. Meanwhile, Heather plans a stress-free party but not even hunky strippers can erase the trauma of being kidnapped. Also, reporter Beth is back, but don’t get too attached to her. She ends up being a little heartless… literally. 

The episode starts with Catherine and Vincent taking a stroll in the park… in disguise. Catherine looks like she raided Sydney Bristow’s closet and Vincent has the appearance of a serial killer [a cute serial killer]. He sports a fake mustache and an abused plastic baby. Our undercover heroes are at the park to meet with Agent Longshadow [because the conveniently concealed warehouse was unavailable, I assume]. As an excuse for blowing up their suburbia cover, Vincent and Catherine give Knox a semi-rehearsed speech about them being valuable because they are a crime-solving duo or something like that. Knox is not impressed but he tells them that he got the murder charges dropped! Unfortunately, there is a catch: Vincent has to turn himself in. And we know beasts don’t fare well in jail… [but can look GREAT in orange jumpsuits].

Meanwhile, at LIZZY D’S CLOSET, JT and Tess are on a bachelorette party shopping spree getting the usual penis shaped party favors and X-rated board games. Heather decided to throw a party because she doesn’t want to think about her abduction/beast encounter. Tess is party-planning because she has to fill in for Cat and JT is there because it is supposed to be romantic or something. Their shopping trip is interrupted because they “run into” a CHARACTER WITH WASTED POTENTIAL, A.K.A. Reporter Beth. She pretends it is a coincidence… because that’s how she spends her afternoons? Shopping at Lizzy D’s? Kinky… Anyway, Gabe an “undisclosed source” told Beth that Vincent was part of a secret military experiment. Beth actually believes the ludicrous story because she saw abcFamily Beast… in action, remember? [it was SO long ago] Tess and JT deny it the best they can and leave with their dignity intact… and their “pin the macho” party game.

BACK AT THE HOSTEL OF HORMONAL EUROPEAN YOUTH, Vincent freaks out when he learns about Reporter Beth and deep throat Gabe; but it is hard to take him seriously because he is still wearing the serial killer mustache. Cat believes Gabe is still trying to protect her in his own twisted way. She decides to meet with Gabe… alone because Vincent is too angry and she is the paragon of control or something like that. Once she is alone with Gabe, she plans to use her “[fake] blond power over him”. I can see how that could be upsetting for Vincent… A bombshell complex is not something you want for your girlfriend.

So Cat arrives at SPURNED LOVERS’ H.Q. (A.K.A Gabe’s apartment). Her plan is to make Gabe believe she has finally seen “the light” and convinced Vincent to turn himself in. Of course, he can’t go to jail if Beth publishes her “An American Beast in Manhattan” story. Gabe actually falls for it, but is smart enough to raise the stakes. He tells Catherine he will talk to Beth if she goes out with him. Cat accepts because… really what other choice did she have? So while Cat goes gallivanting around with her psycho ex, Vincent needs to stay home [on his last day of freedom] and prep his “surrender speech”, while striving to be an easy breezy guy with no edges… like JT. PS: JT wants to have edges… Lizzy D. worthy edges.

Cat tells Tess and Heather about her twisted date. They are shocked and annoyed but Heather agrees to delay her stripper picking plans in order to help Vincent with his speech. And… this is the first real Heather/Vincent scene we got [where no-one is getting killed or beasting out] and I absolutely loved it! In case you haven’t noticed… I REALLY like Vincent and all his intensity. But let’s face it… he is not exactly warm and fuzzy at first glance. Heather, on the other hand is more bubbly than champagne. I thought the contrast was hilarious.

So… Heather does her best to help Vincent deliver a speech with “punch”, but he is too concerned about Cat. He wants to go stalk her, but JT doesn’t think it is a good idea. Vincent doesn’t care so he picks up his backpack and gets ready to go. JT stops him at [tanq] gun point. Heather panics when she sees the gun. Tess is all “Don’t worry… it’s just a tranq gun.  JT shoots Vincent ALL the time. In fact we all shoot Vincent. Sometimes we even use real bullets… tell him to show you his scars!” So Vincent stays home.

