Some predictable choices, some really questionable decisions. Sometimes I feel voters are drunk when they pick the winners.

First big award show of the year and I think most of the winners were fairly predictable, which made the ceremony a little boring. However, I would watch Tina Fey and Amy Poehler read the phone book and I bet it would be hilarious. I thought they did an amazing job and put Ricky Gervais to shame! They really know how to make jokes that are a little mean but not offensive. I absolutely adore Tina Fey, she is my idol and Amy Poehler is one of my favorite comedic actresses.  I was thrilled that they didn’t disappoint.
As I said, not many shockers with the globes this year, but I have some comments (mostly complaints). So here it goes:

Homeland vs. Breaking Bad

Bryan Cranston

What is the deal with this sudden obsession with Homeland?. DO NOT get me wrong, I love the show, it is an amazing show. Claire Danes deserved to win without a doubt. But that doesn’t mean that voters should just give ALL the awards to Homeland. First of all, I like Damian Lewis, but I think Bryan Cranston is just better. He has won so many times already, but his portrayal of Walter White is simply the best thing on television. Furthermore, I cannot believe Breaking Bad has never won a Golden Globe (or an Emmy for that matter). I understand not giving more awards to Bryan Cranston, he probably doesn’t have any shelf space by now, but Breaking Bad deserves to win at least once! Homeland is a new show, it will be around for a while, but we are cutting it close with Breaking Bad! Also, the one person I really wanted to see win from Homeland Mandi Patinkin didn’t win. (I love Ed Harris so I am going to let it go).

“What is a Golden Globe?”

Maggie Smith won Best Supporting Actress! I was so afraid they were going to give it to Hayden, luckily they didn’t. Dame Maggie wasn’t there, as usual, but I am still happy about her win! The only Crawley lady present was Michelle Dockery. She didn’t win but she was looking adorable and laughing at all the awkward Downton Abbey drug jokes. It is funny to see that Michelle Dockery actually seems to be a very nice and easy-going girl while Lady Mary is… well such a bitch (lovable bitch, but still a bitch).

Lena Dunham won me over

Lena Dunham
For some reason (and I really don’t have a good reason) I was never able to get into Girls, but I am sure as hell going to try now. I have tons of respect for what Lena Dunham is doing at such a young age. Plus she gave a great and very nervous speech. She even thanked Hillary Swank’s forgotten Oscar ex-hubby Chad Lowe! How cool was that?

Kevin Costner won and the whole world collectively screamed (or tweeted) “That was Benedict Cumberbatch’s award!”

Not giving Benedict Cumberbatch ALL the awards is criminal. And I feel everyone agrees with me on this one.  Everyone, except for the Hollywood Foreign Press that is. Maybe they got confused and watched Elementary instead of Sherlock… I don’t know. And on that note, wouldn’t it have been awesome if Lucy Liu presented her award next to Benedict Cumberbatch so we would have had a mismatched Sherlock/Watson duo? I could have also taken Robert Downey Jr./Lucy Liu or Martin Freeman/Robert Downey Jr. or Jude Law/Benedict Cumberbatch… just saying…

Not one, but TWO missed opportunities for an Alias reunion

When Jennifer Garner went up to present the Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical award, I instantly wished that Bradley Cooper was the winner. Not because I think he deserves it, I haven’t even seen the movie, but because I wanted to see Sydney Bristow giving an award to Will Tippin! But no such luck, Hugh Jackman won, which was actually great because I LOVE him and he gave the best speech and was so sweet to his wife and he is just too damn perfect!

Anyway, Bradley didn’t win, but on top of that Victor Garber was also there! Was it so difficult to have Victor present the award along with Jennifer? No it wasn’t!  Totally missed opportunity there. At least he was up on stage when Argo won, next to Ben Affleck so I am going to call it a spy daddy-in law thing.

Also, I didn’t realize Bryan Cranston and Victor Garber are on that movie. Are they even on the trailers? Whatever, I need to watch that movie like now!

And that was it. You can pretty much sum up the TV awards with one word: Homeland. For the next award show be sure to have a drinking game where you drink every time someone from Homeland wins. Cheers!
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