FOX New Shows: Sort out your Watchlist

Fox, the remake network... and time-travel, because that's what it is all about this year

Overall level of excitement? Better than most.

On the Watchlist

If I am being honest, the Fox show that excites me the most is the Prison Break revival. And yes, I know I am being naive and it is probably going to be disappointing like Heroes Reborn, but I have hope. Also, Michael Schofield is not dead and that’s enough for me.

The Helen Hunt drama about police shootings - Shots Fired looks very promising, but it doesn’t come around until mid-season. In the meantime, I’m putting my money on:

Pick of the Season: Pitch, the drama about the first female baseball player to play on the Major leagues. Why? Because Paris Barclay is involved and I am a diehard fan of SOA and The Bastard Executioner [RIP].

Finally, I’ll watch Making History. A comedy starring Adam Pally about a couple of teachers who travel back to colonial Massachusetts [via a gym bag]. Hmm… there is a LOT of time-travel going around this season. The trailer looked funny [in a dumb kind of way].

If I must...

24: Legacy, I don’t think we NEED more 24, but I guess I can watch it… if I have nothing else to do.


Lethal Weapon, sorry… there is only so many remakes of movies I can’t watch. Having said that, the trailer looked much better than I expected [which isn’t saying that much].

I probably won’t watch The Exorcist either. There is only one reason I watched all episodes of Damien, and that reason is Bradley James. Without that incentive… TV shows based on classic horror movies are really not my thing [sorry Geena Davis].

I...don’t … know....

Son of Zorn… I mean… what the hell? Am I right? A cartoon man in a family/workplace/fish out of water/ coming of age comedy? It might be the most stupid thing ever… or it might be the greatest off-beat show since Community. I REALLY can’t tell...
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  1. Making History sound interesting so I'm gonna go for it. and in all honesty Son of Zorn looks pretty interesting to me aswell. probably because I have a weird


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