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Thoughts on the People’s Choice awards 2013 (TV)

I am not a huge fan of the People’s Choice Awards because I feel they are determined by a bunch of teenagers that don’t know any better.  But still I respect the idea of ‘we the people’ having the power to choose our favorite TV shows and actors (among other things). However, I am usually more disappointed with the PCAs than with the Emmy’s and that is saying a lot.

This year there were a few surprises which made me want to write a post.

The winners of Favorite Network TV Comedy and TV Drama were The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy respectively. It could have been worse, much worse. Big bang and Grey’s are pretty decent shows. However I feel they were boring and predictable choices. Nothing against those shows, but sometimes I think a lot of people like them just because they are not aware there are other things on TV.

True Blood won Favorite Premium Cable Show. Now that was a good choice. It is a solid, well written show that got some Emmy and GG recognition back in the day but has been ignored lately. Serious awards may be put off by how crazy True Blood is, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome. That is the kind of show the ‘people’ should choose.

What I really don’t get is how Leverage won Favorite Cable Drama, not only it is a pretty average procedural, but is it even popular? I don’t know any single person that watches it. One of the PCAs mysteries I guess.

Another huge surprise was Beauty & the Beast winning Favorite New TV Drama. The show isn’t even doing so well with the ratings and the competition included huge hits like Arrow. I don’t know how they managed to win; apparently Austin Basis did a whole twitter campaign or something. If this was won by social media marketing… I have to say I am impressed. Still, it was very puzzling, to say the least. I have a lot to say about this show, but I will save it for another post.

Nina Lisandrello and Austin Basis

Castle won Favorite TV Crime Drama [BTW how confusing are all this overlapping categories?], and I can make my peace with that. It is not better than Dexter or Person of Interest or so many others that weren’t even nominated, but I can understand why people like the show. Nathan Fillion also won Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. Among all the nominees (two vampires and two supernatural hunters), he was probably the most serious and experienced actor. Whether you think he deserves to be crowned best actor or not, he is just so charming and people will love him until the end of the days, not only for Castle but for Firefly and the Sing along blog and being awesome in general. Plus, his acceptance speech was simply adorable: “The people who voted for me, thank you I agree. To the people who didn’t vote for me, I endeavor next year to get your votes.”

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