Turns out Gabe took Cat to a cake decorating place. I have to admit, I would like that date… you know, with a guy who isn’t a serial kidnapper/killer. Cat tries to focus on cookie cutters and making up for being an absent sister. Gabe is all “Remember when I killed my mom?” His point is that he was a little beast back then and he was out of control and ended up killing someone he truly loved. He doesn’t doubt V loves Cat, but he is a beast and will eventually hurt her. Gabe apologizes for the “questionable” things he did, but he doesn’t want history to repeat itself. He sounds so sincere, I almost felt bad for him. You know… even psychopaths have feelings…except they DON’T. Sorry Gabe, you don’t come back from arranging a kidnapping for your girlfriend’s sister… Of course none of that would have happened if Cat had realized in time that you DON’T date someone who kidnapped you! “Kidnap me once… shame on you, kidnap my sister after you kidnapped me and then became my boyfriend… SHAME ON ME”.

After the decorating is over, Gabe takes Cat home. She is obviously feeling guilty about the whole situation. He confuses Cat’s guilt with forgiveness and decides to end the night with a kiss. Luckily, he doesn’t ask to come up. Cat goes inside and finds the whole gang waiting for her [Vincent stands in front of the “pin the macho” poster which I thought was hilarious]. Instead of giving Vincent and Catherine some alone time, they demand all the gory details of Cat’s night out with the psycho. As this happens, Gabe realizes he took the wrong cake. He probably doesn’t have any use for a pink stiletto cake, so he decides to go back to Cat’s to exchange it. OF COURSE, he walks by her door just as Cat is saying it took everything she had not to gag when he kissed her and that the “fake date” was worth it if it meant Vincent was safe. Who didn’t see that unbelievable coincidence coming? [Well in all fairness… stuff like that actually happens in real life].

The day after, Vincent delivers his “I am sorry I ran, but I am innocent” press conference. He looks so dreamy; I don’t think his lack of public speaking abilities matters. I would have been sympathetic to his cause no matter what he was saying! It all seems to be going smoothly until Beth asks Vincent to comment on his “altered DNA”. At the same time, Cat gets a call from Heather and she mentions her “blue cake” was destroyed by JT’s aversion to strippers. Cat realizes Gabe must have realized their date was fake and didn’t call off Beth. Vincent tries to pretend his DNA is “real boring” without much luck. Beth pushes and implies his supersoldier DNA is the reason the FBI is involved. Knox, who is actually clueless about this, is all “Eh… we are the FBI… not FRINGE division”.

After the conference, Agent Knox just laughs about Beth’s crazy interrogation. However, Vincent decides to tell him it is true… for reasons I don’t fully understand. I guess he suddenly has blind faith in Knox. Is this dude ever going to learn not to trust people? Especially the FBI! Vincent was hoping that by coming clean Knox could keep him out of jail. But he is not a miracle worker… best he can do is put Vincent in solitary… which I thought was good enough.

Beth is not so happy with the outcome of the press conference either. She is annoyed that her supersoldier outburst made her look crazy. Gabe promises proof: the beast serum he stole from Sam. OK… Beth is like the worst reporter ever. She went after the story without any proof, she still hasn’t figured out Cat is romantically involved with Vincent and it took her a while to connect the “altered DNA” info with Cat’s “saved by beast” story.

"Fireman Franz"... I don't even have to come up with a
nickname because he already has one!
Later, at the party, Cat and Tess try to convince Beth [who I assume crashed the party?] that Gabe is just a jealous ex who came up with the most convoluted story to get rid of his competition. It’s a really weak excuse and Beth knows it. And she is FINALLY putting it all together, Cat’s beast rescue, Zach, etc etc. Tess ends up telling Beth that Gabe is so psychotic, he kidnapped Heather. Unfortunately, Heather refuses to corroborate the story. OK… I get Heather was in denial about the whole thing and she wanted to have a stress-free party… but denying was a little bit much! There are people’s lives at risk!

