RECAP: Beauty and the Beast - S3E7 - Both Sides Now

Behind every big bad, there is an even bigger bad

We should know by now that Vincent and Catherine CANNOT catch a break. So naturally, they are on the run for their lives AGAIN. This week they are being chased by the nameless, ambiguously-powered superassassin that needlessly destroyed the stained glass windows from the church [seriously, the front door would have worked just fine].

SUPERNATURAL BEING OF THE WEEK: Not Jason Gedrick [I don’t think he has a name]
Powers: “A little more enhanced” whatever that means…
Code name: Faux-big-bad lap dog

After hiding in the woods for a while, endlessly explaining the plot of the episode/season/show, pretending to be crash victims to get into the hospital and nearly getting killed a couple of times; Cat comes up with a plan to “keep everyone safe”. Her brilliant plan is to fake-elope. That way they can lure the superassassin out of town and away from their friends [OK… let’s say I follow so far]

Meanwhile, Captain Vargas is having a hard time explaining why two [not so] random civilians (JT & Heather) need 24 hr. protective custody. Instead of being grateful, JT is annoyed with his copper baby-sitters because they are getting in the way of him finding the BIG BAD behind THEE SERUM. Tess is a little hurt because JT is too busy worrying about his best-bro to notice she is struggling to balance her new job and the secret supernatural hunting.

Heather is NOT happy with her police detail either, because they are getting in the way of her job hunt. Since when does Heather have difficulty finding jobs? Last time I checked she got an inexplicable offer for a top PR firm inMiami or something. But guess she quit and moved back to NY which is making her seem unreliable, according to job interviewer JULIANNA. Fortunately for Heather, Julianna overhears her speaking on the phone after she left the interview and she is so impressed by her undelivered pinup pitch that she offers her a job! It’s almost too good to be true…

BACK TO VINCAT. The perpetually endangered couple elope to NIAGARA FALLS leaving a trail of VERY-OBVIOUS-CLEARLY-A-SETUP breadcrumbs for superassassin to find. Once they get to the romantic [and wedding efficient] location we learn 3 things:

1.      Cat has not been dreaming about her wedding day since she was 5
2.      Witnesses can be literally bought in Niagara falls (for the sum of $35)
3.     Cat’s new brilliant idea is to “get caught” so they can be taken to the EVIL HQ… which I assume is in NY! So… couldn’t they just STAY in NY and get caught there? Seems a lot more efficient [and eco-friendly!]

I still don’t know why the fake wedding part was necessary. Vincent doesn’t get it either. Cat insists that the wedding is NOT real; but, in the end, Vincent refuses to go through with it. He drags Cat away and explains that he wants their wedding to be perfect and magical. Something they remember for years [like his parents did]. Aw. I am not even into weddings myself, but come on… that was very sweet! Cat is touched by his words as well, but she doesn’t get a chance to reply because she is abducted by superassassin. So… [least efficient] mission accomplished, I guess…

Unfortunately, Cat’s “get grabbed & attack” plan is contingent on the BIG BAD not knowing that V is a Beast. That plan is effectively ruined when Heather discovers that her new job is less about marketing and more about “torture for information”. Heather gets rid of her bodyguards and follows Julianna to a secluded building. You’d think someone who has been kidnapped before would have learned a lesson. Abduct me once, shame on you. Abduct me twice… In any case, by the time Vincent and Catherine arrive at Big Bad HQ to face JULIANNA, they know Vincent is a beast and tranq him accordingly.

Julianna identifies herself as the BIG BAD behind THEE SERUM. But she also reveals the existence of a BIGGER BAD who is apparently after her. She claims Thee Serum and all the experiments were merely her way of protecting herself from “HIM”. She believes Vincent and Catherine work for this elusive unnamed villain [I am going to call him “The Man”] and when they refuse to admit it, she threatens to inject Vincent with a defective serum that will basically kill him.

As all of these multiple abductions and reveals take place, JT has narrowed down his search for the serum makers to a handful of labs. He lucks out [REALLY lucks out] and just happens to walk in the lab where Heather is being kept. Hmmm… so the evil masterminds they’ve been fearing all season can’t even afford surveillance cameras or… you know LOCK A FREAKING DOOR?! Guess they can’t. Man, this show has the dumbest criminals ever.

So… JT walks into the room and frees Heather. Then he decides to concoct a Beast-expresso shot [adrenaline, steroids or something of the sort I guess] and shoot Vincent with a handy tranq gun Heather finds lying around. Vincent snaps out of his beast slumber and pretty quickly kills the extra-enhanced dude. Guess he wasn’t that “enhanced enough” after all. Meanwhile, Cat goes after Julianna and totally beasts out on her. I really wanted Vincent to stop Cat and give her a SANCTIMONIOUS SPEECH for a change… But that didn’t happen and Julianna ends up in a coma. You should never decommission the big bad before getting some answers…  

In the end, a criminal is stopped and everyone survives. It is sort of a win. At least according to JT, who thinks Tess is going to be impressed by his heroic beast-saving actions. She is not. Tess doesn’t care about JT solving yet another mythological mystery. She is tired of JT putting Vincent in front of everything else and she decides to break up with him. It might be slightly selfish [as she points out] but I think she is entitled to want to be the main concern for her boyfriend.
Vincent and Catherine end on a happier note. They love each other and Vincent almost dying made Cat realized she does want a wedding.


