RECAP: Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 Episode 5 – Reunion

You might survive war, but a Westchester High school reunion might kill you

We learn that high school 10 year reunions are the ultimate event to find yourself. Unfortunately high school reunions might kill you, especially if you are a geeky mascot or a beast with a jealous vendetta.

The episode opens with Vincent’s quiet HOUSEBOAT. The calm is disturbed by a beast-burglar; played by that guy, Blair Redford, who is probably 30 but keeps playing teens on all those ABC Family shows (Switched at Birth, The lying Game) So… ABC FAMILY BEAST is probably looking for Vincent, but he is otherwise occupied stalking Cat. Old beast habits die hard.

Speaking of Cat, she is at her place getting ready for her pre-10-year-reunion gathering. As she revamps her apartment to make it look like Destiny’s Child secret hideout, she talks on the phone with Gabe. He has nothing useful to say, just lame excuses for his poor bio-dad-finding skills and inappropriate remarks about crop tops.

Cat enters her bedroom and finds a Beast behind the curtain [guess that’s the hot adult version of a “monster in the closet”]. Vincent is there because he “needed to see her” and he was hoping they could “hang out”. Aw. However, Cat informs him that it is girl’s night, “no beasts allowed”, and kicks him out. I am not sure I would have had the strength to make him leave when he was looking THAT dreamy… But I am all about having personal time when you are in a relationship [I just wish they didn’t remind us of this concept every 5 min in this episode! Figure out who we are… blah blah WE GET IT it’s the theme]. All I am saying is … if Vincent was my boyfriend, every party would be a beast-only-PRIVATE-party, if you know what I mean...

The girls’ only party actually looks fun. It has everything an almost 30 woman could wish for: nachos, tequila, fondue and gossip. We surprisingly learn that Cat always had a thing for “bad boys”, even when she was in high school. Moreover, she had a thing for [unsuccessfully] trying to “redeem” the bad boys she dated. However, I don’t think that’s the case with Vincent. She is not really trying to “redeem” him; it’s more like she is helping him find himself… so I refuse to take this girl-talk as foreshadowing. The WESTCHESTER GIRLS finally ask Cat if she currently has anyone special in her life and….

CUT TO: Vincent having some hilarious bro time with JT. No words, just a game on TV, while they show their brotherly love by sharing snacks. And that’s all a 30 something guy could wish for.

The party is over and all of Cat’s friends leave except for Beth, her reporter friend, who was also on Switched at Birth… Do they cast ALL the guest-stars from ABC Family shows now? [Seriously, let’s do some guests’ inventory: Jane By Design (2); Switched at Birth (2); Make it or Break it/Ravenswood (1)] Anyway, Cat goes to her bedroom to retrieve Beth’s purse and finds a beast behind the curtain. Unfortunately it’s not her Beast, it’s ABC FAMILY BEAST! He grabs Cat by the neck and demands to know where the “beast hunter” is. He is briefly distracted by Beth’s voice and Cat actually manages to hit him [Isn’t he supposed to have superhuman reflexes and strength?] After getting his ass briefly kicked by Cat, he grabs her by the neck and is about to choke her when Beth comes in. And… he decides to… just jump out the window [instead of doing what any psycho beast would do and kill Beth]. Beasts of the week are confusing… especially this one, you’ll see.

Later, Beth gives her statement to a couple of uniforms. The whole “the assailant had glowing eyes and superhuman jumping skills” makes her sound pretty insane. The fact that Cat refuses to back her story doesn’t help her cause. While Beth goes over her statement again, Tess and Gabe arrive for some beast damage control. Gabe is adamant about NOT sharing the beast attack news with Vincent. I thought that was shady… I guess Gabe wanted to be the hero and help Cat, without V stealing his thunder. Suddenly, Cat remembers she kicked the beast’s face, so there’s probably DNA traces on her boot. Gabe volunteers to bring the shoe to JT to have him analyse it. So… don’t tell the beast, but tell the beast’s bestie?

Gabe storms into the GENTLEMEN’S CLUB yelling things like “Beast attack” “Cat” “DNA”. Little did he know Vincent was there having bro time with JT. I know Gabe is not particularly popular this season, but Sendhil has his moments and his shocked face when he sees Vincent was priceless. Anyway, Vincent demands to know more, Gabe wants to handle it himself because they are “all friends”, JT is all “Friends? SERIOUSLY DUDE, I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I LIKE YOU!” Vincent finally gets annoyed and runs to see Catherine.

