2016 is the year of TV Nostalgia

The entertainment industry has oftentimes been accused of ‘recycling’ plots, characters and premises; but lately, they have taken it to a whole new level. The new new is… well old.

I am not entirely sure when this nostalgia fever began. It could be attributed to the revival of cult-hit Veronica Mars via a kickstarter campaign or maybe it was brewing for a while with [mostly failed] remakes such as 90210, Melrose Place, Charlie’s Angels, 24, etc. in the past decade.

In any case, the last wave of nostalgic TV started with the announcement of the Twin Peaks revival. 
Soon after it seemed like every show was coming back from the dead and while that sounds like a TV fan’s dream scenario… Not every resurrection is completely justified [I think I could have survived without an Entourage movie].

So, throughout the month, I will be posting some thoughts/news about the upcoming remakes, reboots and revivals and my level of excitement for them. What has me counting the days? What scares me? What brings out my utter indifference? Read and find out [and tell me if you disagree]

WHAT WE KNOW: The truth is out there. And by that I mean there is a 21 minute featurette of the revival... Read more

WHAT WE KNOW: Amy Sherman Palladino. Need we say more? Read more
WHAT WE KNOW: Everybody is back except for the Olsen twins, so that is the big gossip. Other than that...
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