Where did we see them before?

Volume One: Young actors edition

Bradley Cooper as Will Tippin ALIAS

Every time Bradley Cooper has a new movie on the theaters I am impressed with how popular he has become. I love Bradley, but not because of all his recent success.  For me he will always be ‘Will from Alias’. However I doubt most people even know he did anything before The Hangover. So I started thinking of a lot of TV stars that are on popular shows right now. Most of them had smaller roles or less popular shows, but their performances were equally great.

Ian Somerhalder

Where is he now? He brilliantly plays Damon Salvatore on The Vampire Diaries
Where did we see him before? He was the less than awesome character of

Boone on Lost. If I remember correctly he was also the first main character to die on the island. This one was an improvement character-wise. Boone was mostly annoying, while Damon is absolutely cool.

David Anders

Where is he now? He is on Once Upon a Time as Dr. Whale, who we recently discovered is in fact Dr. Frankenstein.
Where did we see him before? Some people might remember him from The Vampire Diaries as Elena’s bio-dad, but even before that he had a recurring role on Heroes and he played the mysterious Julian Sark on Alias. I just have to say that David Anders does the best British accent ever.

Seth Gabel

Where is he now? He plays Lincoln Lee on Fringe
Where did we see him before? He was great as Jeremy Darling on Greg Berlanti’s short lived Dirty Sexy Money. The show was packed with quick dialogue, plot twists and A-listers (Donald Sutherland, Blair Underwood, Brian Krause). Seth played the over privileged son of a New York tycoon, among his many conquests was the then unknown Sofia Vergara.

Max Greenfield

Max Greenfield/ Veronica Mars
Where is he now?  He plays Schmidt, the funniest character of New Girl.
Where did we see him before? He was Deputy Leo on Veronica Mars. I for one would love to see a reunion. Let’s get Kristin Bell to guest star on New Girl!
Steven R. McQueen/ Everwood

Steven R. McQueen

Where is he now?  He plays Jeremy Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries
Where did we see him before? Way before the Vampire rush, Steven was playing Kyle a 15 year old gay piano player on the WB’s Everwood. 

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