A few moments later, Beth talks to her people and instructs them to find something to corroborate her supernatural story. She must have some REALLY BAD research assistants because they never figure out that Cat herself was involved in a “beast event” a decade before. Catherine tries to convince Beth to hold the story until they have more facts. She tells Beth she is not a tabloid reporter and that she should ‘t damage her reputation blah blah blah … It was a compelling argument, so I’ll give Beth a pass for not noticing Cat was totally BS-ing her. Still… aren’t reporters supposed to be extremely insistent [and resourceful and skilled researchers]? I think Beth gave up a little too easily.

At that point, Vincent arrives at the apartment. Cat follows him to the scene of the beast-crime, where Vincent has one of his Phoebe-Halliwell-Beast moments. Basically he has a series of premonitions flashbacks “tracking impressions” [?] of the beast attack. Vincent vows to never let this beast hurt Cat again and jumps out the window. This was a relatively sweet scene but… I felt it could have been more emotional. They could have at least hugged. Felt like a missed opportunity for a Vincat “moment”.

So Vincent tracks ABC FAMILY BEAST to a deserted church. Once they are face to face the beast recognizes Vincent. This is, of course, one sided because of the whole amnesia thing. Vincent attacks the beast who doesn’t fight back and just keeps yelling that they are “friends” [not like Gabe is “friends” with JT like “friends friends”]. Finally, Vincent has some TIMELY FLASHBACKS and stops beating the crap out of ABC FAMILY BEAST. That’s when we learn that he IS in fact Vincent’s buddy from the army.

I guess I can start calling himà  ARMY BEAST: Zach Hayes

MISSION: Stop the “beast hunter” in order to survive until he realizes the beast hunter is his army buddy. Then his new mission is to help his “friend” remember stuff. However after a few drinks he decides to go into a jealous vendetta against him. Let’s say CONSISTENCY isn’t this beast’s strongest suit.

I am not particularly interested in the “beast fights”, but I actually liked this scene. They had an interesting [yet somewhat illogical] location and they integrated the flashbacks with the real time fight nicely. Furthermore, this beast was actually interesting because it related to Vincent’s past. Now, time for an irrelevant comment: I used to think Blair Redford was reasonably good-looking when I watched him on the abcFamily shows [but in all fairness everyone on those shows looks 13 so anyone who looks remotely like a man looks good]; however, all it took is for him to stand next to Jay for two seconds and I went “meh…” Not acting opposite Jay Ryan is something young male actors may want to consider for the sake of their careers.

Anyway, Cat and JT are at the GENTLEMEN’S CLUB when the beasts arrive looking pretty chummy… And I was suddenly hit by severe “bro-jealousy”… if that is a thing. Felt like Vincent was cheating on JT! Vincent explains everything is OK, because the beast attacker is actually his friend. Zach explains that he was tracking the “beast hunter” but now he just “wants to have some fun”. Cat is all “I may date people who kidnap me … but I don’t like the idea of being “friends” with someone who tried to kill me! I gotta draw the line somewhere!”

In other words, Cat doesn’t trust Zach so she goes to the precinct to dig dirt on him. However, Tess reminds her ONCE AGAIN of her high school reunion which is apparently the ULTIMATE EVENT to assert your individuality or something. I am actually going to miss my reunion this year due to my geographic constraints … How will I EVER FIND MYSELF?!!

While Cat gets her Ashanti on; Vincent, JT and Zach play pool at an army bar. Zach pushes Vincent to remember things a LOT. I think he was pushier than Cat on Kidnapped! At this point, I thought this episode was going to go in a completely different direction. I’ll share:

ALTERNATIVE STORYLINE: Throughout the scene, I got the feeling that JT never liked Zach [as usual Austin was awesome at subtly conveying this]; and I thought this was going to be a case of “unreliable memories”. Now, that would have been interesting. Imagine if Zach had started feeding false memories to Vincent, confusing our poor amnesiac Beast until he realized that Zach was taking advantage of his vulnerable state. Then Vincent could have concluded that he should only trust JT and Cat because they truly care about him and that real memories come with emotions attached like Cat said. END OF ALTERNATIVE STORYLINE.

I am being "bro-cheated"
However, as far as we know Zach’s information was accurate. In any case, he is obsessed with Vincent recovering ONE particular memory. He wants Vincent to remember someone called Gabriella. We learn that she was a girl with whom Vincent had a fling before deploying and that she “fell in love with him” [now that sounds totally believable]. Vincent is just as confused as everyone else in the audience and is all “What about Alex?” so JT explains they broke up before he went to war and that’s when Gabriella happened.

