First Impressions: Minority Report


Premise: A cop teams up with a man who can see crimes before they happen

Verdict: Interesting concept, average procedural

The Minority Report movie, just like the short story focused on the “PreCrime” division of the government where a group of mutants – called ‘precogs’ – could see crimes before they were committed.

The TV show starts further into this future, after the PreCrime division was dissolved [by Tom Cruise, I assume] and the precogs were released and living in hiding. One of the precogs returns to the city and decides to play hero by preventing the crimes he foresees. He comes across a female cop trying to prove herself and a COP PROCEDURAL is born.

The story of Minority Report deals with themes of free-will and government authority. It is basically a sci-fi dream. The concept is brilliant. But the concept is Philip K.Dick’s [who is apparently "in" this year].

The show, on the other hand… It was moderately entertaining but very vanilla. It had an OK case of the week, the characters were likable, but it just didn’t have the paranoid darkness that a story like this needs. It was the mainstream version of what I feel is a niche sci-fi story.

I believe Meagan Good has what it takes to be a leading lady [She won me over on Deception] and leading man Stark Sands was likable but…. that was actually an issue. Playing a future-seeing-mutant-with-lacking-social-skills required someone with considerable more edge [and a more distinctive look]. It is possible to be awkward and intriguing as Rami Malek is proving on Mr. Robot. Sands was just relatable and nice [Apparently Nick Zano is going to be in for good, that’s more like it…. But not quite…] Wilmer Valderrama - AKA Fez from That 70's Show - is also on it. 

Should you watch it? I am so reluctant to recommend this show… If you are not a sci-fi fan, there is not enough brilliance here to make it worth it. If you are a sci-fi fan – like myself – this show is a bit disappointing. I was hoping this would have the tone and creativity of Almost Human and Continuum, but it is closer to Stitchers instead. Having said that, it is not necessarily a bad show and I still plan to watch because I love the concept and I am a big sci-fi geek. It may also be enjoyable for fans of procedurals.
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