RECAP: Beauty and the Beast – Season 2 Episode 12– Recipe for disaster

Dungeons & Beasts

Beasts, Dungeons, caged archaeologists, kidnapped biochemists and blood drainage. Just another day in the BatB world. Plus, Cat learns how to make aphrodisiac amuse bouche and I present compelling evidence that Tori was a victim of body snatching. 

Looks like Cat is STILL finding herself and, this week, she is doing it by taking a cooking class. Tess is full of anecdotal wisdom about men: They can sense when women have been single for too long and they don’t like to wait… like Gabe who, by the way, is leaving the precinct. Cat doesn’t seem too pleased to learn that, but she maintains she is not ready for a relationship. Tess gets all #TeamGabe again [which I still don’t understand] and tells Cat she has had enough self-discovery to last a lifetime [agree with that] and that she should go ahead and move on to something that can “curl her toes”. Ug TMI.

But speaking of toes curling, Cat gets a phone-call from Vincent [and his bathrobe]. We can tell they have been “working together” for a while and these late night phone-calls are common. There is an ease to the way they talk to each other that I really liked. In addition, Vincent looks really excited to be talking to Cat [probably just using the investigation as an excuse]. Cat doesn’t seem to mind talking to him either. They discuss the potential threat of Dana finding out about beasts; Cat suggests earning some brownie points by discovering who killed her husband. In order to find the killer they need to find the gem. Vincent is already on it. He is using Rebecca’s journal as a treasure map, which makes absolutely no sense, but I am going to pretend it does [I am already pretending the gem makes sense after all… maybe the journal is magical like the gem…] Vincent tells Cat that once they are done with this beast business, she can finally go back to her old life. It is clear Cat doesn’t want that, but she needs to hang up because she is about to have a flambé kitchen.

Vincent hangs up and Tori comes out of the bedroom wearing a robe [I really hate robes]. She asks who was on the phone, but she already knows the answer. She is upset because Vincent has been calling Catherine a lot. Tori repeats her “beasts against the world” tirade, but it is clear Vincent doesn’t agree. Finally Tori flat out asks Vincent if he is just hoping to get back together with Catherine and he DOES NOT DENY IT AT ALL. In fact, he doesn’t even attempt to deny it. He just looks down and deflects by saying he just wants to “find the gem!”. Ouch.

When things get soapy... 
I actually remembered this scene being different [worse than it actually was]. I think I was so disgusted by the “DAYS OF OUR BEASTS” soap opera setting [complete with bathrobes] that I didn’t pay attention to anything they were saying. However, now that I’ve seen it again I thought it was sort of funny. Vincent was SO clearly pushing Tori away and the scene was more about his unresolved feelings for Catherine than anything else. Nevertheless, I was a little annoyed by it. They shied away from the sexual component of the Vincent/Tori relationship for so long… I didn’t see the point of writing it in now. Also… I thought it was impossible for Jay Ryan to not have chemistry with someone, but he had zero chemistry with Amber in this scene. It just felt awkward; maybe it was deliberate on Jay’s part. In any case… Dana is inside her car some distance apart listening to the entire conversation with a parabolic mic. Dun Dun Dun.

At the GENTLEMEN’S CLUB they are throwing JT a huge bash because he just won a $500,000 research grant. Completely irrelevant question: Isn’t JT basically squatting at that place? I am pretty sure he does not own it or rent it, so…  Why are they inviting people over for a VERY loud party? Whatever…  JT is happy and he is blushing and as Tess points out that he “deserves it after everything he sacrificed for Vincent”. Cat asks what she got for her sacrifice. Tess replies the obvious: “curled toes” [she sure did], which is particularly hilarious because Gabe is listening.

Tori and Vincent arrive at the biochemical party. They all greet each other in a very civilized manner. Cat goes as far as complimenting Tori’s dress. Gabe, Vincent and Catherine start discussing Agent Landon and the gem; Tori is completely out of the loop [and obviously feeling out of place]. Cat fills her in on Vincent’s discovery and it is all VERY AWKWARD. At that point, JT joins the group and starts hugging everyone. When he gets to Tori they try to hug each other, but they just can’t get it right; which was totally awkward but absolutely hilarious! Let’s note that Austin was able to get a funny/cute moment out of Amber. The man is a miracle worker! Tori is so embarrassed she walks out of the party. Come on! There are worst things than failing at a hug! Not that big of a deal… She is acting like she just got humiliated at the prom or something. Regardless, this is the ONE point in the entire season when I actually felt a little bad for Tori. Of course, she ruined that sympathetic feeling in the next scene because, as usual, she didn’t feel genuine enough. But the intention of the scene was there… which made me realize that, with a different actress, at least part of the disaster that was Tori may have worked. But we will never know… the unbearable lightness of being and all that.

Anyway, Tori leaves the party and Vincent comes after her. She basically complains about the way they were “treating her”, which is completely unfair because everyone was being polite to her. But I get her issue… She doesn’t feel accepted; moreover, she doesn’t feel she is a priority for Vincent. He is technically “with her” but his head and heart are somewhere else. She points out that she can sense how he reacts when Catherine is around and again… I feel mildly bad for her because it can’t be nice to actually have the certainty that your boyfriend is in love with someone else. She also tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him because he is all she has. I feel like Tori wasn’t necessarily in love with Vincent either. She just didn’t know how to have a life of her own. We do have to consider that Vincent had a decade of learning how to be a beast [and he was a stand-up guy to begin with]. Tori was a sheltered, selfish girl who didn’t even know who she was as a human. Sadly for Tori, Vincent doesn’t have anything to say because everything she said is true. He basically tells her that he needs a break from the MURKY TRIGGER to think things through; which is obviously code for “sort things out with Catherine first”.

As I said, seeing past the terrible acting, this is the closest I ever came to empathizing with Tori. Now… I appreciate that the writers tried to give Tori some layers and actual human emotions, but… it was too little too late; not to mention, completely inconsistent with everything her character had been so far. It would have been great if they had given Tori an actual struggle from the beginning, but they didn’t. They made her nasty and it was impossible for me to care for her at this point. Like I theorized before, it felt like each writer had a different idea of what Tori was supposed to be. It was almost like she was body-snatched every week. Let’s see how her role kept changing throughout the episodes:

FATHER KNOWS BEST: Poor little rich girl 
GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER: Young girl with identity crisis turned beast femme fatale 
MAN OR BEAST: Defender of Beast-lifestyle/psycho killer 
DON’T DIE ON ME: Fellow Beast 
ANCESTORS: Jealous girlfriend 
HELD HOSTAGE: Mostly unconscious 
RECIPE FOR DISASTER: An actual conflicted person turned selfless hero

Vincent returns to the party as JT leaves to visit his new lab. The remaining members of the gang also get ready to leave and go dungeon hunting in Washington Heights [You know what they say about dungeons: location location location]. Cat stays behind to talk to Vincent. He feels bad, because the gem drama is preventing everyone from moving on with their lives. Cat decides to give him some “friendly” advice. Vincent is not pleased at all with the idea that they are “friends”; however, Cat points out that it is better than “enemies”. She tells him that loving him is not easy, because he tends to shut people out and she urges him to talk to Tori. I respect Cat for being the bigger person here… but I think she went a little too far. I don’t think anyone is that good of a person.

