I don’t know what is going on this season, but main characters are dropping like flies every week. I for one am in a state of constant mourning.
This made me think of the characters we’ve lost unexpectedly over the years and I decided to make a list of most shocking TV deaths.

George – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has had its up and downs, but we have to admit that they know how to do a gripping finale. One of the most shocking twists was finding out the disfigured John Doe was none other than 007 George. I don’t know if I am a little dense, but I DID NOT see it coming! It took me by complete surprise when we finally figure it out. It was so sad… and I still think unnecessary, but it was a hell of a twist.

Ned Stark – Game of Thrones

I realize that if you read the Game of Thrones books (as most viewers do) this wasn't supposed to be a surprise at all. However I hadn’t read the books and I couldn’t believe my eyes when they unceremoniously cut Ned Stark’s head right in front of his daughters. I was in such complete denial that up until the point when we see his head on the spike I was still hoping he would walk into Winterfell unharmed. Not the case! It was utterly shocking and heartbreaking. I couldn’t get over it for like a week.

Jimmy Darmody – Boardwalk Empire

This happened little after Ned Starke was decapitated, which made me very angry at HBO. Jimmy was on his road to redemption when he was murdered by his father figure. It was very greek-tragedy-esque. More shocking than killing of one of the leading characters was who killed him. It was deeply emotional and I still don’t get why Gillian is still alive… somebody kill that woman fast!

Opie – Sons of Anarchy

I was sooo sad when Clay killed Piney, but since Season 1 I was always expecting Piney to die, so it wasn’t much of a shock. However Opie dying was absolutely shocking! There was a moment during the episode when I knew he was going to die and I just started sobbing and yelling “No!” to the screen as if Kurt Sutter could somehow hear me. It was so emotional and visceral. It depressed me the entire day, and not ‘TV depressed’ but real life depressed. As sad as I am, I have to congratulate the writers on being so bold and making SOA one of the best shows out there. 

Sybil – Downton Abbey

Sybil was my favorite Crawley sister. I had high hopes for her and even though they kind of killed her character, limiting her to her role as wife and mother, I was still devastated when she died after childbirth. I always had the idea that Branson was going to die in a revolution or something, but Sybil dying never crossed my mind. The only reason I wasn’t more depressed is because I think I cried all my tears out for Opie a few weeks before.

Bill – Big Love

The show was basically over, all the storylines seemed to be tied up and then… the crazy neighbor kills Bill. That happens during the last act of the show. It was shocking, to say the least. In a way I get it, it gave the opportunity to show that the women were a family of their own, not only because of Bill and that they remained a family even after their husband dies. But still… it was quite shocking.

Marisa – The OC

Yes, you read that right. Marisa, from The OC. Do you even remember her? I know I don’t remember her much. Not my favorite character. Seth and Summer stole the show anyway. This obviously wasn’t the most important death or anything, but still, wasn’t it shocking that they killed the leading lady in a teen show? I guess they were trying to be daring…. Didn’t quite work. The show continued its downfall as I recall.

Ray Fiske – Damages

Damages first season was the best of them all. It was full of shocking twists and amazing performances. One of the most unexpected ones was the death of Ray Fiske (the amazing Zeljko Ivanek) when he blows his own brains out right in the middle of Patty Hewes office.

Mike – Desperate Housewives

To this day I don’t understand why they had to kill him. The show was about to be over and unlike other deaths in this list, Mike’s death served absolutely no purpose whatsoever. It didn’t do anything for Susan’s character (it was too late for that) or for any other character. It wasn’t enough for dramatic effect, maybe if they had done it in the finale, but why do it a couple episodes before? and it wasn’t done in a shocking inventive way either. I would like to have an explanation. So, this death was shocking for its uselessness I guess.
Mike – Breaking Bad

If this was a list of coolest TV deaths, Gus Fringe would be the Breaking Bad character here. However, Walt was trying to kill Gus for the entire season so the fact he finally did wasn’t entirely shocking (the way he did it was shocking though). Therefore I included Mike here. I didn’t think Mike could get killed, I thought of him as some untouchable immortal being. But he dies at the hands of Walt at a moment I wasn’t expecting, there isn’t even a big confrontation, it is more of a quiet sad death. RIP Mike.

I am sure I forgot a few, let me know in the comments section!
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