Oh award season… Every week (or day) the nominations for a new award show are announced. I will be posting my immediate (well not so immediate, I’ve been busy this week) reactions starting with the SAG awards:

Breaking Bad should win
Yes, Mad Men is great, Homeland is new and provocative. Both have great casts with amazing performances. Breaking Bad’s cast is basically two guys in the dessert, lab or fumigated house, depending on the season. But the show is just so great; I don’t think I ever heard anyone said anything bad about it. I don’t object to Bryan Cranston winning his individual nod either, but as amazing as he is, a big part of his performance depends on his chemistry with Aaron Paul. In addition I believe the supporting characters like Saul, Hank and Marie all deserve some recognition.

What is the deal with Sons of Anarchy?
I made my peace with the fact that SOA will never be nominated for a Golden Globe or an Emmy. Maybe it is the twitter thing, I don’t know. But come on! The actors of this show are so brilliantly cast! I don’t know how they found them, but they are all absolutely perfect. How hard it must be to find a bunch of tough guys that go around killing people and hitting women and yet we still like them! If the rest of the industry is blind, I would at least expect their peers to recognize them.

Michelle Dockery is not the best part of Downton Abbey

I LOVE Downton Abbey. So I am glad whenever it is nominated. Maggie Smith is not a main character, but I don’t care. She is awesome so she should get nominated. However, Michelle Dockery constantly gets the second nod and I don’t think she is the best actress of the bunch. I am OK with Elizabeth McGovern being ignored, but I would take Laura Carmichael, Joanne Froggatt or Siobhan Finneran over Michelle.

Has everybody forgotten about Justified?
A couple of years ago everybody was talking about Justified, Timothy Olyphant, Margo Martindale, the show… and now… well it is like the show never existed. So the third season wasn’t as awesome as the previous two. But still, it is a pretty good show.

Why is Glee nominated?
OK, the kids are pretty talented. They sing and dance and stuff. But they are not the greatest actors. Other than Chris Coffler and Jane Lynch, they are pretty much average. I can understand a Golden Globe nod, the category is called “musical or comedy” (I think), but a SAG is an acting award, not a singing award.

What about Michael C. Hall?
There is a lot of competition on the Best Actor Drama category. And I do love everybody who got nominated. But Michael C. Hall as Dexter is a major player. And as much as I love seeing someone new on the list (Jeff Daniels for Newsroom), I don’t think it was OK to take Dexter’s spot.

If Sigourney Weaver gets a nod, so should Ciaran Hinds

I liked Sigourney Weaver in Political Animals. Her only problem was not being Christine Lahti. Anyway, she got a nod and I think Ciaran Hinds who played her hubby deserved a nod as well. I am watching all episodes of Rome and Ciaran was Julius Caesar, totally British and stuff and then he was this southern Al Gore-ish character on Political Animals. The transformation was remarkable. If anyone deserved a nod, it was him. At least we will see him on Game of Thrones as Mance Rayder soon enough.

And finally, this goes without saying but I think John Noble should be nominated for SAG’s, Golden Globes and anything else you can think of as I already stated on my Emmy’s post.
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