I think Cat wants to be mature about Tori and accept her relationship with Vincent, but I don’t think that is the way she actually feels. I believe she is forcing herself to go above and beyond to prove [to others and herself] that she is over Vincent [telling Tori she looks pretty, helping him make up with Tori, etc]. At this point, it is clear that Vincent is more than ready to get back together with Cat, but she is not. She still has to come to terms with what happened and discover if she can have a different type of life. It’s almost like she needs to know if she can survive without Vincent by her side. In any case, I thought the scene was very sweet. Cat’s honest intention was to help Vincent and even if she was talking about Tori, you could tell Vincent was thinking about them [Vincat].

In the meantime, JT meets with TONY BARNES a member of the “Brady Wright Foundation”. JT is escorted to his lab by Tony himself and his muscle. Unfortunately, the place looks way less pristine and more “dungeon-y” than your average lab. Also, they have a guy in a cage who starts yelling “Run, get out while you can”… that can’t be a good sign. Tony and his muscle grab JT and inject something in his neck which makes him faint… That can’t be a good sign either.

EVIL MASTERMIND PROFILE:Cheats in cards, Yankee fan, mean but not stupid 
Mission: Create a beast-serum and combine it with beast blood [to create a beast/vampire hybrid? God let’s hope not]

When JT regains consciousness, he realizes he is chained to the floor of the dungeon. With nothing else to do, he starts bonding with the GUY IN THE CAGE. We learn that he has been there for 5 years [and he is most likely crazy]. Tony comes downstairs and starts an expository rant that is WAY TOO CONVENIENT TO BE TRUE: There is no grant for JT, he is there to recreate the M beast serum AND Tony was the one hiring the heist gangs to steal the gem [just in case you weren’t paying attention]. In addition, he knows JT “has a beast” [he made it sound like a pet]. JT refuses to become an evil scientist at first, but Tony threatens to kill the guy in the cage. So JT has no other option than to be a good biochemist and make a beast cocktail.

Tori goes back to the HOUSEBOAT and finds Dana in flagrante. Tori’s solution is to tie her up… and kill her later? That had to be her plan right? Guess we are back to psycho behavior… Vincent arrives and he IS NOT pleased to find a tied FBI agent in his houseboat. How different is V2.0 at this point in the season... A few episodes ago, he wouldn’t have thought twice about neutralizing the “threat”. However, now that he is more or less back to his old self, he is outraged. Tori and Vincent get into a yelling match while Vincent tries to untie Dana. They accidentally touch and Tori beasts out for just a second, which Dana totally sees [even though I barely did!].

Meanwhile AT THE PRECINCT, Gabe is using his SUPER-LOCATOR powers to find the dungeon. He is actually using his board, pins and case notes… which is surprisingly logic. Cat walks in and she can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with “destiny” or “fate” [sure feels like it]. Gabe tells Cat he wants to respect her feelings and honor her decision. Cat says she is still trying to figure out what she wants. I never thought Cat’s decision to be with Gabe was clear to her. I think it was a self-imposed decision resulting from her insecure state of mind. Plus, for some reason, everyone kept pushing Gabe on her. Anyway, they don’t talk more about it because Tess walks in and informs them that JT has been abducted!

At the GENTLEMEN’S GUILD, Vincent pours a drink for Dana while he comes out of the beast closet. Vincent convinces her that their interests are aligned. She seems willing to keep his secret when she realizes that whoever is after Vincent might also be responsible for her husband’s death. There was a silent mutual respect and understanding between these characters, which I really liked. Cat and Gabe arrive just in time to discover Dana is now part of the team. The more the merrier… I guess.

Apparently someone sent a cryptic mass-email to all of JT’s contacts. The non-disclosed message is supposed to be easily decoded by the ones who are familiar with beasts. In summary, they have JT and want the beast in exchange. Vincent doesn’t think twice about it and gets ready to “sense JT’s sweater” like the kidnapper suggested. Cat frantically tries to stop him, she is clearly worried about him and wants to come up with a plan first. But there is no stopping Vincent when he is in hero/martyr mode, so they just let him get a head start. Tori picks that moment to call him to apologize. So we can add “bad timing” to her list of flaws. Vincent quickly ends the call, but not before telling Tori about JT’s kidnapping. Tori decides to be a hero and track JT by herself. Yeah… because that is TOTALLY consistent with her murderous-egocentric-slightly-psychopathic personality. Also… if you are going to track/rescue someone… at least change into some sensible shoes first!

Tori finds JT [faster than anyone] and struts inside the dungeon still in her 5 inch heels. Apparently you can just waltz into this particular dungeon like you own the place… No security cameras, no muscle guarding the door, no dragon-pit by the entrance or anything like that. Tori breaks JT’s chain and they are about to run when Tony shoots her with a tranq and puts the necklace around her neck. So I guess they had some dungeon security after all…

Later, Tony drains all of Tori’s blood because he wants to create a better “mousetrap” [whatever that means] or because he is a vampire… One of those two. While he softly kills Tori he starts a grandiloquent speech that actually works! [Unlike all the beasts of the week’s speeches] I mean… they are inside a dungeon … the ambiance is creepy as hell and I thought fake Tony was a wonderful baddie! I wish he had been the true beast puppet master. But it would have been too easy… But I am getting ahead of myself.

Looks like synthesizing a beast serums ain’t that hard, because JT manages to do it before anyone can rescue him. By the way, since when is Tori that much better at tracking than Vincent? We gotta give it to the girl. She sure is “improving herself”. She became a master tracker and an actual person with feelings in one episode… tots believable [I say with sarcasm]. JT bottles up the serum and has a Dr.Frankenstein/Oppenheimer “Am I creating a monster”/”Am I becoming the destroyer of worlds” moment. Right on cue, Vincent bursts through the door. I bet Tony wasn’t counting on JT being friends with TWO beasts! Vincent hugs JT and decides to save the random dude in the cage, because he is nice and heroic like that. Vincent stays behind to go look for Tori while JT and Cage dude run for their lives.