At the PRECINCT, Daddy Bob pays a visit to Gabe to ask about Cat’s attack. Yeah… that’s not suspicious AT ALL. Come on! He is either Cat’s father or he is involved with beasts OR BOTH! Instead of coming to that logical conclusion, Gabe asks Bob to help him find Cat’s bio dad. Oh… the irony. Gabe might be sporadically psychic and an amazing “beast-locator” but he absolutely sucks at bio dad finding. Tess enters the office and tells Gabe [in front of Reynolds] that she found out Zach murdered a girl named GABRIELLA dun dun dun.

BACK AT THE BAR OF SUPERFLUOUS FLASHBACKS AND BEST FRIEND BETRAYALS, JT wants to call it a day and avoid more unnecessary walks down useless memory lane. Zach starts acting like a jerk and Vincent tells JT to just go home if he wants. I obviously went “HOW DARE YOU CHEAT ON JT?” So… Zach keeps talking and talking about Gabriella, Vincent remembers a few things and that’s when Zach reveals that Gabriella was actually HIS girl. Dun dun dun. Lesson: Changing your beast affections might kill you.

I have a few things to say about this plot development. First of all, not everyone has Jay Ryan’s ability to go from nice to utter threatening in the blink of an eye… and I don’t think Blair pulled it off. It felt forced. Second of all, Zach’s motivations kept changing and I think it weakened the character’s arc. Basically… Zach wanted to kill Vincent because he was a beast hunter, but then he wanted to kill him because he [inadvertently] broke the bro code, but he wanted him to remember what he did before killing him? I feel he also wanted revenge from Muirfield at one point…  Dude, pick a motivation and stick with it.

Now… I don’t mind the existence of this Gabriella girl [that much]. It was a long time ago and Vincent was a young dude about to go to war who hooked up with a girl. Not exactly a crime. HOWEVER, the storyline DOES bother me for the reason that it messed up with the consistency of the show and it was a little pointless. As far as I remember, Vincent went to war without saying goodbye while still engaged to Alex. In addition, this plot doesn’t seem consistent with Vincent’s personality back then. Moreover, the point of this season is to establish the new Vincent has “bad boy” beast related tendencies. This had nothing to do with that, so why mess up with his back story? It wasn’t even necessary. Zach could have gone psycho beast on Vincent for many other reasons, for instance… just the fact that he is killing Beasts! Or he could have been working with a third party, or the remaining beasts on the blacklist… He could have been in love with Alex! So many possibilities, so I don’t really see the point of the Gabriella story. And that flashback? Also completely unnecessary.

After his big reveal, Zach almost starts a beast brawl but JT stops them. Time for Zach to make a pompous war declaration [like beasts of the week like to do] and leave. Vincent feels awful for what he allegedly did, but JT assures him that he didn’t know she was his girlfriend… so… what’s the point of all of this again? Oh, yeah Zach=revengeful best. Vincent decides to find Zach and make him understand… although I don’t know how he plans to do that given the fact that he doesn’t even REMEMBER what happened. But whatever….

Hey ya! It’s outkast time! We find out that the mascot was in love with Cat. So, before becoming a beast magnet, she was a geek magnet? Mascot dude is obviously still smitten with Cat, unaware of the fact that having a crush on Catherine Chandler may have deadly consequences, just ask Evan Marks.

Meanwhile, Agent Reynolds is talking with Vincent on the phone and he is all “Of course Zach is on the Beast-blacklist, I just thought you may have a moral dilemma killing a friend you don’t remember… I am considerate like that; but now that you remember him, please go ahead and kill him”. Vincent wants to find Zach and reason with him, Daddy Bob tells him his daughter is turning him into a softie.

Shortly after, Vincent finds Zach. V is all “let’s settle this in the human way, not the beast way”; however, Zach seems more partial to the beast way. Zach attacks Vincent and then makes an unnecessary bombastic proclamation of his plans to kill Cat. Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t the plans of these beasts of the week be more effective if they didn’t PRE-ANNOUNCE THEM?!