Meanwhile, at the prison of ANGER MANAGED BEASTS, Vincent gets a visit from two “agents” Thomas and Barnett who want to run some tests. They don’t appear to be lying, so Vincent goes with them. Soon after, Cat gets a call from agent Knox to inform her Vincent escaped [more like vanished] from his cell. Cat runs out and leaves Tess alone to deal with Heather’s breakdown, Beth’s nosiness and fireman Franz… OK that last one wasn’t really that problematic.

Possibly Fringe division and/or Massive Dynamics
Meanwhile the MYSTERY SUITS and their RESIDENT GEEK put Vincent on a treadmill. He pretends to be just a regular guy and refuses to run any faster until he sees agent Knox. The geek is clearly disappointed. Just then Vincent hears Cat’s voice. He bolts outside and finds a surveillance room. Turns out they have a video feed from Gabe’s apartment. Cat just arrived and is demanding to know where Vincent is. Vincent realizes they are tricking him, AGAIN, and beasts out. Suits and geek are clearly impressed. Vincent gets tranqued and collapses. The geek thinks the beast episode was awesome. So… completely irrelevant but I loved the nerd and I wish they had kept him around for longer [hey maybe S3]. I always thought BATB was lacking a geek character. You know…  a Marshall Flinkman, Birkhoff, Job or Topher. JT usually fulfills the geeky duties, but his official role is “best friend sidekick” so… we need a nerd.

Anyway, Cat’s still at Gabe’s apartment and she wants her boyfriend back in jail! Gabe doesn’t know where he is… and he is actually telling the truth… I think, but Cat doesn’t know that. Gabe takes the opportunity to tell her once again that she is making a mistake by being with Vincent, that she will never find happiness with him blah blah blah. Also… that Rebecca Reynolds had to kill her beast… or so she wrote in her diary. Seriously? That’s his new argument? “You belong with me because this 200 year old diary says so”? When Gabe implies she came to his apartment “looking for something”, she completely loses it. She pushes him away and Gabe goes from pathetic desperate to menacing in two seconds. Cat proceeds to beat the crap out of him until he collapses… guess she has some anger issues as well.

BACK AT THE MYSTERY TESTING FACILITY, Resident Geek explains to Vincent that they are a “legit department” and they are the “good guys”. So they could actually be Fringe division… To test the waters, Vincent makes a beastly-proposition. Fringe guys [I need to call them something] are after Gabe because he has been talking to reporters. Vincent is more than happy to “take care” of him… and then return. He can’t really go away because they are tracking him. Fringe guys agree to his terms.

Vincent arrives to Gabe’s apartment ready to kill him but realizes Cat beat him to the punch. His first instinct is to just let him die, but then he realizes Cat is really upset about her accidental murder. JT is also there because Cat “needed a doctor” Hmm… Cat knows he is not THAT kind of doctor right? However, Vincent is so he resuscitates Gabe. Cat is relieved that she didn’t kill him and starts crying. Vincent hugs her and JT comments on the irony of the situation.

Back at Cat’s apartment, the traumatized bride-to-be is left alone with her sister’s partner and her sister’s former friend/current stalker [Heather doesn’t have very good friends, does she?] Heather finally comes to terms with her kidnapping. She says the party was a way of pretending she was OK and not living in fear. Oh… Heather… welcome to the Beast side. Instead of drilling her for information, Beth confesses she was also traumatized after seeing Beast-Zach. They bond over their beast-related incidents [while Tess probably thinks of the time she was sort of abducted by Vincent in the tunnels].

Meanwhile, Cat feels bad for ‘beasting out’ on Gabe. I liked what this represented. Cat is usually the one in control, her DNA being human and all that... However, getting angry and losing control is a very human reaction to stressful situations. Vincent might be predisposed to this type of behavior, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t control himself or that a human can’t be more dangerous than a beast. Vincent basically goes through all that reasoning and tells Cat that her code yellow episode wasn’t all that bad. First, he liked being the one fixing the mess for once. Second, if she hadn’t beasted out first, he would have killed Gabe and he doesn’t want to be a killing machine anymore. At that point, Vincent receives a call from Knox to inform him that he has been mysteriously exonerated [by Fringe guys, we assume]. Vincent takes Knox to the mystery testing facility, only to find it completely empty. Looks like the Fringe guys are long gone…. Guess they went back to… Boston [or a parallel universe]. Vincent concludes they left because all they wanted was his blood. Sounds sort of logical.  