Vincent finds Tori, but it is too late. She is dying. Vincent apologizes for not protecting her and just like Alex annoyingly did, Tori has a SUDDEN EPIPHANY and tells Vincent that “he belongs with Catherine” Well… duh. Just then, Tony locks Vincent inside the Beast-proof cage and starts a “pre-murder” evil mastermind proclamation. Basically he tells V he got everything he needed from Tori so he will just kill him but… Catherine kills him first. If only he hadn’t wasted so much time “announcing” his plans! That will teach Tony a lesson…. Oh wait, he can’t learn a lesson because he is DEAD.

Vincent turns around, only to realize that Tori is no longer with us [sorry but I am not sorry]. I think Vincent gets appropriately upset about it. It wasn’t over-the-top “I loved you” sadness, but it wasn’t “oh well you are dead” insensitivity either. Nevertheless, I was deeply annoyed by Tori’s demise. So… in the end, Tori died a “heroine”? I hope I don’t sound like a psycho, but I wanted her to die a horrible death, even better if Vincent had to kill her. You know… I wanted Tori to go through something like[WARNING sensitive material & spoilers for GoT and Breaking Bad when clicking the following links] this or this or even better THIS! [OK, I may have gone a little too far]. I acknowledge that this week’s Tori was just trying to help and she came to terms with Vincent loving Cat and whatnot… but this Tori didn’t exist until this episode! The Tori we got to know throughout the season was an awful, selfish, spoiled person, who killed without a second thought. That person was not a hero! I always thought Tori’s death could become her purpose… give Vincent the chance to clearly choose Cat over her… But instead, she died “trying to save everyone”. That was NOT satisfying for me.

Later at the DUNGEON OF BEAST DOOM, Cat approaches Vincent to provide some comfort. Vincent says everything that was expected from him: He feels it is all his fault, people around him get hurt and he failed to protect Tori... This conversation was very enlightening to me. You know how I always wonder how Vincent could have been with someone like Tori? I think this is why. He just wanted to protect her because he was like him. She was a victim who was turned into something she didn’t understand or was able to control. Furthermore, he killed her father… so I think Vincent, being the way he is, couldn’t help feeling responsible for her. That’s why he kept her around. And he unfortunately got “romantically” involved with her not by choice, but due to 1) the [murky] trigger that clouded his judgment and 2) his vulnerable state. Being a beast doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the failings of any man [or person]. It is easy to fall into a “convenient” relationship when you are vulnerable and confused.

Finally, Vincent admits directly that he made the wrong choice when he didn’t walk away from his revenge against Bob like Catherine wanted. Last episode, I said Catherine gave Vincent an overdue apology… but I think she deserved an apology as well. Vincent tells Cat he wouldn’t know what to do if he ever lost her. Catherine is touched, but reminds him that she is still involved by choice, it is her story too. And then Gabe arrives to ruin the perfectly nice scene. I did hate him a little for that.

Vincent leaves, Gabe asks Cat if she wants to be alone. Cat answers that she’d rather be with him. I had a hard time figuring this out, but I think I did. The look on Cat’s face was full of “determination”. Not love or hope or tenderness. She is “determined” to “move on”. I believe Cat was very conflicted at this point. She was not over Vincent’s betrayal, but she was not holding on to her anger anymore. She wanted to regain control over her life, but she felt alone. I don’t think Cat ever stopped having feelings for Vincent [love like that doesn’t just go away], but she knew that going back to him was not possibility.

I think she was trying really hard to prove she could live without him.In order to do that, Cat decided she needed another relationship [since she already found the hell out of herself]. Gabe was conveniently standing in front of her, totally “in love”. The one thing I cannot excuse is the whole psycho behavior of S1, but for the sake of argument, let’s forget about that for a minute. I think Cat developed some sort of feelings [not love] for Gabe. He was there for her when she needed him and he made his intentions clear [You could argue he took advantage of her vulnerable state]. For a person that is desperately trying to “move on”, I can see how this may have looked like a good idea. I still think Cat was aware that whatever she felt for Gabe didn’t compare to what she felt for Vincent, but she wanted to give it a try and hope it changed in time. Having said that Gabe was clearly the WRONG CHOICE for a new boyfriend! But let whoever didn’t date the wrong guy at one point cast the first stone [I realize this is wrong to the extreme! But Cat was also conflicted to the extreme… that girl hasn’t had an easy life].

At the PRECINCT Tess apologizes to Dana for not telling her about the beasts of the world, but mentions that they may be able to finally find her husband’s killer. Dana tells her she is in no rush to “move on”; solving her husband’s murder is all the life she knows now. How refreshing that someone is not trying to “find herself”! I knew I liked Dana for a reason… At that point another cop comes in to share some disturbing information: The man we knew as Tony Barnes was actually FRANK DARNEL , a con artist presumably hired by the real Tony Barnes. So the real evil mastermind is still at large… That was kind of a neat twist. I didn’t see it coming.

Dana wants to talk to CAGE DUDE, so she runs downstairs to find him. When she does, she realizes that he is SAM (her missing husband whom she thought was dead!) And THAT I TOTALLY saw coming. They are both great actors and I love them; however, I wasn’t particularly touched by the scene. I think it was a little rushed [and there was so much other stuff going on!]. I wish they had taken their time with this reunion, could have been a powerful moment… Oh well… On the positive side, how awesome was having Tom Everett Scott on the show? I really like him.

Meanwhile JT pays a visit to his best bro bearing a bottle of scotch. JT thanks Vincent for saving his life, Vincent points out that his life was in danger because of him. They quickly get into a “whose fault is it” contest. JT was naïve, Vincent is a beast who endangers people, JT studies beasts so he is not a Saint blah blah blah Finally JT plays the “I volunteered you to become a beast” card… and yeah… I guess he wins. Vincent doesn’t say anything; he just looks a JT and silently lets him know that it is OK. I just love this scene so much! It was the typical “guy apology” they don’t even talk about the huge revelation, they just keep drinking and have a moment of quiet forgiveness. Guys really are less complicated. Finally, they toast to Tori and being a good beast or something, but I am just going to ignore that because I still think Tori didn’t deserve a toast-worthy death… In any case… Vincat’s romance is still on the rocky side, but the bromance is back and strong!

And there you go… I liked this episode significantly better on the rewatch! Probably because I already knew all the bad stuff that was going to happen…. Taking away the stress of impending doom allowed me to enjoy all the good bits… and even though I DID NOT like the way Tori died, I am not going to pretend I am not happy she is gone!

