What I think, feel and hope will happen to the TV shows of each network this season

I almost didn’t write a post about FOX because everything has been renewed or cancelled already, but I guess I can still say what I wish they had done instead of whatever it is they did.
Here is the scorecard:

Chopping block
The Cleveland Show (Basically cancelled)
Touch (cancelled)
Reasonably Safe
Glee (Renewed for another 2 years)
Already renewed
Raising Hope
The Mindy Project
Bob’s Burgers
New Girl
American Dad
The Simpsons
Family Guy
The Following

What my logic and gut say

Brennan - Bones
Well, not much to say really, everything is already set. Glee will get renewed, no idea why it hasn’t yet, but it will. Touch is likely to be cancelled, although I haven’t realized how few dramas FOX has. They’ve already cancelled The Mob Doctor and Fringe ended its run, so they are experiencing a deficit of dramas. Could there be a chance of FOX keeping Touch since it airs on Fridays and all? I don’t know, I guess it is possible but unlikely, the ratings are really bad. The Cleveland Show may go as well, but I am not sure about that.

What I hope would happen in an ideal world where I program all 4 networks (and The CW)

What I hope would happen? You know what? I really don’t care. I like Bones, but I am getting bored with it, Glee is overrated, I am not a big fan of the cartoons and I really like Touch, but at this point I think it is beyond salvation. The only truly exciting show in the lineup is The Following. What I really wish I could do is to go back in time before they cancelled two of my favorite shows last season: Terra Nova and Alcatraz. Those shows had flaws, but they also had a lot of potential, much more than the current worn-out dramas on the schedule. Remember when FOX was the ‘young’ and ‘edgy’ network, now with Fringe gone and no exciting new shows it is starting to look older than CBS!

April 19th Update
FOX decided the faith of 2 of the 3 remaining shows. Glee has been renewed for another 2 seasons! Now, I feel that show has seriously started to age, so renewing it for 2 more years seems a little excessive according to me. (Maybe they are planning to make it the last 2 years?). On the other hand The Cleveland Show has not been officially cancelled, but they are 'not ordering more episodes' so, that is like cancelling it. The only show left hanging is Touch and I am almost 100% sure it won't get another season.

OK, so it is almost a joke to make a 'final prediction' for FOX since pretty much everything has been set already. So... TOUCH will be cancelled, there that's my final prediction. Touch was cancelled May 9th.

I'll be back after upfronts to comment on how accurate all my predictions were.

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