Five Times Banshee Was Almost Too Awesome to Handle

For the past four years, I’ve been trying to convince anyone who would listen that Banshee is the most bad-ass show on TV.

As we get ready to enter the fourth and final season, I thought it would be a good time to feed my obsession by counting down the most mind-blowing – and oftentimes violent – moments:

Warning, sensitive images ahead

5. Real Hood dies

The bar fight that started it all. The image of the “hole in the hand” is hard to forget.

4. Job being Job

This could be a number of scenes. Because, let’s face it. Job is the coolest.

3. Carrie finally tells Gordon about her connection with Hood

The moment we were waiting for since the first episode. Poor Gordon just couldn’t figure out why his wife basically went to war twice for this man, until she tells him…

2. Anna v. Olek

I love a good fight on TV, and this one was one of the greatest. It lasted an entire ep and what I love the most about it is that it wasn’t your average “pretty-choreographed fight”. It was gritty and messy and awesome.

1. Nola v. Burton

But nothing tops this fight… Best fight I've seen on TV. Ever. Who knew Odette Annable had it in her?  Full Video here.  

You have more Banshee favorite moments? I know I do! Let me know and I might make a gif. 
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