UPFRONTS REACTIONS: Maybe I won’t lose faith on TV [yet]

It's hard to survive in TV-land

I was going to post this last week in the middle of upfront frenzy, but I decided to give it a week to digest all the news and have time to actually look at the trailers for new shows [Plus I had scripts/papers to write].

Anyway, as for any self-respecting TV fanatic, Upfronts are a time to cheer and cry for me. I love and I hate upfronts at the same time. I hate them because inevitably some of my favourite shows get axed and I love them because I love watching trailers for new shows and getting excited about them.

Of course I must be awful at judging trailers because the shows I get excited about rarely end up being my favorites. You know… you don’t always love the abs you thought you were going to love [this would make much more sense if you read my other blogbost The battle of the abs here].

But still, I try… and when the actual season starts we can laugh about how wrong I got it! So here is what’s got me crying, excited and breathing sighs of relief [click on each network for full article]:

NBC: "Let's kill more than half of our schedule and get rid of all the shows that make up our brand"

NBC must be the serial killer network of shows, but at least they didn't kill the serial killer this year. Still, they broke the spirit of many "Human Beings". Sitcoms are out and Romcoms are in, but surprisingly Katherine Heigl is not in one of those. I also decide to get excited by the show with the most RIDICULOUS premise, based on the fact that if someone can make Lawyers + musicals work, anything is possible.

FOX: The  Terminator of all good sci-fi shows

Once upon a time Fox was the edgy network for young people. It was the home for sci-fi classics like The X-Files. Now Fox is the place where all good sci-fi shows go to die before the season is over. I've also learned that people like serial killers much more than robots... there must be a fascinating psychological theory about that... Trailers for next season look good and miniseries are now called EVENTS!

ABC: No Happy Endings, unless your name is Shonda Rhimes

ABC was not as ruthless as other networks this year *cough* Fox *cough* NBC. They didn't kill any of my favorite shows and they didn't cancel everything that moves. So, good for the Alphabet network. Next year, ABC shocks everyone by ordering more Shonda Rhimes shows. I know... hard to believe. They are also not ready to give up the fairy tale [which is actually a bad thing] nor the comic book thing [which could be good]. Finally, they realized "Hot English actors" are totally in this year.

CBS: Where Cop Shows are Mass Produced

As I predicted, CBS cancelled all the shows that didn't involve forensics. I think I will miss Hostages even if I never watched it and I'll damn sure will miss Sawyer [or whatever his name was on Intellignce]. Also, CBS execs think they are super edgy because the new CSI is set in cyberspace and the new NCIS has vampires! OK maybe not... but wouldn't it be cool if they did?

The CW: The Supernatural Network

The little show that could was renewed and I actually think it makes financial sense. However, they could have used super-human teens and aliens in love more than a bunch of Southern Belles... but that is just a guess. I am still not sure about how Scottish history fits in all of this, but I guess I get why teenagers surviving in the wild is an appealing concept. Next year we have more super-heroes, something about UFOs, zombies that I will actually watch and pregnant virgins... yeah... that's a show. 

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