First Impressions: Blindspot


Premise: Lady Sif has a Jason Bourne/Prison Break complex.

Verdict: It could be interesting

This show was very well received (3.1 ratings) and it was enjoyable to watch. Our heroine – played by Jaimie Alexander from The Avengers franchise – is a woman with no identity. She doesn’t remember her name, she doesn’t know why her entire body is covered in tattoos and she doesn’t even know if she likes tea or coffee! [The tragedy!]

She appears in the middle of times-square – inside a handbag – and taken into custody. Her tattoos not only include the name of an FBI agent, but they also seem to have clues on how to deliver the world from evil or something. It soon becomes clear that she is not a regular woman. She is incredibly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, she is an expert markswoman and she can speak several Chinese dialects.

Any of these sounds familiar? Well yeah… this might as well be the small screen adaptation of The Bourne Identity. And that is my one issue with the show. The concept feels a bit recycled. I’ve seen the mystery amnesiac kickass person before, I’ve also seen the mystery tattoo map. The pilot didn’t bring anything that made me say “OK, that is new”.

Having said that, it was interesting to watch and I want to see where they take it. I thought Jaimie did really well and there was a fair amount of chemistry between the leads, which is always a good thing. I am assuming this show will be similar in tone to The Blacklist. [I also got a bit of a Nikita vibe]

Should you watch it? If you like action/adventure shows this might interest you.

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