Sad and Fair Cancellations, bursting bubbles and emerging hits

Update on the 2012 TV Season

Emily Owens M.D.

A while back I wrote a post about the Worst New Shows of 2012. The list included: The Mob Doctor, Beauty and the Beast, The Neighbors, Animal Practice, 666 Park Avenue and Elementary. I guess most people agreed with me because the only survivors are Elementary, which I already said isn’t so bad (just not as good as Sherlock), Beauty and the Beast and The Neighbors. Elementary is doing very well and most likely will be renewed, same goes for The Neighbors (God knows why). Beauty and the Beast is on ‘the bubble’ and on that note; I have to confess I kind of got into that show! Really got into it, actually (More on that later).

Now, I also said before that Last Resort was quickly becoming one of my favorite new shows. It was in danger of cancellation since week one and ABC finally gave up on it. It was very sad, it was probably one of the best new dramas of the season, and although the episodes started to lose steam, the show was still better than most dramas still in the running. I guess ABC already has his share of successful dramas (Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge, Once Upon a Time) and they don’t need an under-performing one, they must have picked Nashville as the newbie to champion.

Other sad cancellation (well, sad for me) was Emily Owens M.D. I didn't start watching the show until after it was canceled but I am actually enjoying it. It is very corny but also very charming. I don’t think it belonged at The CW, where all the shows seem to be more edgy and decadent these days. Maybe ABC Family would have been a better match. Anyway, it is not the biggest loss of the year or anything, but it was cute enough to make me want to watch it and I was enjoying seeing mini Meryl Streep on TV.

Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk/ Beauty and the Beast

What else? I don’t think there are many surprises so far. Maybe the surprise is that NBC is finally recuperating after years of pitiful performance. They have only canceled one show so far: Animal Practice and let’s face it, that show was dead on arrival. They have two comedies that are doing well enough: The New Normal and Go on. This may allow them to cancel last season’s failed comedies Up all Night and Whitney. Also surprising is that they may even have a couple of hits among their dramas (Revolution). NBC has long been known for hit comedies like Friends and Seinfeld. I can’t even remember the last time an NBC drama, besides Law & Order, lasted for more than a year.

I am glad at least one of my favorites, Arrow, is sure to be renewed. I think Nashville is enjoyable enough, but I was expecting much more of it. I am also glad some old favs like Once Upon a Time, Revenge and Person of Interest continue to be hits. All in all the season is going as expected. I don’t think there are any ‘groundbreaking’ TV shows among the new offerings and I feel like my obsessions remain with cable. However, network TV isn’t dead yet. At least that is what I keep telling myself.
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  1. " I can’t even remember the last time an NBC drama, besides Law & Order, lasted for more than a year."

    Parenthood, two and a half years and holding.

    1. That is true! And it is a good show too, but it's not exactly a hit...


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