In the meantime, JT&T are still at Voldemort’s crib, babysitting Gabe. JT tries to prove he is edgy and shows Tess all the goodies he got from Lizzy D’s closet for their own enjoyment. However, he discovers that Tess isn’t all that edgy [and shares his fear of strippers]. I really like when Tess shows her vulnerable side. They have a quick kiss but decide to wait until they are out of Gabe’s apartment. Speaking of Gabe… JT and Tess go check up on him, only to find he was busy re-beastifying himself! Gabe smashes his own balcony and jumps out of the building, leaving a flabbergasted JT&T behind.

Blissfully ignorant, Vincent and Catherine are still at the motel. Catherine is a little worried about Rebecca’s journal, but Vincent doesn’t want to worry about the confessions of a 19th century beast-keeper. He has better rainy day activities in mind…

Elsewhere, Beth meets with Gabe. She proclaims that she is done with the story. Gabe is not done with the story. In fact, he is there to “prove beasts exist”. Beth is all “How?” and Gabe rips out her heart… literally. That’s how. END OF EPISODE.

As I said before, I wasn’t satisfied with Beth’s character! I thought the setting was marvelous, but I wish they had spread out her arc over 5-6 episodes. It could have been very interesting. But, she is gone now… unless they decide ripped-out hearts control people or something like that [please don’t].

I liked this episode, but I didn’t love it. I was a little disappointed because I was expecting it to be as good as Beast is the new Black, but didn’t quite reach that level. Regardless there were lots of lines and details I loved. 


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Vincent: Clearly, the whole blonde thing is really getting to her
Knox: We are involved because this is a Federal Case, not a plot in a comic book.
Fireman Franz: Hey… you the lady on fire/ Cat: YES/ Fireman Franz: Should I chase her?
Resident Geek: I just make the gadgets
JT: Now we are hugging because he is alive
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  1. Thank you, Alex, for a great review as always! Sad that there is only one recap left to go! 😥

    1. Little sad too... but also a little relieved hehe recapping is hard work ;) But... we have S3 :)

    2. I was being selfish! I really appreciate all the hard work you put into these recaps! Thank you again, Alex!

  2. Great review as always! Thought JR and KK comedic timing was fanstastic and Heather's face after the tranq gun was great! Love that Sendhill can go from desperate to menacing in 2 seconds. Love him as the bad guy. Something I felt in this episode that caused me to go back and look at others is the "quick cut away." I found myself wanting the camera to linger a bit on the hug between V and C after he saved G. When I watch the other episodes now I find that a lot of the emotional scenes between V and C are too short. In S1 I felt we lingered on those scenes so they could really sink in...think that was missing in S2. Great recap as always!!!!

    1. I like Sendhil better when he is evil too... I think he does morally ambiguous really great and they missed the opportunity to use that skill the entire season! He also looks more handsome when he is evil... or mb that's just me... hehe You make a good point about Vincat scenes running short. I think, in most episodes, they had too much going on and they took away from some scenes that could have been great.

  3. This episode had its funny moments like you pointed out, but concerning plot and dialogues I had a lot of issues with it and it is hard to believe that Jennifer and Sherri wrote this. The whole reason for this fake date was negated by Gabe standing outside the apartment door and overhearing Catherine. But how is that even possible or plausible?

    In 217 (also written by Jennifer and Sherri mind you) they made a big show of Vincent's extraordinary hearing powers during the shower scene: he can hear that there is someone at the door, even though the water is running, the music is playing and they are busy getting busy, the bathroom door is closed and the bathroom is about 10 yards away from the front door. Here, the front door is about 4 yards away from Vincent and the only noise is Catherine talking and he cannot tell that there is somebody standing right outside the apartment door? And Gabe was approaching it in a swinging gate – totally full of himself – and not trying to be quiet or stealthy. I hate it when they take the viewers for stupid enough not to notice this.

