I recently wrote about the five “Saddest character deaths” of last season, now it is time to talk about the “Saddest show deaths”. As usual broadcast networks (and sometimes even cable) can’t appreciate good TV. Unfortunately, in this industry, still dominated by Nielsen ratings, some good TV shows end before their time.

Emily Owens M.D. (The CW)

I actually liked this mildly corny, cute little show. I thought Mamie Gummer was great, I was interested in the story-lines and the dialogues were funny. It had a little bit of Grey’s Anatomy season 1 feel… but a watered down, more down to earth version. It wasn’t revolutionary in any way but it was a nice show and I wish they gave it the chance to continue. Hell! The CW renewed everything else! I think they jumped the gun with Emily Owens M.D. If they had kept it around a little longer it may have performed better than The Carrie Diaries.

Deception (NBC)

I LOVE Victor Garber. That pretty much summarizes why I am so devastated about this show’s cancellation. Deception was a good drama. It wasn’t as gritty as cable dramas, it wasn’t a complex sci-fi serialized show and it wasn’t the new fresh thing… but it was good. I initially wrote it lacked some of the hyped emotions from Revenge but as the season progressed I came to appreciate Deception even more than Revenge [and I am a Revenge fan]. I’ll probably forget all about this show by the time the new season starts but that doesn’t take away the fact it was much better than a lot of shows that got renewed. Somebody better give spy-daddy a new show that doesn’t get cancelled!

The New Normal (NBC)

I am not a big comedy person. My favorite shows are always dramas and I only watch comedies when I have nothing better to do. I can count with one hand the comedies I’ve watched religiously over the years: 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Community. Was The New Normal one of these comedies? No. I haven’t even watched all the episodes and I probably won’t. However I thought it was an original show and after it premiered I was convinced it was going to be the next big hit. Obviously I was wrong. I feel NBC exaggerated with cancellations this year. They basically axed every comedy they had. The New Normal had a voice and it was actually funny. I believe it deserved to stay around a little longer even with the ratings it was getting.

Happy Endings (ABC)

Again, as with The New Normal, I am not the biggest Happy Endings fan. I liked it well enough and I watched it occasionally, however I always had the feeling it had a lot of fans! Many people talk and comment about Happy Endings unlike other ABC comedies. And speaking of the other comedies…that is the main reason I am outraged about Happy Endings’ cancellation. Happy Endings was not the perfect comedy but it was, without a doubt, better than The Neighbors and/or Last Man Standing! After ABC cancelled Don’t Trust the B… in apartment 23, which was in my opinion one of the best comedies on schedule, Happy Endings was the most redeemable comedy left [besides Suburgatory].  Apparently the powers that be did not agree with me.

Touch (FOX)

Touch’s cancellation was not a shock. The ratings were truly awful. I thought there was a chance they could keep  it on Fridays, but FOX had bigger and better plans for Kiefer Sutherland (24 revival). All things considered it was probably the right move, from a business point of view; but I am sad about the show ending after only 2 seasons. The second season was a little underwhelming, but still… it was a different show. It was warm and innocent and we don’t have much of those on TV any more.

Other shows I will miss include Last Resort which had a great cast and a lot of potential for serialized story telling; and Berlanti’s Golden Boy, which I thought was much more interesting than other CBS shows in their 10th season. On the cable side many shows are reaching their end (Dexter, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice), but it was a programmed end, so it is OK. On the other hand, I will miss Jane By Design which was prematurely cancelled after only one season. I thought that little ABCFamily show was better than the others in the lineup (Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game).It was actually a family show, very well written for what it was and much more original and interesting than The Carrie Diaries, which basically has the same premise.

R.I.P. shows we probably won’t remember you for long.
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