PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARDS: My uncensored reactions

The people are a puzzle I will never be able to solve

I’ve never paid much attention or voted more than twice for the People’s Choice Awards… but every year I enjoy looking at the winners and thinking WTH? The PCAs NEVER fail to baffle me, I’ll give them that!

However, this year was different, because I actually voted… a LOT. And by a LOT I mean an insane number of times I won’t even disclose because I am afraid I will be labelled crazy and obsessive. So, I guess I was more invested than in previous years, but as usual… the results of the show made me say “WTH?” on more than one occasion. So here is what I am thinking:

More of the same – but at least sort of deserved

Kaley Cuoco (TBBT) and Chris Colfer (Glee) won Favorite Comedic TV Actress and Actor respectively. It is predictable and it goes to show that the general public is unaware of the existence of other comedies besides Glee or The Big Bang Theory. Nevertheless, both are great funny actors… and especially Kaley has NEVER been recognized by the big awards, so I am actually sort of pleased with this. I am not as pleased with TBBT winning Favorite TV Comedy, but it isn’t a bad show either so I can live with it. Meanwhile, Sarah Michelle Gellar won Favorite Actress in a new Series… and I wonder how many votes were because people love The Crazy Ones and how many were just for Buffy.

Now… on to the drama side…

What the hell is up with The Good Wife?

As I’ve said a million times before… there is nothing wrong with The Good Wife. It is a very good show, very good cast, very well made but… I DON’T get why critics keep putting it in the same [or superior] category as shows like Mad Men, Homeland and Breaking Bad. I think it is good, but I don’t think it is THAT good or special. I also would never think it is the kind of show that sparks obsession between the fans, enough to make them vote millions of times to win one [or more] PCAs. I am obviously missing something, because The Good Wife is a show the critics and the “people” obviously love. Not only the show won Favorite Network Drama, but Josh Charles [and I had to Google his name to remember who he was] won Favorite Dramatic Actor. Hey… I don’t get it… but I recognize I might be wrong and alone on this one. Also surprising was the fact that both Castle and Stana Katic won, but PCA veteran Nathan Fillion wasn’t even nominated!

The People have good taste

The biggest shocker for me this year was that the voters actually picked a lot of good quality shows! I am usually disappointed with the PCAs because they just pick the most watched shows rather than the ones most deserving of the fans’ [and not necessarily the critics’] love. But this time around, a lot of the winners were great. Breaking Bad won Favorite Series We Miss the Most, Homeland won Favorite Premium Cable TV Show [I would have gone with Game of Thrones, but Homeland is also a good choice] and one of my favorite shows, Psych, won Favorite Cable Comedy [Go psych-os!] . The Walking Dead won Favorite Cable Drama and I personally would have preferred Sons of Anarchy or Downton Abbey; but that is a matter of taste… TWD is a good show too. I am just devastated that Andrew Lincoln didn’t win Favorite Sci-fi actor… it would have made my day and not for the obvious reasons…. Which brings me to:

The often ignored Sci-fi categories dun dun dun

My accidentally favorite sci-fi actor, Linc the Zombie hunter, lost to Ian Somerhalder. I find it curious that The Vampire Dairies’  fans seem to be so much more passionate about their male star than the show itself… it is sort of curious because it is a good show. Anyway, the Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy TV Actress award went to the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk and as much as it pained me to see Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black) and Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) lose, I was super happy for KK… and yes, I do think she is a good actress. But of course, the biggest event of the night [for me] was Beauty and the Beast winning Favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy Show. I guess it is NO secret that this was the category I was stupidly voting on for hours, so let me just say HELL YES BATB WON! I couldn’t be happier about it! And I may have zero objectivity here, but I honestly think I would be happy about this win even if I had never seen the show. Why? Because it is a TINY show with really bad ratings on the verge of cancellation but with a hugely PASSIONATE fandom and it showed. Who doesn’t love an underdog story like this?

But what happened with the bros?

Supernatural only won one award for Favorite TV Bromance. I know they hated that Jensen lost to Ian, but they were probably more shocked about the show losing to Beauty and the Beast. Hell! In all honesty I thought Supernatural was going to win… but I am also not that surprised BATB won, because I am aware of how many people were #crazyBATBVoting [yes we have a hashtag]. I was convinced that it was either Supernatural or Beauty and the Beast; but most people thought that The Vampire Diaries was the competition… well… it was quite shocking… I must say.

So there you go… PCAs managed to shock and puzzle me again. I guess “the people” will never stop surprising me… and there is something cool about that…

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  1. Loved reading this knowing the background to a lot of the things you hint at...Linc the Zombie hunter, #CrazyBATBVoting and our very special TINY show :)

    1. Thanks Leana haha yeah, I put a lot of inside jokes in there... But seriously... if Andrew had won... I would have exploded of happiness

  2. Lol this is awesome!! Makes me want to vote in next years' PCA's. No question people voted for SMG because of her Buffy legacy [it was just THAT freakin' good so you won't see me complaining!] but maybe Crazy Ones isn't that bad. I haven't checked it out yet. Also, it really is amazing that BATB is on the edge but had such a strong fandom to give Kreuk the award!! Makes me happy!!

    1. I have not watched TCO, honestly bc I thought it was going to be bad, based on the promos... but it is getting pretty good feedback so I am thinking of checking it out now... but yeah, let's be real SMG will be Buffy on everyone's mind forever. And what I love about BATB's win is that it shows how a show with bad ratings can have such a strong fandom worldwide. They really need to come up with a better system to determine which shows are "successful"; TV is becoming more and more global and "multiplatform-ed" many things need to be redefined.

  3. Yay for the little fandom that roared- very loudly! In my heart I really didn't believe we would be able to beat SPN but I guess we just had too many dedicated organised people voting their fingers off! I really hope that this sends a message to the networks that just because a show isn't rating in the US doesn't mean no one's watching! I wouldn't bother to go through the hassle to watch any other show ( in Australia we have seen S1, can't buy local DVD's have to Tunnelbear S2) which says a lot about the appeal of BATB. I really hope a Season 3 is now a possibility. I would miss our Fab Five together. I am also quite surprised Andrew L didn't win Lol.


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