At the REUNION OF ILL-FATED MASCOTS AND BEAST GIRLFRIEND TUG WARS, Cat is complains about the current state of her life, as one usually does after 10 years of graduating high school. Of course the usual complaints are more along the lines of “I don’t like my job” and not “Beasts rule my life”. Vincent shows up and to take Cat to safety before Zach can find her. Gabe wants to be the one to get her out because… he is superstrong and can fight of a beast… oh wait… NOT REALLY. Gabe and Vincent get into a literal tug war over poor Cat. Finally Cat stays with Vincent.

Vincent says he is “sorry” for ruining her night [read life] and she tells him it is not his fault. He encourages her to speak because he notices she is upset. Finally Cat admits she was looking forward to this reunion, but she feels silly making a big deal about it when Vincent has to face much bigger issues. He looks at her pained and it is very emotional. Cue SLOW SONG and I so wish they had started dancing! But they had a murderous beast to handle. I understand why a dance was out of the question, but I really thought it fitted the concept of the episode [more on that later].

It’s not a good day to be a [slightly creepy] geeky mascot. Especially with ABC Family beasts roaming around. Basically Zach kills the mascot dude and puts on his bear costume… [who didn’t see that one coming?] Zach grabs Cat, Vincent attacks him, Westchester’s class of 2003 flees the scene. Zach breaks free of Vincent and goes for the beauty-kill but just before he reaches Cat Vincent jumps him and breaks his neck. And… I actually thought this fight scene had meaning and a purpose [unlike Gabriella]. This beast execution was different. Vincent cared about this particular beast. He didn’t kill him because he was a mission. In fact he didn’t want to kill him. He killed him to save Cat and that’s significant.

I liked what the resolution implied, but I was once again disappointed with the “guest story” of the week. I LOVED the idea of Vincent reconnecting with someone from his unit. However, I DID NOT like how they handled the character. Zach’s motivations kept changing and it ended up being all about HIS jealous vendetta instead of dealing with their shared past. Another complaint I have about this season is that they introduced several interesting characters as guests and kept them around for only one episode. Not enough to develop a compelling storyline. I think they would have worked much better if they had 2-ep arcs for them.

BACK TO THE EPISODE. After the beast attack, Beth approaches Gabe and Tess to ask about Zach and why he was after Catherine. Gabe tells her he was probably PTSD, which we all know is code for code yellow. Tess finishes it up by giving Beth her best “go away high school girl friend; I am the new BFF in town, all right?” Beth is all “you are so obviously lying, but I am apparently the worst reporter ever so I am just going to stop pushing and go” END OF THE BETH’s ARC [for now].

Again, I had SUCH HIGH HOPES for the character of Beth! I thought introducing a reporter was a great idea. The whole scenario immediately reminded me of Moonlight  for some reason [maybe because her name was “Beth” lol]. There was potential for so much! She could have started digging, find information, come across Cat’s “saved by beast” article, question her, get in trouble, etc etc. I was very disappointed when she turned out to be just another one ep unrealized guest. OK… she came back, but not soon enough [and not for long]. She could have been the Will Tippin of BatB!

Vincent approaches Cat and gets all doctorly trying to make sure Cat doesn’t have a concussion or anything. It is terribly sweet. To make it even sweeter, Vincent acknowledges all the sacrifices Cat has made for him and promises he will make it up to her once his “missions are over”. She thanks him for saving her life and he says having her in his life is preventing him from a beast downfall… Aw… They have to “save each other”. Still holds true. They kiss and it is adorable; but damn… I think having ABCFamily guests messed up with the musical scoring team, because the song at the end sounds like something out of the final act of a Disney movie [not in a good way]! They decide it’s better if V leaves the premises of the recent beast attack. He runs into Gabe in the hallway and they have a brief standoff and it is kinda hot. Not TRAIN SCENE hot, but still…

Gabe approaches Cat and tries to sweet talk her. I still think she is oblivious to his feelings but seems like he has managed to earn her trust… which I still don’t get. I mean… he KIDNAPPED HER! I am sorry, but I wouldn’t trust someone who locked me inside BEASTON ABBEY’S tower prison. No matter what! Cat shows Gabe some pictures from her high school days. She finds a picture from her graduation and notices Daddy Bob in the background. Conclusion DADDY BOB IS HER BIO FATHER! Mmm OK, that was a lame way to do that particular reveal. But whatever END OF EPISODE. I have another minor complaint. I would have inverted the order of the last two scenes (Gabe first, Vincent later). In fact we didn’t need Gabe; Cat could have shown the pictures to Vincent and come to the same conclusion.