Till next week, when the acting average level of the show duplicates for unknown reasons…


Cat: I just hope my canapés don’t make JT’s party into a – 
Tess:-- Orgy?

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  1. Great recap! :) I agree, this episode was much better w/ a rewatch. Actually so were a # of episodes this season :)

    1. I agree with that... I think I was too scare of what may happen first time I watched, I wasn't able to enjoy the episodes properly. I am liking S2 a lot more now that I am rewatching it. Hopefully S3 won't put us in a constant state of fear!

  2. Terrific review as always!!!!! Thank you!!!!

    1. Thanks for being such a loyal reader Denise :)

    2. You are so welcome, Alex! I look forward all week for your review!

  3. I completely agree with you. It makes a lot of sense that both Vincent and Cat were vulnerable and conflicted about everything that was happening around them and it didn't help that there were people waiting to step in to fill the void. I also think Vincent and Cat need to refrain from giving each other advice about relationships with other people. I always found those scenes awkward and uncomfortable.

    1. True. Probably not a good idea to give or receive relationship advice from an ex... I think they were both trying to overcompensate and be "evolved" about it but just made it worse...

  4. ok yes to all
    a few comments
    -the curly toes comment rubbed me the wrong way - I do not proclaim to have radical feminist views lol but come on that comment was just meh...
    - i think the lack of chemistry between tori and vincent and gabe and catherine was deliberate; in fact, i think jay was great at portraying how unwanted she was and how awkward he felt around her.
    - the squatting comment: ahahahahahaha lol so true !!
    - "Let’s note that Austin was able to get a funny/cute moment out of Amber. The man is a miracle worker!" - please stop, I can't! too funny!!
    -"FATHER KNOWS BEST: Poor little rich girl
    GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER: Young girl with identity crisis turned beast femme fatale
    MAN OR BEAST: Defender of Beast-lifestyle/psycho killer
    DON’T DIE ON ME: Fellow Beast
    ANCESTORS: Jealous girlfriend
    HELD HOSTAGE: Mostly unconscious
    RECIPE FOR DISASTER: An actual conflicted person turned selfless hero2
    Seriously stop!!!! it is late here and I ll wake up the kids with all the laughing!
    - "I believe she is forcing herself to go above and beyond to prove [to others and herself] that she is over Vincent [telling Tori she looks pretty, helping him make up with Tori, etc]" - word
    -"never thought Cat’s decision to be with Gabe was clear to her. I think it was a self-imposed decision resulting from her insecure state of mind" - yup
    - "Apparently you can just waltz into this particular dungeon like you own the place… No security cameras, no muscle guarding the door, no dragon-pit by the entrance or anything like that" - always the case in BATB
    -"So… in the end, Tori died a “heroine”? I hope I don’t sound like a psycho, but I wanted her to die a horrible death, even better if Vincent had to kill her. You know… I wanted Tori to go through something like[WARNING sensitive material & spoilers for GoT and Breaking Bad when clicking the following links] this or this or even better THIS! " - mwaaahahaha yes, dont feel sorry, there are others there with u, moi for example
    - completely there with u on your cat-gabe relationship analysis
    - i loved the final scene as well. i usually rewatch vincat scenes but this one i keep rewatching
    this episode was all right for me, not in my top 5 but not in my bottom 5 either
    "till next week, when teh acting average level of teh show duplicates for unknown reasons" - oh really intrigued by that what do u mean? btw, episode 13 was meh for me (and not because o fthe Gabe kiss)

    1. Well I am glad I was able to make you laugh ;) I always dread being boring... 13 was a little meh for me too... and not for the kiss either. I just felt that 1) they kept going in circles with the Tony Barnes thing... and 2) It was just ridiculous how everyone kept repeating over and over that Gabe is a good guy... I think everyone has memory issues!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Tori was an "accidental" heroine. She didn't go out to selflessly save JT, she only did it to try and get Vincent back. Which is kind of sad, trying to hold on to something you never had. They should have written her character totally differently. Tori in a jealous rage, knowing she could never have Vincent while Cat was still alive, would attempt to kill Cat. Vincent would kill Tori trying to save Cat. Now that would have been a great ending and more in tune with Tori's physcho character

    1. Chloe, totally agree with that idea of Vincent having to kill Tori because she was trying to murder Catherine in a jealous rage. That would have been so in keeping with her character - and much more satisfying to the fans. LOL.

    2. I agree that Tori going into a jealous vendetta against Cat was more fitting with her character than her suddenly deciding to save JT. Absolutely! I am not sure if... the way they wrote it... they meant for Tori to save JT to get Vincent back. I think in a way Tori already knew Vincent would never be hers... I think Tori wanted to feel "accepted" not just by Vincent but by everyone. I get the feeling that was the intention. However, that does not fit AT ALL with Tori's "to hell with the world" attitude towards the season. She always acted like she didn't care about anything but her own personal pleasure so... not sure why they decided to radically change that... Whatever the reason, it didn't work... IMO

    3. Well it would have been a nice duality:
      1. Vincent having to kill Tori, because she went all beast
      2. Catherine having to kill Gabe, because he went all beast AGAIN

      Would have, could have....

      It is fun to sometimes play that game, but the reality is that we will not get another season 2, so we either live with the flaws or we stop watching. I for one will watch until the last curtain has fallen, but that does not mean that I will not continue to write about what I did not agree with and what did not make sense to me. Firstly, it is fun to find plot holes, etc. and secondly it can be cathartic to write about what bothers you and dicuss it with others.

      I totally watch the show for KK and JR and NOT for the 'brilliant' plots. Those two make it all worth while.


    4. Yep, I could have accepted that scenario. And I feel the same way. Everyone can stop watching, I personally choose to keep watching till the end bc there are many things I love the show. As you said, doesn't mean we can discuss everything that went wrong (with a positive attitude of course)

    5. If I had to stop watching shows because of their flaws, I wouldn't be watching any at all. But Cat did end up killing Gabe, so it would have been fitting for V to kill Tori. Fair is fair

  7. Thanks for a very thoughtful and fun review.

    The episode is full of inconsistencies (as BATB episodes tend to be). Here are the most important ones.

    Why is Cath suddenly all friends and working partners with Vincent again? What happened to his lack of 'humanity'? Is he suddenly good enough to be a friend? And good enough for Tori? But not good enough to love? I have a hard time following the distinctions there. The whole dilemma of Vincent being revengeful (a very human reaction if you think of it) and an incorrigible beast is just gone as if it never was an issue. Cath certainly seems to think he is back to his old self .

