CBS New Shows: Sort Out your Watchlist

CBS, The safe network

Overall level of excitement: So so low

On the Watchlist, but not too happy about it

CBS and I don’t have the best relationship. Probably because I really don’t like procedurals [and think they represent the death of modern TV, but that’s a debate for another day]. There are a few shows I’ll watch, just in case they end up being good, but nothing has me jumping up and down.

Matt Leblanc has a new family comedy - Man with a Plan - about a stay-at-home-dad. He is funny, but the concept doesn’t excite me. Joel McHale also has a new show about an outdoors magazine - The Great Indoors. Not quite Community but maybe something on the level of Superstore? On a related [yet irrelevant] note, I miss The Soup.

Michael Weatherly’s Bull looks interesting enough, but it also looks VERY procedural. So I am predicting I’ll get bored after 3 eps. My love for Dark Angel can only take me so far. Finally I’ll watch MacGyver. Honestly, I think it looks really really bad, but it might be one of those shows that are so cheesy they are fun. Or maybe it is just bad. We’ll see.

No, thank you

I am passing on Pure Genius - the trailer put me to sleep. I love Dermont Mulroney and the concept is appealing enough, plus sci-fi-y but come on! What was up with that trailer?! The music, the scenes, the dialogue, it was constructed for boredom! On second thought, maybe I should watch just in case it is one of those “good show/bad trailer” situation.

I’ll also pass on Kevin Can Wait, just not my thing.

Pick of the season? Eh… I really don’t know. I don’t think I’ll stick with any of these shows to be honest. Let’s see if this is the year CBS proves me wrong.
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