    Also, as nice as it is to see Vincent jealous (little payback for kissing Tori is okay), why are the writers so focused on the sexual aspect of this fake date? Does a date with an 'open heart' automatically mean 'open bedroom'? What he should have been concerned with is that Gabe is a psychopathic murderer who has just killed and incinerated Jack Watson, but nobody cares about him anymore. Only JT mentions that Gabe is now a murderer.

    Catherine's speech in the scene with Gabe in cuffs on his bed made no sense at all to me. She went on this date with an open heart because she was looking for the man that he used to be, the man that was about helping people? Why do they always afflict Catherine with amnesia where Gabe is concerned? He killed Jack Watson! There is no finding the man he used to be after she killed the beast in him – he has passed the point of no return – he is a murderer! How can they write a dialogue like that for Catherine?

    And, there is something else off in this episode. They are constantly pressuring Heather to come forward and fill out some sort of statement implicating Gabe in her kidnapping. Seriously writers? Gabe did NOT kidnap her! Tom Sheckman kidnapped her. Gabe just told him about her involvement and maybe where to find her, but there is no evidence for that and just because Vincent and Catherine deducted that it could only have been Gabe does not proof anything. And what exactly is Heather going to put into this statement? That she was abducted and put into a dungeon and that a beast came along and saved her? Oh, yes and her older sister came along too and she and her partner Tess took out the bad guys – well, actually they killed the bad guys and then dumped the bodies in some alley.

    One more thing about the journal. It is very weak to have Gabe say that he found it during his research. It would have made more sense to say that Bob had it all along and gave it to Gabe or something like that.

    Sadly, we have to make the best of it and watch it and re-watch it anyway, since there is still such a long wait for Season 3. And luckily, JR and KK make it all worth while and deliver even the worst dialogues and plots with passion and dedication and we love them for it.

    1. You are so right Barbara. That speech Catherine made to Gabe about being a person who wanted to help people was completely off the wall. But throughout his arc, since 1.15 she is blind to his lies and enamored with him. She was always thanking him for doing nothing, always misguidedly proud of him. Now she beat the crap out of him. Did she have an epiphany? No, she regrets it immediately and wants him back.


  4. Thank you for your recap, it was fun to read. I enjoyed this episode more than some of the others but have to agree with Barbara here.

    No one cares at all about the murdered witness who was killed by a non-beast Gabe and incinerated. That is a true psycho, but we are only concerned because "he scared the little sister"

    I had most trouble with the entire Gabe laying dead on the floor scene. Okay, Catherine leaves the dead Gabe body long enough to rummage around and locate the defibrillator. But then doesn't use it. She also had time to call JT.

    Everyone shows up and rigor mortis hasn't set in yet, so they revive the long dead Gabe.

    Okay so he was a close friend, a lover and her potential super justice league side kick. By now she knows he is a lunatic, so why care if she killed this homicidal maniac? But she does. So he gets to live again to create more havoc. Does she believe she can convert him back so they can continue being the crime fighting duo they were? I arrest them and Gabe prosecutes them. But he isn't the ADA now that a murder charge is still hanging over his head.

    About the Beth arc. I am so happy they didn't show us more of her. She was the worst reporter in history with no ambition or intelligence to research a story. She was about as assertive as mashed potatoes. When she didn't bother to question Gabe and Tess way back in Reunion, you knew she was not a true reporter. The writers didn't give her any snappy dialog, she just meandered into a story when it was given to her on a platter.

    Poor Heather is a completely wasted character. Oh my gosh, if that was the best she could do in "punching up" someone's speech, she is not very good at her job. That was a funny scene and we can assume that Heather will be back because she will have lost her job in Miami because of her inability to provide grown up or amusing anecdotes.

    The best parts of the episode to me were those spent in the hostel. The conversation between Vincent and Catherine about going to see Gabe, then about the fake date, later the conversation with JT and then the last hostel scene.

    Thanks again for your recap. I will watch the episode tonight with some new insights.


