It's not easy for comedies, demon hunters and spies

We are there people! All programming decisions have been made and new shows have been announced [more on that next week]. As good a time as any to look back at the 2014-15 season with all the wisdom of an overdosed viewer. This is what happened at NBC:

NBC was in the hunt for the new worst comedy

I can’t remember when was the last time I disliked so many comedies at once. I couldn’t find any redeemable sitcom in NBC’s lineup this year. Believe me I tried. BadJudge was probably the worst followed by not terrible, yet lackluster A to Z and MarryMeAll cancelled, of course, and to round it up they also cancelled sophomore About a Boy [which I actually liked!]

Apparently they don’t have big comedy plans for next year until midseason when the revival of coach and the latino-invasion comedies are scheduled.

Where ‘event’ series are one time uneventful events [unlike over at ABC and CBS and FOX]

Can I just take the opportunity to share the awesome remark Jason Isaacs made at the telly BAFTA’s a 2015? [I am totally paraphrasing, because I could not find a quote/or video online. Apparently I am the only one who thought this was hilarious]

I was recently advised to call all miniseries ‘Event series’ because that makes them sound more unique and awesome. That was obviously in America, where everything has to be ‘awesome’

I don’t get the ‘event’ thing either Jason…

All jokes aside, I am not sure how NBC feels about their string of unsuccessful minis. Maybe they performed like they planned [I highly doubt], but they never had any intention to extend them. Whatever the case, they were over before anyone noticed. I watched a few episodes of The Slap and I enjoyed quite a bit. So I think it is worth watching, even if it is just a “limited event”.

Spies and Moms

I also watched the first few eps of Allegiance and no, it was obviously not as good as The Americans. However, I was enjoying it quite a bit. I may even finish watching it on Hulu.

Now… about The Mysteries of Laura… I kind of hated it at first. I did say that they may be able to pull it together and become a decent show. And guess what? I think they did! Almost done with season one now and I have concluded that Laura is a pretty watchable show. It has found its tone and become a “less serious cop show” something similar to Castle. So I am actually glad to see it get renewed.

I find myself saddened by the demise of Constantine, even though it is not my kind of show. But I was rooting for it. I was hoping it would be the little show that could, I am sure it had a fanbase. I really don’t have much more to say about NBC other than noting it is becoming another CBS with all the procedurals… Sorry, can’t find it in me to get excited about franchises… Thank God for cable and streaming.
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