Now for the major episode complaint… And this might be JUST ME. I thought I was going to LOVE this episode. Overall, I thought it was an OK episode. Not one of my favorites, not terrible either. However, I didn’t think this was a particularly good episode as far as “reunion” eps go. Maybe other viewers didn’t want this, but I was personally expecting a “classic” reunion episode. It may be silly but I was waiting for all the cliché scenes: the confrontation with the mean girls, Cat showing up at the party with her hot boyfriend; or alternatively, Cat meeting her high school sweetheart and then Vincent showing up and getting jealous. And yes… I wanted them to dance to the tune of a corny slow song from 10 years ago! I know, I know it sounds TERRIBLY corny and cliché but it didn’t have to be. The entire “reunion” sequence on the Veronica Mars Movie was full of clichés [with a twist] yet it was awesome and true to the show at the same time [if you've never seen the show/movie watch THIS CLIP to see what I mean]. As I said, I may be completely alone in this … but felt like I needed to share and I am curious to know if anyone else would have liked that type of ep.

And that’s it for now. Till next week. Make sure to share this on all your social media platforms and feel free to rant in the comments section!

"Tell the truth... you've been sitting there since graduation,
haven't you?"
Raise your hand if you wanted a scene like that to happen


Cat: Girls only, no beasts
Tess: Is that how you win friends and influence people?
JT: You gotta talk faster
Tess: Go, have a life. Get your Ashanti on. 

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  1. Love your recaps. I suggest that the CW and CBS hire you to post them after every #BATB episode. Always humorous and insightful.

    1. Aw that is so sweet... I definitely wouldn't say no to that haha

  2. TVempress, I love your reviews, always insightful and humorous. Keep them coming.

    You wrote: "Not acting opposite Jay Ryan is something young male actors may want to consider for the sake of their careers." So right. BTW Vincent's face when he has that sizzling hot flashback of Gabriella is like a cat's with canary feathers sticking out of his mouth...

    "In fact we didn’t need Gabe; Cat could have shown the pictures to Vincent and come to the same conclusion." Gabe seems very inept and unnecessary in this episode from the first scene to the last. AND STILL HE IS THERE. Standing in the background in every scene like one of those people that leeches on for no particular reason.

    "Dude, pick a motivation and stick with it." I laughed my head off, but you got to admit that the beast of the week seemed very multidimensional this way.

    1. And I love reading everyone's comments. This beast of the week was my favorite out of the 3-4 we had so far... however he had a serious personality disorder haha I guess he had to be psychotic, he did kill his girlfriend after all...

  3. Great review, as always! Thank you! This was one of my least like episodes of the season. And I agree with you, so many lost Vincat moments. Hate Gabe and how he was with Cat when she realized who her bio daddy was. This episode, for me, starts the downslide, which I don't recover from until the end of 215, lol. Can't wait to read next week's review, as Tori makes her debut.

    1. I think the issue is that they got V better too quickly only to have him fall again... I would have personally been more comfortable with a slow progression... I will talk more about this in future recaps. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  4. loved your review again and agree with all your points, including the reasons why gabriella rubbed me off the wrong way, the musical score at the end, the unrealised potential etc etc. i think the reason this episode did not do a few of the things you mentioned (hugs, dances etc) is because they wanted to show us (both in 5 and 6) that cat had issues too and was not happy with the current state of affairs. for both episodes 5 and 6 vincat are quite distant with each other even though they are together. and then boom the first honest convo happens right after the tori kiss. anyway loved your review and agree with all your points, though I did think the Blair person (no idea he is a disney guy) acted pretty well. I remember him. though yes, against Jay..well..
    so this episode is defo not one of my favs though still prefer it to episode 6... cant wait for that review :)

    1. Thanks :) and I agree with your comments about the state of Vincat's relationship in eps 5, 6... I have issues with the evolution of V's arc which I will discuss later. I do think the "Blair" person haha is a decent actor in general and I think he did a good job, and I was actually pleased with the acting. I just didn't buy that one scene where he suddenly changes his tune, but that was a flaw with the writing (IMO) so I don't necessarily blame him. Only, Jay does seem to have the extraordinary ability to just make every nuance and change work well written or not he just makes it work. But not everyone can do that.

