It's almost here, my dear beasties. The fourth and final season of BATB is less than two months away and I am planning to milk this final installment for everything it is worth. Starting with a series-wide rewatch! 

So this is how it is going to work [and yes, I am making it up as I go along]: Starting tomorrow I will be watching - and tweetcapping - one episode per day leading up to the premiere. Since I am a struggling writer with a day job, I can't promise a regular schedule, but I vow to watch an episode per day even if it kills me.

To have some semblance of order I will be using the hashtag #BATBrewatch on Twitter paired with the episode title. You know where to find me. I am always on Twitter @TVRepublik and will be also posting GIFs and other goodies on my tumblr blog. If you have any fun BATB media that you want me to share (fanart, drinking games *wink wink* e.g.) please let me know.

You can also find past recaps here.

And that's it! That's my ambitious #BATBRrewatch plan!

So... join me! Tweet along, remember the good times, the bad times and fantasize about killing redheads with me! 

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The TV Empress is a Media Management graduate, screenwriter in the making (and financial engineer in the meantime). She has serious plans to take over global television. You can follow the TVEmpress on twitter @TVRepublik

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  1. but but but.... i'm not on twitter ;(

    1. I believe you can still see tweets even if you don't have an account. In any case, it takes 2 seconds to set up and it is quite fun.

    2. Just go to and do a search for #BATBrewatch. You'll see all the tweets.

  2. A series rewatch before S4 airs is a good idea...but you've got the wrong show. Orphan Black instead!


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