    Cath tells Vincent that loving him is not easy, because he tends to shut people out . This is so wrong on so many levels. Here are a few of them:
    A) Cath conveniently forgets that he has had to shut out everyone but JT from his life for 10 years so it is a hard earned habit for him.
    B) The main reason for not being lovable has up to now been his 'inhumanity', not his taciturnity.
    C) Vincent has always been remarkably open to Cath from the first moment they met so why act as if she had problems with this.
    D) Tori seems to have no problem with wanting Vincent. Shutting her out or not.

    Vincent admits to Cath that he made the wrong choice when he didn’t walk away from his revenge against Bob like Catherine wanted. As if he had much of a choice, not being in full control over his beast side. No, that admission is just Vincent taking the blame as usual. And Vincent never betrayed Cath. He was the one being betrayed and manipulated by Cath's bio-father, not to mention Cath giving him an ultimatum over something he couldn't control and when he couldn't comply, shooting him.


    1. I guess Vincent doesn't have to take responsibility for any of his actions then. Poor him, always being manipulated by everyone in his life that he can't seem to do anything right. Maybe he's better off alone since everyone else is to blame for his poor decisions. Listen I get that his life hasn't been easy and there are things that are beyond his control, but to make it seem as if everyone else's fault he does the things he does is ludicrous and frankly not believable. Maybe he and Cat shouldn't be together since you seem to think she's to blame for everything. That's what I get when I read your posts.

    2. Hi Yvonne, Thanks for reading and reviewing. About V and C sudden "friendship" I got the feeling there was a time-lapse between Held Hostage and this ep. At the end of HH they agreed to "work together" so I assume the relationship evolved to what we saw on RFD. And yes, I agree that is weird Cat seems to have forgiven Vincent and care for him but she is still looking to be with someone else. I go back to what I said in the recap, seems like Cat was trying to find a way to live w/o Vincent because losing him nearly destroyed her and she got scared upon realizing her happiness was so linked to this one man. Not completely logical, but I think that's where character was at. Again... I could swallow this plot had they picked a different love interest for her. Gabe just makes it hard to explain or understand.

      I am not sure if the Anonymous comment above was meant for you (Yvonne) or me... I was a little unclear about that. In any case... I wanted to state that I never thought Vincent's situation was "Cat's fault". I don't think anything was Cat's fault, I think she reacted like anyone would when you lose someone you love. However, I don't think Vincent was a villain either because he never set out to hurt Cat. He did hurt her but while he was in the midst of an identity crisis. He couldn't remember his life, he didn't know who to trust and he was unstable as a man/beast. If Cat was to blame for something was taking too long to realize Vincent had changed and she was expecting too much from him. That reaction is also understandable. In any case, I simply don't think either Cat or Vincent did something unforgivable. They both made mistakes due to circumstances and they drove them apart. Which is why I don't pick sides... Sometimes things happen and you can't fix it by blaming one person.

      However, I do feel that if someone hates one of the characters (either Vincent or Cat) or don't want them together... I really don't see why they would be watching... that's probably not an enjoyable experience!

    3. I find the whole assumption that 'she got scared upon realizing her happiness was so linked to this one man' is built on nothing. Who in the world would think that being unhappy without this guy must mean that he is the wrong man? The writers kind of hint at this kind of muddled psychology, but I just don't buy it.

      And I still think that the 'inhumanity' that Cath found so all-important that she broke up with Vincent, is suddenly shown to be a non-problem for her. It is obvious she realizes he wasn't so inhuman after all. Okay I can follow that. But why did the writers keep plugging Gabe as a competitor long after there was any reason to? Like flogging a dead horse, everybody realized that and so the suspense was gone and boredom threatened.

    4. Forgot to say: I love this show. Jay Ryan is creating something special in spite of strange plots and arcs. I am never disappointed watching his subtle acting, making his character absolutely believable, if not always loveable.

    5. Oh I know you do Yvonne, my previous comment about some people not enjoying watching the show wasn't meant for you by the way... just thought I should clarify! I appreciate all your comments! I am just surprised when I see some ppl have some very negative opinions... it is one thing to dislike and question some aspects (like you were doing) but another to just hate radically.

    6. About Vincent's responsibility for his actions. He didn't ask to be injected then when he comes to terms with that, he is hijacked and brainwashed, memory wiped so yeah, I would say we can rightfully blame pretty much everyone else at this point.

      And I would like to point out that Vincent himself never blames anyone else for what he does.

      I want to discuss the humanity question. I just find it extremely troubling to have someone question his humanity whey they run around killing people for the sole purpose to experiment on them.

      That isn't only a lack of humanity, it is certifiably insane. But it seems acceptable for Gabe to dupe Catherine into doing just that. He never has his humanity questioned. Instead, she is all for the experiment and even suggests that he try it on Vincent. When that failed, they tried it on the arsonist but he was just dead, dead. Then the whole thing with Windsor, the utterly gleeful way of being nothing but an accessary to murder. Yet Gabe and Catherine's humanity stayed in check? What is that all about? If she wasn't under Gabe's spell would she willingly be an accessory to murder for experimentation? Everyone keeps telling us that she isn't "in love" with Gabe, or she is just conflicted. But would a sane, even if conflicted, human being allow their potential lover, who they are supposedly moving on with because they have more humanity, to kill people for the sole purpose of experimenting on the body?

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Yvonne, this is Sarah from IMDB. I know we’ve discussed all of this before, but I have to agree with you on the humanity thing. It really does seem like there’s a double standard as far as Vincent is concerned. Cat and Gabe can kill with impunity and take the law into their own hands whenever it suits them, and no one ever questions their judgment, while Vincent just has to consider hurting someone and everyone freaks out for half the episode. Cat even makes the distinction at one point that killing beasts is acceptable while killing humans is not. She, of all people, should know how very little difference there is between humans and beasts, knowing Vincent as well as she does. Especially when it comes to the innocent people who were turned against their will. Vincent was the only person trying to help them. Cat and Gabe wanted to murder them all.

      I love that everyone on this show is flawed. They all make mistakes, and that makes them more real, but the double standards are hard to watch. They build up Gabe by tearing Vincent down, not by giving Gabe any of his own redeeming qualities. They condemn him for doing things that either make perfect sense, or that they do themselves, and hold him to a higher standard. And he rarely argues, he just lets them blame him for everything and accepts all of the guilt that they should be sharing. They hold him accountable for things he has no control over, and they turn their backs on him when he needs their help overcoming his more dangerous tendencies. Yes, he made mistakes, but Cat made just as many, and they were just as bad, yet she rarely gets called on it.