  5. Thanks for your work with the reviews/recaps. You are always funny and wise.

    A lot of talk about heart in this episode but not much of it showing up. First the "open heart" emotional blackmail that Gabe delivered to Cath, so obviously unsincere because it turns out that he just wants Cath to listen to his speech about ”Beasts Never Getting Better”, being perhaps too dumb to realize he is condemning himself with it. Then Cath blithely telling Gabe she went on the date with an "open heart", when we all know that she went to trick Gabe to keep Vincent safe and that it took everything she had not to gag when he kissed her. Of course, "open heart", like "humanity" and "normal" can be interpreted any way you want. In this show the term "open heart" reminded me a little to much of earlier "open heart surgery" or even of "ripping out hearts".

    Then look at the laughable speech that Heather is preparing for Vincent. Seriously? A joke and a fake smile to endear a formerly suspected serial killer to the public? "I forced the law to wasting resources", as if an accountant wrote the apology. And "it is with a contrite heart that I surrender", that is just bad grammar, she makes it sound as if he regrets that he surrenders. I am all for showing Heather up as the bubble head she has proven herself to be over and over. Only how is everyone, including Vincent and the FBI guy, taking her so called pr work seriously? I could go on and on about Heather and what an extremely annoying falsetto character they have created. But I won't. I suppose kudos to the actress because she comes across as perfectly natural and consistent in her role as an recurring irritating influence.

    As usual in the show the main force is Jay Ryan. He makes his Vincent funny, jealous, serious, hopeful, a saviour and as always the voice of reason. And never a false note.

  6. I enjoyed this episode and your recap and the reference to fringe division. I just finished binge watching fringe after hearing some nice things about the show being a recent convert to scifi. I really enjoyed the interaction between Heather and Vincent and also between her and JT. I am actually glad that she has now met everyone because she is now not as annoying as she used to be in season one save the tantrum she threw at her party. She threw a lot of those in season 1. I really have to give credit to Cat for putting up with that. I have resolved to not put up too much emphasis on the plot holes because they just get in the way on my enjoying the show. I have come to realise that a lot of shows have these holes even those on cable. I think shows like human beings are full of contradictions and sometimes are irrational so l will just go with it. And Gabe does look so much better when he is a baddie. I really think he looked his best in my opinion in the final episode that I had to stop and acknowledge his looks.

  7. Thank you ! The best thing about this episide was your review. I mean on what planet would any woman go on a fake date with a psycho and I mean psycho ex. The date itself, I agree was cute, but not withCat and Gabe. This idea for a plot is up.there with Tori/ Vincent and Cat and Gabe. I threw up,a bit in my mouth every time Cat and Gbe were together as a couple and in this episde when Cat said again I loved you to Gabe! So much for epic love to fall out of love with Vincent and in love with the guy who tried to kill them all in season 1. The news that Vincent was exonerated did not seem as memorable as cat worried that Gabe was dead. Very dissappinting episide written by who is suppose to be the biggest VinCAT shippers. Just as dissapointing as the Valentine episode. I did throw up after that episode. Sorry but just being honest!

  8. yup agree with you on all your points. and yes this episode I did enjoy but a also disappointed considering sherri and jennifer wrote. i need more emotional depth in season 3 - i got lots of emotional depth in season 1 and not so much in season 2...rewatching now again season 1 reminded me of the depth of emotions. same with 2x17 as well. i am not idealising season 1 - it had many issues - but it is this depth of emotions that glued me to this show and of course the ridiculous chemistry between the leads as vincat. knowing that season 3 is very fast paced with many things going on, i am not entirely convinced we will get that back. lets see

    1. I do agree... I think the big failure on S2 is that they focused on plot [not very well] rather than character. It wasn't catastrophic bc the characters had already been developed in S1, but there were so many missed opportunities. I think it is impossible to recapture the magic of a show's first season in general... but still I am very hopeful for S3... at the very least it will be fun to watch I think... and we still have our fandom to hold hands, which is a big part of the fun hehe

