First Impressions: Marvel’s Jessica Jones


Updated 11/24/15

Premise: A retired superhero works as a private eye

Verdict: Turns out a costume-less superhero[ine] is exactly what I was craving for

It’s been a day since Netflix released the first season of Jessica Jones, and I already feel behind. A quick search on twitter reveals that most people have already binge-watched all 13 eps. But for viewers like me – who have only managed to watch one ep so far – here are my initial reactions:

In a nutshell, I loved it.

There are many things I loved about the first episode of Jessica Jones.

One, it has a female lead and it was about time. We have Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, Bruce Wayne, Matt Murdock, so the guys are well represented. Yes, we have Supergirl too… but that is more of a coming of age, family oriented show, with a fitting protagonist. Jessica Jones kicks ass and not just because she has superpowers. She is the type of no-nonsense girl I love to watch.

Two, the cast. I think Krysten Ritter is very well-cast. I find her very likable. What’s interesting about her is that she can convincingly play either an airhead bimbo (Gia on Veronica Mars) or a bitch (Don’t Trust the B..., Breaking Bad). And with Jessica, we can add cynical badass to the list. But moreover, David Tennant. He doesn’t even have any full scenes on the pilot and I already love him as the baddie of the show. I seriously do. His invisible presence alone was chilling. I can’t wait to see more of him. Oh, and did I mention that Carrie Anne-Moss plays Jessica’s boss? [Yes, that is Trinity and ‘The Doctor’ on the same show]

Finally, the show has the greatest film noir feel. Exactly the way it was supposed to be [and the way I wanted Gotham to be]. I was expecting Jessica to have more in common with its Marvel cousins Agents of Shield and/or Agent Carter and Netflix’s own Daredevil. It had quite a few similarities with the latter; however, the show it reminded me the most is Veronica Mars. In a way, Jessica is a lot like Veronica: damaged, resourceful, cynical but not detached and utterly bad-ass. And that… is a great thing. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the episodes.

Should you watch it? Yes. Even if you don’t like Marvel/superhero shows, this one should be watched. It is completely different. It has a more realistic feel, but - at the same - time has a stylized look that sets it apart. 

Update 11.24.2015 I am on episode 3 now and still loving it. I may finish this before Daredevil [of which I still have 2 or 3 unseen eps that I never get around to watching!] Also... David Tennant as a baddie is everything... that's all.

Update 20.12.2015 Finished this show a while back and I can say without a doubt that it is my favorite Marvel adaptation to date. SPOILER ALERT. I am just worried about how they plan to top up the greatness of Kilgrave on S2. But I am excited to find out. Now... back to finally finish Daredevil. 
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  1. I am watching it next :) excited about it actually :)

  2. I finished with Ep 4. It's good.
    There is some funny stuff, some chilling stuff, some intense stuff, some gratuitous stuff.
    Krysten Ritter is compelling.


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