    9. Thanks Sarah, Yvonne. You both have said it perfectly. It's a huge double standard and I find it very troubling. Not only does Vincent have to bear the burden of the blame for everything out of his control, no one else has to take any blame. They are all innocent, noble, "tried to be good" while they murder, lie, destroy evidence, and then point a finger at Vincent.

      Thankfully JT is a good friend and takes his side. At least someone does.


  8. Wonderful review - as always. Agree totally with NOT understanding the decision of TPTB to leave the bathrobe discussion scene in - thereby making it clear to everybody that they indeed had a sexual relationship. They have edited out so many other scenes of Vincent and Tori as a couple:

    1. exiting the precinct arm in arm in their matching leather jackets at the end of 211. That scene was shown in the promo, but was cut from the episode when it aired. It caused that disappointed look on Catherine's face when she watched them exiting like that in total harmony.

    2. A published series of photos of a scene - apparently on the boat - where Vincent and Tori are 'almost' kissing. It was supposed to be in 210 - but was never in the aired episode.

    But like you said: Vincent is a guy who just did not say NO to what was thrown at him.

    But I will throw the first stone about the Catherine/Gabe relationship. Sure I have dated bad and wrong guys in my life, who hasn't? However, calling Gabe a bad and wrong guy is just NOT doing his evilness justice and I will never believe that the REAL Catherine Chandler - no matter how traumatized and confused she is - can just forget what Gabe did to her (and Vincent) only a few months ago:

    1. kidnapped her at gun point
    2. locked her up in his beast headquarters
    3. used her as bait to lure Vincent into a trap
    4. would have killed her and Vincent without any remorse
    5. threw her clear across the driveway
    6. is the direct cause that Vincent got captured, tortured, mind-altered, DNA-changed, etc. and therefore the reason that she lost him.

    NO amount of trying to redeem himself will EVER make up for all that. So, Catherine is the forgiving type, okay, let her forgive him, but not forget what he did and not in a thousand years start a relationship with him. For me there can never be an explanation that will make any sense for why they made her do that.

    I take that back, there is one: Brad Kern really liked the character of Gabe. He told us that he is a noble hero, and now totally redeemed, and that Gabe is the rich and influential son-in-law every mother wants for her daughter to bring home. Well, I would disown my daughter and have her institutionalized if she brought home this murdering, slimy ADA.

    I also have another issue with the 'break-up' scene between Vincent and Tori in front of the Guild. Yes, this is my pet peeve and I have written it in your last review already as a comment, but it fits in here. Vincent is not very clear about the fact that it is OVER - he just says that he wants a break. Duh. And what does Tori do? She goes right back to the boat and waits for him to come home. She does not pack her bags and finally checks into a luxury hotel, like she should have done right after her penthouse apartment got destroyed. And when she calls Vincent later to apologize for tying up Dana, he says that he will explain everything to her later when he gets home. THAT does NOT sound like a real break-up to me. The other thing is that nobody witnessed this conversation, espcecially NOT Catherine. So, later - about 10 seconds after Tori's death - Vincent turns AGAIN to Catherine, she does not know that he wanted out of his relationship with Tori. So, for Catherine she is second choice AGAIN because the current red-head is dead. The writers thought they were really clever with having Vincent and Tori kinda break up before he turned to Catherine again, but they botched it. Yes, the audience got to see it and it felt good, but Catherine does not know it - not then and not ever.


    1. Barbara, I totally agree with you about the Vincent/Tori stuff. I was never satisfied with how that ended. As for the writers spiel about it not being another Alex arc, it certainly wasn' was WORSE. Sure, Vincent asked for a break, but like you said she was still living in his pad and was gonna talk to her about it later. It was never made clear what would've happened there. He didn't exactly come out and say he didn't want to be with her or be with Cat which is what I was expecting. Once again the writers dropped the ball on this one. I've already voiced my concerns about how badly this arc was handled. I was hoping it would be rectified but NOPE, once again Catherine is his last and only choice. His girl died, so of course Vincent was gonna come crawling back to the only once who would accept him. If it wasn't for the impending cancellation, I'm willing to bet the writers would've dragged these silly triangles longer since it's clear they rushed VinCat back together once again. There were no deep conversations, no apologies from Vincent to Catherine, which left the whole break up and make up unsatisfying to me. Which is why I no longer see this as an epic love story. I can't even trust that when the next red head or hot chick comes around, Vincent won't turn his back on Catherine again and come crawling back when that doesn't work out.

  9. I agreed. Why did they have to make Vincent such a promiscuous man when it comes to redheads.He was the one who SLEPT with someone else first, not Cat. Who would want Cat to just got back to him easily when she was always made a Consolation Prize to him? Cat deserves someone who can love her More.No Epic love here.

    1. I still think their love is epic for a number of reasons, but I understand others don't... What I don't understand is why these ppl keep watching, reading about it and spending time arguing about it... When I don't like something I just don't spend time on it... but maybe that's just me.

    2. Sadly, I have to agree that we left epic love behind us a while back. They find love again later in the season, but the magic and the innocence that was season one and that was epic cannot be recaptured. And having Tess call it 'epic' does NOT make it so,

      I will never understand why Brad Kern thought it necessary to have another redhead be Vincent's temptation. It establishes a pattern and makes you question why he calls a petite brunette the love of his life when he keeps stumbling over statuesque redheads.

      Luckily, we still have the chemistry between our two leads and that never went away - even in the bad moments - they were sizzling. And that is SO worth watching, especially since they had zero chemistry with their other partners.

    3. Barbara, totally agree about the so-called "epic love". I still love the show but it's clear as day to me that that it has been tarnished and we can't ever recover the magic that was season 1. Brad Kern can cry until the cows home about the network mandating certain things that happened in Season 2, but he is the show runner and there a million ways a separation could've been done with VinCat that wouldn't have alienated any of the remaining fans they had. The casting of another redheaded temptress was just plain dumb IMO, the fans were never going to accept Tori simply because of that. It was made worse by the terrible characterization, Amber's one-note acting, and writing during her arc.

      Another thing about Vincent and Catherine being able to trust he won't go off again and leave her the next time some other girl comes around. It was established in "Reunion" that Vincent seems to sleep around the minute he has problems in his current relationship. Another writing misfire from the creative team. Making Vincent look like a first class ass every time he has problems in his relationships. He solves it by running off and sleeping with other women. So much for him pining over Alex that whole time when he was away. To add salt to the wound, that was the sexiest thing we saw in Season 2. No VinCat love scenes at all. I'm ranting now, but I'm still upset about the way Season 2 turned out. The only thing keeping me watching is Jay/Kristin's remarkable chemistry despite the horrible writing on this show.

