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As I did a couple of weeks ago for the SAG Awards I am posting my reactions to the Golden Globe nominations. The ceremony takes place Sunday January 13th, 2013.

After examining the nominations for the Golden Globes, I am starting to think the SAG nods were mostly fair. I am deeply confused by at least a couple of categories of the GG. Well… here it goes

The Newsroom is not better than Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Game of Thrones or Mad Men… wait MAD MEN IS NOT NOMINATED?

Unlike my dad, I don’t think The Newsroom is the best show on television (he is a little obsessed with news). I don’t HATE it like most critics do, I quite enjoy it actually, but in no way it is a better show than the notorious snubs I mentioned above. I even think that some lesser shows like Person of Interest, Fringe or Justified are better than The Newsroom. I guess ignoring SOA was more than expected (I will never stop complaining about it though), Dexter had a bad season (it picked up this year), but Game of Thrones is an incredible show, too bad these award shows are always biased against fantasy. However the biggest shock is no nod for Mad Men… I had to triple check to make sure it was correct. Mad Men has won more awards than I can even remember. Moreover it remains one of the best shows to ever grace the screen and it continues to deliver. Ignoring it in favor of The Newsroom was just WRONG. I am also not OK with Jeff Daniels taking Michael C. Hall’s spot in the Best Actor category.

Best actress category is confusing, but who cares? Everybody knows the winner already
I really don’t get the Connie Britton and Michelle Dockery nominations. Britton was good on other projects, but I don’t think Nashville gives her enough. I still don’t buy Michelle Dockery as the heavy hitter they seem to think she is and she is my least favorite Crawley sister, but I love Downton so I can accept her nomination. I also don’t get the voters’ obsession with Julianna Margulies and The Good Wife in general. I seem to be alone on this, but I think it is an OK show and no more. I never understood why it is such a critics’ darling and it doesn’t even get very good ratings. With all of that said this category is a joke and all the nominations are fillers for the undisputable and well deserved winner which is Claire Danes. If she doesn’t win I will proclaim that Teen Mom is a better show than Breaking Bad on my twitter feed for a year.

Voters need to understand the concept of a good comedy

Sofia Vergara and Steven Levitan

If they did, Community would be nominated. Also, I kind of wish 30 Rock was nominated too. It is their last year plus Tina Fey is hosting the ceremony. The problem with this category is that shows like Girls which aren’t really ‘haha funny’ keep taking the nods, because they are more serious. But isn’t a true comedy supposed to make you laugh and have a good time? Anyway, I wish some other show that is not Modern Family wins (I vote for Episodes). Although… Steven Levitan and Sofia Vergara give the best acceptance speeches.

No love for Game of Thrones
As I previously complained the show was unfairly ignored, but on top of that they didn’t nominate Peter Dinklage? What is wrong with the world? This show deserves a nod; it is complex, entertaining and visually stunning. And if I may add, it is a better social and political statement than The Newsroom will ever be.

Fail in the Supporting actor category
Yes, this category sucks. They have to cramp all the supporting actors from comedies, dramas and miniseries. So it is always disappointing. On top of no Peter Dinklage no Martin Freeman and no Walton Goggins, Aaron Paul the reigning Emmy winner was ignored. And of course, once again, no nomination for John Noble... Excuse me while I go weep for a minute or two.

You better not cross the dowager countess again
Everybody is predicting Hayden Pannettiere as the winner of the Best Supporting Actress category. And that wouldn’t surprise me, globe voters looove fresh faces. I don’t agree with this. I don’t have anything against Hayden, but I feel her performance is not nuanced enough. I just can’t seem to care about Juliette, no matter how many ‘my mom is a drug addict’ scenes they throw at her. The winner should be veteran actress Maggie Smith; she does more with a couple of one-liners per episode than Hayden does in an entire season.

Kevin Costner better not win
Best actor in a miniseries shouldn't even be a competition. If the world was fair Benedict Cumberbatch would win, and I think most people would agree with me. However, I don’t see that happening. Maybe next year, since Benedict’s star power is skyrocketing with him starring in The Hobbit, Star Trek and a bunch of other high profile movies. My only request is that if Benedict doesn’t win, the statue goes to Woody Harrelson who was great in Game Change but don’t give the globe to Kevin Costner, please….
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