A Roundup of TV Republik's predictions and wishes for network TV shows

Spring is here, the fate of TV shows will soon be determined ending with the up-front announcements. Are your favorites safe? Which shows are beyond salvation? In case you missed the posts for all four networks and The CW, here is a summary of what I think will happen, what will probably happen and what I wish would happen:

Smash (NBC)
ABC.... the network of fresh hit dramas, not so good in the comedy department though. Which comedy will get axed? Which awful show will get a new season and continue to be part of the terrorism of the screen?

One network, huge ratings, 13 dramas, the same concept... CBS is clearly a successful network, but with so many hit dramas which will be the one to go? Do we really need more cop shows?

With stapple dramas like Fringe and House gone, what is left to watch on Fox? Should they regret some of the cancellations of last year? Are they betting too much on the new shows to come?

Will NBC revive the comedy block? Which drama is on its way out? Is there any hope for Deception and Smash? 

With so much uncertainty in the ratings, this network could go in a million directions. Will they save the oldest show, the Friday show, the under-performing newby cute show or will they yield to the efforts of passionate fans?
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The TV Empress is a Media Management graduate, screenwriter in the making (and financial engineer in the meantime). She has serious plans to take over global television. You can follow the TVEmpress on twitter @TVRepublik

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