    4. What angers me most about the Gabriella interlude is that it ties into season 1. Not only did BK and his writers tarnish Vincent's and Catherine's characters in season 2, they ALSO had to go back and make Vincent look bad in season 1.

      IMO they had no business going there and add their dirty touches to season 1.

      Besides, it makes no sense. When was this supposed have happened? Vincent enlisted after 9/11 and left Alex behind. From enlistement you go to bootcamp and then he got deployed. So somewhere in there he met this Gabriella for a short-lived fling? Then he writes love letters from Afganistan and calls Alex his fiancé? Also, he and Zach were in the same unit, so they met all the time, trained together, faught side by side as beast-soldiers, etc. Why did Zach not attack Vincent back then after Gabriella wrote to him and told him the whole tale about her and Vincent?

      Eric Tuchman is my least liked writer - he is not very careful with timelines and details. He had Catherine graduate from high school at age 20, since her 10-year-reunion happened when she was 30. And then they call her an 'ivy league student'. LOL.

    5. I guess most is already stated here in the comments and I think the changes/weired adjustments to the storyline doesn't make sense, and not really needed for any of the storyline purposes...
      It might just be me (and everyone is entitled to their opinion) but I'm confused about the "Vincent being a promiscuous man statement" Besides Catherine, he's not slept with anyone except Tori (during a few weeks) for 10 years, so just a bit confused by that statement...or am I missing something?

    6. OK... let's look about this objectively (no strong mega fan feelings... I know hard). So there was Alex, Gabriella then Cat and Tori a decade later. So there are 4 women we know about which is hardly a lot. Also... if we are being honest... guys in their 20s sleep around and have one-night stands all the time.... Seriously speaking, it is the case for 99% of twenty-something guys... So... I don't think Vincent sleeping with Gabriella was that bad. I said this before on my recap... the existence of this girl didn't bother me that much per se... HOWEVER, what bothered me is that the plot point had no relevance! It wasn't fundamental to the present-day story so it was seriously unnecessary to do it [when it was bound to bother the fans]. And Tori... well you know how I feel about Tori. I guess what I am saying is that I agree those "love interests" (if you can even call them that) were unnecessary and did nothing for the story [and yes they annoyed me]... however, if we are just analyzing V as a man based on the info we have about this, I wouldn't put him in the "promiscuous" category ...I think it is pretty standard male behavior which really doesn't bother me, because I don't particularly like male characters that are SO good it is unbelievable... but I am sure lots of ppl do [and they are entitled to] and felt disappointed when V didn't turn out to be as perfect as some thought. But I am ranting now...

    7. I love that this discussion is still going on. LOL.

      You are right, Alex, of course, Vincent is not promiscuous and I think what the Anonymous writer meant (no offense if I interpret this wrongly) is that he shown to have a weak spot for redheads. The Gabriella thing was meaningless and unnecessary and I only mentioned it because it did not fit into the story we know of season one, where Vincent claims that he and Alex were together practically uninterrupted. But of course he and Alex could have made up afterwards and that is the reason why she was then 'kinda his fiancé' again. No matter really - timeline mistakes and plot holes are normal for this show and that has its own charm, because I like finding them.

      Neither Vincent nor Catherine are perfect, nor do I for one expect that of them. But - and there is always a but, when you call a love story EPIC then it had better be EPIC and what we were presented with in season 2 was NOT it. My opinion of course, but if you read the other boards - shared by a lot of disappointed fans.

      And now we had better put this to bed and look forward to your next review.

    8. Sorry,I haven't checked up on this thread but it seems the conversation goes on. I agree with you, Barbara. I wasn't trying to say Vincent was promiscuous and I'm not a prude so a young, good looking guy having a hook up now and then does not bother me. I'm not naive enough to think both Catherine/Vincent had other previous sexual relationships. What bothers me is the plot holes and careless writing of the creative team. We were led to believe that Alex was the love of Vincent's life and he was pining over her when he was in bootcamp or whatever as evidenced by those love letters. He obviously wasn't hurting so much if he had time to have some fling out of nowhere. What bothers me is it has established a pattern. A pattern that Vincent goes and sleeps around when he's hurting in his relationships. He did it with Alex and he did it with Catherine with Tori. The sex may have been meaningless to him or the writers, but to me it tarnishes the "epic love" the writers keep saying VinCat have. Even Catherine sleeps with Gabe with no real feelings for him. In that case, I saw it as a "tit for tat" from the writers. If V was going on having beast sex, Cat was going to as well. Like I was saying before, how am I suppose to trust these writers to not do it again? That Gabriella stuff was lazy writing with the writer having no clue about what happened in previous episodes. And Vincent instantly remembering some random hookup and not remembering Catherine after having supposedly great sex with Catherine in "Kidnapped"? How silly was that? He can't even remeber the supposedly love of his life but he can remember some random chick from over 10 years ago. *Rolls Eyes". Again, to make it worse that was the only love scene we actually saw in Season 2. Seriously? The writers completely sucked the romance out of Season 2 and even VinCat's eventual coming together wasn't even that great. After everything they been through, we get a scene of them waking up in bed and AGAIN being interrupted. After that, we didn't get much but a few pecky kisses here & there. The one time they actually had time to themselves in that huge house in "Ever After", Cat is busy playing detective. Again, I'm ranting. The writing in Season 2 was all over the place and was the reason why so many fans abandoned the show. Thank you girls for the conversation, I appreciate the discussion & differing point of views.

    9. I feel that you are in my head sometimes. LOL. Agree with all of the above.

      Wait till 216 when I have a lot to say about the way they brought them back together.

      Still watching and re-watching though, because that is what addicts do.

    10. Agree, love the show but the writers are not always making it easy for us when messing with the storyline & characters :)

  10. Love your review as always. I think it's interesting how different viewers/fans interpret the same scenes. We all watch the same show but have different opinions, and it's great that we can discuss and also disagree :).

    I think Season 2 had its great moments but consistency is not one of them, and I think you point them out really well in your reviews.
    Would be nice if the writers use the dialog for intelligent, deep and thoughtful conversations instead of explaining what's happening in the Episodes, e.g. Gabe explaining flat-lining over and over gain and also over-stating in several Eps that he is a nice guy.

