First Impressions: Life in Pieces

CBS MONDAYS 8:30/9:30c

Premise: Big family, small issues.

Verdict: A different CBS comedy

This is a single camera family comedy. It is not Arrested Development, it is not quite Modern Family either. I would describe it like the comedy version of Parenthood and/or Brothers & Sisters. In other words, it has heart and it had a large ensemble.

Not much mystery to this comedy. It basically tells the stories of an extended family: single guy, new parents, the family of four and grandparents. If you want to find out more about this show just watch the trailer which has every funny line in the pilot episode.

Should you watch it? It is a pretty decent comedy and the cast is really good, so why not? [Although I feel about it like I feel about Grace & Frankie: ‘good, but not exciting’]

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