First Impressions: Rosewood


Premise: An pathologist with a deadly disease and too much self-esteem solves crime IN MIAMI [that seems to be important].

Verdict: I really don’t see the point of this show.

This show feels like someone wrote a really average cop show and then went “Let’s make it diverse and set it in Miami, that will make it better”. Well, it didn’t. Unfortunately, the network totally fell for it. At the risk of being controversial, I don’t think this show would have gotten made if it was filled with white people.

So, basically we have a bunch of good looking diverse cast [which is great], with very lacklustre writing [which is not great]. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the script but there is absolutely nothing interesting either. The “vibrant” setting and stereotypical Latin soundtrack didn’t do much for it either, except show us that there is not one corner in Miami which is not blasting a salsa tune [OK…] If anything, the Miami setting just reminded me of Burn Notice and Dexter [or even The Finder] and made Rosewood pale in comparison.

Basically, the pilot was full of pseudo-scientific talk and over the top acting [not even blaming the actors, they were just working with what they got]. I just… This can’t possibly be the best show among the thousands FOX has to choose every year… It just can’t.

Should you watch it? I am just going to say no. Unless you want to watch every procedural ever made.

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