    For me, the ending of this Ep was giving me exactly what I love good shows. A conversation between Vincent and JT with a real honest feeling to it. The silent parts spoke more than the words, and in combination with facial expressions showing two vulnerable friends with great love for each other asking for forgiveness, it’s one of my favorite scenes S2. Kudos to the writers, director, Jay and Austin for this wonderful scene.
    /Mia Z

    1. You are so right about the dialogue. They have some serious issues with exposition on this show. What's funny is that for all its flaws every once in a while they have a perfect scene where everything works so incredibly well it is almost magic. One of the reasons I like the show so much... but imagine if they could make all the scenes work like that... it would be so good!

    2. I think that is what makes me most frustrated, they have these absolutely perfect moments and give you a small teaser on how good quality this show actually can be. What a dream show this would be with that kind of writing in combo with our wonderful actors that are so capable of doing incredible performances...

    3. Besides the fav scene with Vincent and JT, I actually also liked the Vincat moment in the dungeon (before Gabe), when Cat and Vincent had a low key scene, a tender talk. It was one of the few Vincat moments in S2 where I felt a real connection and they could "breath" without funny comments and stuff happening around them (even if I enjoy those scenes as well). But wish there could've been a few more Vincat tender low key moments, would have been easer to follow their journey of slowly reconnecting and getting together again.

      It's Interesting to see that the writers for this ep were Brad Kern & Wendy Straker Hauser, if I remember correctly... so that was a surprise to me that two wonderful scenes IMO showed up in this ep ("if excluding Gabe from the Vincat scene" :)

      Now back to PCA voting...

  11. Did I miss something? If I remember, Catherine invited Vincent to dinner in season 1 and she was seen preparing a dinner for him. There was no indication that she couldn't cook. In Reunion, she was hosting a party for her friends and was seen taking things out of the oven. No one seemed to choke on her cooking. Suddenly she couldn't cook?

    1. I think Cat baked some dainties. But as my sister will tell you, she can cook up a storm but couldn't bake if her life depended on it.

  12. I have been saying all along that Gabe & Tori should have been put together,they would have been an Ideal couple.No Gabe/Cat or Tori/Vincent. Loved reading your article,thank you.

  13. Gracias a todos por vuestros comentarios, me ayudan a estar menos enfadada y a intentar entender esta T2 que, ya lo decía KK y JR en la CCon NYork, traía cosas muy locas y cuestionables. Pobres chicos! No imaginaban cuántas!
    No consigo entender cómo y sobre todo, porqué, BKern arruinó , semana a semana, una serie que lo tenía todo para ser un éxito: Grandes actores, una historia genial, mil posibilidades de envolver aquel amor epico (perdido para siempre desde 2.2) y que nos robó el corazón a la fandom más dura y entregada que he conocido.
    Pero la bestia golpeó a la bella,la bella disparó a la bestia, V volvió a traicionar a Cat con otra pelirroja y consiguió que muchas fans quisieran la misma traición para él, y acudieron a Gabe. Un disparate tras otro, personajes complejos que se quedaron vacíos y se perdieron sin poder crecer y madurar, además de los fallos en la historia, que me llevaron a pensar si los escritores, incluido BKern, habían visto BATB S1...a veces parece otra serie diferente.
    En este capitulo faltaron, como siempre, las conversaciones realmente importantes y necesarias entre VinCat y dejarlo todo en el aire Eso los hace pobres personajes y malas historias. El gran problema de esta S2
    Siempre creí que la TV era para ganar dinero, pero cuando BKern declaró publicamente, que no estaba dispuesto a dar`golosinas`todas las semanas con BATB a su fandom, Y por eso mucha gente cambió de canal. Realmente, no sabía, ni sé, que pensar..
    A veces pienso que produjo BATB para fastidiar a las fans, nos quitó el amor épico y disfrutó cortando escenas VinCat, casi como si fuesemos niños a los que acercas un caramelo y luego se lo quitas para hacerle fastidiar. Y no rectificó. Insistió hasta el final.
    Confieso que tengo tanta esperanza como miedos para BATB S3 by Kern :-[
    Gracias por permitirme escribir en español

  14. Great comments from Spain(?), I agree with everything. Especially your dig about Brad Kern actually having the gall to say it wasn't good for us to get our 'candy'. Kern was responsible for making the epic love just fizzle out.

  15. Tess curl your toes comment was disgusting. Yes, why mention the sexual component only to have been honestly mentioned once? Cat's was only mentioned twice so why even write it in at all? V's reaction to Tori's Q about whether he wanted to get back to cat was why Tori and V actually ended up bothering me less than Cat and Gabe bc Cat acted like she truly had feelings for Gabe and said sweet things to him. V was neutral and nice to Tori, but never like I loved you or some bs like that. His words never acted like he had serious feelings for her. And yeah, I guess they slept toegther. Why even pit that in writers? Unncessary, but that isn't love or sometimes even like. Like people can just have sex...OMG I hate this stuff so much LOL I hate how oblivious to V's struggle Cat is. Like stop forcing him to be involved in you and Gabe. It is killing the guy!! Praise V for this convo. I liked this convo ending their relationship better than Cat's with Gabe in a future ep. Cat's weird friendship advice convo with V sucked."I think it was a self-imposed decision resulting from her insecure state of mind. Plus, for some reason, everyone kept pushing Gabe on her." YES YES I really liked how V handled Tori's death. You are right on, not lover is dead status, but appropriate sorry you're gone sadness. "It is easy to fall into a “convenient” relationship when you are vulnerable and confused." YES That goes for cat and V's other relationships! Plus, V knew she had no one else. He felt guilty leaving her. I think that is why he was with Tori. His motives make more sense to me than cat's with Gabe. I am thankful we didn't have to see any more kissing scenes between V and T. Apparently they might have been cut, but I am so glad. Ugh. Vomit-inducing just to think of. I liked V's apology. He should regret choosing the beast over being a man. I still never thought he would do that. I think he real V wouldn't, but again he was brainwashed V so he did...ugh the writers. These comments are bumming me out, my own included. I liked the scene between JT and V at the end!

  16. I disagree. Catherine's breakup with Gabe was way more crystal clear than Vincent and Tori. Vincent asked for a break, that is not breaking up. When he talked to her later on the phone, he said he would talk to her about it later. But, oops..she died. We still don't know what would have happened if she was successful in "saving" JT. With Catherine it was obvious she was choosing Vincent. With Vincent's "breakups" it's never really clear. Alex left and rejected his beast, choice was made for him. Same with Tori, she died so they never had that "talk". Again, terrible writing from BATB writers. They obviously didn't learn from their mistakes from their failed redhead arc in S1 because S2 in a lot of respects was way worse.


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