  9. I LOVED the beginning scene. Funny, cute, playful. Loved her comment about his mustache being cute and their disguises were so fun and funny. I loved that C knew V was ranting bc he was nervous and she was like it'll be fine. It was cute. V with the serial killer mustache was so funny. I liked his blond wig going to her head comment. LOL I did not like this whole Cat going on a date with her ex thing while with V thing. V handled it well and maturely I thought. I did not like this idea for an ep bc it just reminded me that they dated. EW. I'm trying to forget writers. And the kiss at the end of the date was so unnecessary. It wasn't anything special, but it annoyed me bc he isn't V & it reminded me of their gross past. plus, why have it happen!? First dates don't always have to involve a kiss. He wouldn't be suspicious if she said let's take it slow if he went in for the kiss. Why would that be any more suspicious?! She broke up with him so her going out with him is already suspicious. I also hated how before the date she was like "Gabe knows first hand how slowly I go." EW. Not slowly enough woman. Again, why remind us she actually slept with the monster. And why mention it to V her bf? I mean V handled it well, but it's like I'm trying to forget they ever slept together and they throw in a few lines that add nothing to the plot, but just piss me off by remembering C and Gabe's rel. Why would the writers do that? Sometimes I think they just don't understand their fans and what would piss them off. So unnecessary. I don't like that Cat was like I'll never date G bc he kidnapped my sister, but she never said that after he kidnapped her and tried to kill her bf. It's like so only Heath matters? I don't like how after the date Cat was like why are you here? Shouldn't V be around on his last night before he goes to jail!? Maybe she was just surprised that they were in her (Heath's?) apt without her or that it was all of them? I loved cat's comment about gagging after the kiss though. It kind of made up for it and made the kiss bother me less than her comment to V about Gabe's 1st hand. ugh. I did not like C's bedside speech to a handcuffed Gabe either. Stop with the I cared for you. I had an open heart as a friend. Just so over it. Why are they forcing G and C's past rel down our throats? I def don't think C was enamored with him or wants him back IMO. I think she wants him to be the guy she hoped he could be-more like her heroic V coincidentally. Like docs and cops, attys also want justice so it makes sense in that regard.

  10. I liked V and Heath, too! I can't wait to see more of their interactions in s3. Spot on with why they're so great together and V and his intensity. That summarizes why i like Vincat, too. Their intensity and emotionality. Cute that V helped Heath decorate. I think I'd like to see them become close, not now, but in the future. I think V told Knowx about his beast DNA bc he wanted to not be sent to jail bc he wanted to be out to protect Gabe from taking revenge on cat since G knew Cat was lying about the date being a 2nd chance. Cat said he's lying about the dna bc "he's just trying to protect me." I liked V's beasting out collapsing sequence in the lab. It was really cool. I liked Cat having anger issues moment with G. I also don't know why cat called JT bc she needed a doc. Should have just said needed help. Liked the VC hug. Super sweet. I want to see V comforting Cat and playing doc to her more please. Loved JT calling G Voldemort. I really liked the end scene with Vincat. It sound so possessive and charming for some reason when Cat's all my vincent and my beast. V is chill about this Rebecca stuff. This girl is always wearing plaid with V. 19th century beastkeeper-Hilarious. I didn't like the heart thing, but I liked the Gabe and Beth scene. I was like yay, he's really going to leave the show finally. Plus, it was just good drama IMO. Loved JR and KK's comedic timing throughout the ep as well. "I think shows like human beings are full of contradictions and sometimes are irrational " YES" I threw up,a bit in my mouth every time Cat and Gbe were together as a couple and in this episde when Cat said again I loved you to Gabe! So much for epic love to fall out of love with Vincent and in love with the guy who tried to kill them all in season 1." YES
    Thanks for your recaps. They have provided some light and humor in dark times. And often I am given perspective or insight I hadn't thought of. ". i need more emotional depth in season 3 - i got lots of emotional depth in season 1 and not so much in season 2. i am not idealising season 1 - it had many issues - but it is this depth of emotions that glued me to this show and of course the ridiculous chemistry between the leads as vincat." YES More intense looks and kisses and hand holds. "I think the big failure on S2 is that they focused on plot [not very well] rather than character." YES " I think it is impossible to recapture the magic of a show's first season in general" I think this is very true and something beasties have to come to terms with bc everything is new and exciting and shocking and it won't ever be that way again after the 1st season regardless of the writing or the show or network. We could use a fun season to watch after season 2's darkness and pain.

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