I recently discovered this show as part of my new project to watch more British television. For some reason I had the idea that it was a sci-fi show. It is actually a “conspiracy” show so stylized and bizarre it “feels” like sci-fi.

The Story: What is Utopia about? [SPOILER ALERT: mild spoilers to the general plot of S1]

The serial starts as a group of people meet online to chat about a graphic novel called: “Utopia”. The comic was written by a schizophrenic patient who once was a brilliant scientist. It’s quickly revealed that “Utopia” hides the truth about a conspiracy by which powerful corporations are trying to create a twisted “perfect version” of the world.

The Characters

Where is Jessica Hyde? That is the question that haunts our characters from the get-go. The online friends finally meet and they couldn’t be more diverse [as usually happens with virtual fandoms].
We have an insecure girl trying to get a PhD, a frustrated IT guy, a deadbeat hacker and an 11 year old boy. We also have two mysterious men who walk around with a bright yellow bag of torture.

Everyone seems to be looking for Jessica Hyde, daughter of the author of “Utopia”. They don’t know it yet, but Jessica holds the key to everything… she is also slightly psychotic. The other mystery revolves around the “big baddie” whose identity has been concealed and he is known only as “Mr. Rabbit”.

Craziness ensues as our unexpected heroes are tortured and chased as they attempt to protect the Utopia manuscript.

Should you watch it?


This has quickly become one of my favorite shows. I love everything about it. I love the quirkiness and the whimsical scenes. I love the out of this world soundtrack and the wide shots with impossibly bright sets.

Utopia plays as a schizophrenic fantasy inside a fairy tale. In short I would describe it as “Fringe meets Kick-ass (the movie), with the boldness of Banshee” [If that makes any sense at all]. It is the unique show I’ve been craving since Pushing Daisies.  

Apparently the Americans are planning to remake it. I don’t get why they would when this version is SO GOOD! But since HBO and David Fincher are involved it might be good. Still, I would encourage everyone to watch the original. [I am not entirely sure what is going on with this. The remake was announced back in February and I haven’t heard anything since. In the meantime Utopia S2 is airing in the UK].

Take a look at the superb opening sequence:

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