    2. agree completely :) I have issues with the evolution of his arc as well and even more so with Cat's arc lol!! cant wait to hear your views on both :)

  5. Just love reading other people's perspectives on the episodes, cause I love the show. Yeah, sometimes the show's writers leave a lot to be desired. However, that being said, I have watched some of the other higher ratings shows and I gotta say, same goes for them. The direction, writing and holes leave a lot to be desired in all shows. But, you take the good with the bad on all shows. Batb for me all the way though

    1. It is indeed rare, especially for broadcast shows, to find flawless shows. It's different for cable because they have more freedom and better production schedules; but yeah... I can still love a show even if it is not perfect by far... Thank you for reading, I love reading other ppl's opinions as well.

  6. Basically the only thing I loved about this ep was the VinCat kiss ~ Cat blowing off Vincent at the beginning didn't sit well with me at all when I was still floating on my feelgood VinCat cloud after 204's sweet ending ~ but the WORST of all is the outright acknowledgement of yucky G's crush on Cat, STEALING a potential VinCat ending moment *UNFORGIVABLE* and as DenisefromNY commented above ~ the beginning of the downward spiral of S2 with stupid G arc taking over a good part of 10 eps ~ *insert curse* sorry just the sight of his earnestly smug shaven face makes me want to beast out ( he's one of those fellas who looks SO much better with stubble anyway I digress but the Writers have really made me despise him) I would have LOVED an alternative Reunion sequence as you rightly suggested (Haven did it well) maybe end the ep with VinCat slowdancing in the auditorium and save the Dad reveal for later ~ ANYTHING other than what we got... so many lost VinCat moments... sigh....a hug when Vincent came back to Cat's bedroom to check on her after the attack would have been great... anyway also agree that Gabriella was unnecessary although V was smokin hot in the flashback yowzers! Zach in love with Alex wld have been a viable scenario. Thanks as always for the snark n giggles Ali! ;)

    1. Thanks for reading, commenting and furiously nodding as you put it. Oh Gabe... I'll be talking about where I think the writers went wrong with his character's storylines later. But first... we have Tori to hate. Till next week.

  7. Love the way you see the show the same way as I do.

    What bothered me most about this episode was that Tess and Gabe failed to catch that Bob was involved in the beast hunting. When Tess barged in to Gabe's office, telling them about Zach involvement in Gabriella murder, Bob got all worried about where Catherine was. And then he told Tess any Gabe to go and get her, and then he swig "I got Hayes". How could they not see the connection?

  8. Hated the way they handled the V getting better in that I agree with you that it should have been a slow progression to them getting back together instead of V getting better so we think and them getting back together only to have him fall apart and get way made less sense that way and was more painful bc we thought he was getting better so why would he act like before!? Didn't mind the flashback, but it was pointless...I felt like he shouldn't have smiled afterward though lol bc I love protecting Cat and all. Cat seemed hot and cold with V and it was annoying. They should have done this arc as V and C were off and then slowly back on and then together later this season. It was so weird watching someone who was once so in love with V act indifferent toward him and then share something intimate with Gabe. WTH! You aren't dating Gabe here, lady! You were right about the evolution of V happening too slowly so they made him veer off a bad path to like reset him and Catherine once again...I rather Vincat be broken up then together and indifferent and distant. It was weird. It was like the episodes were trying to be sweet, but felt flat bc they were not that into each other. This romance and show only works if v and C are into it and not like yeah he's my bf he's alright. WTH. Lukewarm feelings toward one another don't work. Either be mad at each other and apart or together and into each other (s1 just talking to one another not dating into each other counts and was better than this lukewarm we kind of care about one another behavior) Also, Cat, are you seriously like not taking a stand and choosing to go with V or G? You're supposed to want to date V, why would you let G touch you? I was like I don't even know who V and C are anymore and hence the dilemma for the next 10 episodes...

  9. Still working my way through all of your recaps and adoring them. Also enjoying laughing out loud a lot (my husband thinks I've lost my mind).

    But now, due to your excellent VMs comparison I must go back and rewatch all those eps and movie and read the books. Thanks for that :P

    1. I did a series rewatch (of VM) before the movie came out. Still love that show! I am reading the first book right now and I was surprised by how good it is. I was expecting a book just for fans, but it is actually a pretty decent murder/mystery novel.

  10. I liked this episode as it revisited the theme from the first season that Vincent is different from other beasts because of Catherine's love. He rembered her love and acknowledges the important role it has played in preventing him from losing his humanity. References to the loss of Gabriella's love in Zach's life allowed the writers to show how Vincent may have turned out but for Catherine's love. I loved the honesty in the kiss scene. I don't feel they put Vincent and Catherine back together rather took one further step towards it.
    Really enjoy your recaps. Great writing.


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