I’d say I am pretty neutral with this episode. I didn’t particularly dislike it [I thought most of it was OK], I didn’t love it either.

There are two things I didn’t like:

1) People kept reciting plot points “X is after us because of Y and this and that happened and now we need this to happen” OK… we know
2) Yet another faux-antagonist. There was so much build-up to the man [or woman] behind the serum and when we find out, she goes down in one short fist fight! I know there is still build-up to the REAL big bad, but Julianna felt VERY anti-climatic. Give us a good baddie already!!

On the other hand, I like the conflict between JT&T. It feels real and I sympathize with both sides, which is always good. I am confident they are going to get back eventually, but I think there is potential in that storyline.

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  1. Yup agree again - this episode was just ok - neutral grounds...will i remember it much? nope. was the fake wedding plot even necessary? nope...what was the purpose of the episode? what did we really learn about the characters? i really enjoyed the jt/tess bit was it felt real, i felt there was a REAL issue and conflict and i could not really take sides. they were both right in their own ways and it is not an easy situation. so yeah overall a let down really, cause I don't want any more neutral/ok episodes. so far this season I loved 6, really liked 1 and the rest were just ok...

  2. Spot-on review, as usual! I was laughing out loud and nodding in agreement the whole time. SO disappointing after a great episode last week. The JT&T parts were the best parts, IMO. They felt much more authentic, and they both definitely had valid points.

    Enough with the repetition already! We only have 13 episodes this season; no time to waste rehashing things we already know, and moving backwards on character development made last week (Cat)!!!

    1. yes spot on - the J.T./Tess parts felt more authentic and relatable.
      it really feels like the writers have run out of ideas both in terms of general story lines and very importantly the vincat relationship story line/character development....i hope it picks up episode 8 onwards...

    2. The fact that so many of the writers are new doesn't help either... although I guess that's relative bc the writer of Chasing Ghosts was also new and she did a great job... I guess it depends on how connected they are to the material.

    3. exactly - it does depend on how connected they are to the material, what they see as the essence of the show and what their background is....

  3. I feel the same way as you did. In some ways this was a let down episode for me since last week IMO was so great. This one wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly great either. There were some good moments, but then meh moments as well. I have to say this was probably the worst episode of the season for me so far even though I generally liked it. Nothing stood out really. We'll see what happens in the next one, that one at least looks a lot more exciting.

    1. True, the trailer looked exciting and finally, Liam!

    2. it does look exciting and i have a good feeling about Liam - i hope the actor nails it and the script/storyline is decent :)

    3. I have a good feeling about Liam as a character, but also... the fact that Jason was SO enthusiastic about everything makes me hopeful. When ppl actually believe in what they are doing it transpires... So let's hope it all works out in the next few eps

  4. I agree it was just OK it seemed rush an to fast I caught where Cat says to V all the things he can do better but bullets he had him beat. How would they kno that never showed d guy getting shot. Oh well I didn't hurt the ratings .001 drop is good in my books I missed S1 loved S2 till ep 5 n alp Tori

    1. I am hoping that once they finally get their ONE antagonist the storylines will be more cohesive. Plus there are a few eps coming up written by ppl I've enjoyed in the past... so... fingers crossed. But at least we are saying eps are OK and not "awful"... I guess that always happens with shows that are in 3rd, 4th seasons. Audience has expectations. Rewatching S1 you realize that it is far from perfect, but it has a series of really great moments... and those are the ones we remember. This season may even have a more consistent quality throughout but not as many memorable scenes I guess....

  5. I agree it was just OK it seemed rush an to fast I caught where Cat says to V all the things he can do better but bullets he had him beat. How would they kno that never showed d guy getting shot. Oh well I didn't hurt the ratings .001 drop is good in my books I missed S1 loved S2 till ep 5 n alp Tori

  6. I do not understand why anyone, especially Vincent, didn't stop Catherine when she was hitting Julianna. Was pretty weird to see that.

    1. I know... everyone was just staring at her and then was it Heather that finally spoke up? What would ppl do w/o Heather?

  7. Thank you for your review, perfect as always! I didn't understand the master plan either. It was a truly dumb idea.

    The writers seem to think information dumping is the same as showing us a story. In episode 1, we heard all about Zane from his wife sitting primly on the sofa and now the entire plot of the story along with "ruse" was explained ad nauseum.

    Also, there is something a little "off" about the Vincat relationship lately.

    The entire beating into a coma should have been removed from the script. A police detective of all people beating someone almost to death with her bare hands? After all the sanctimonious speeches we hear week after week?

    Anyway, you hit all the salient points, so thank you!



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