There are many types of TV shows: good shows, bad shows, bad shows with good characters, good shows with bad characters. The main characters of a show are supposed to be compelling, but sometimes I find myself more interested in the supporting members of the cast. Here are a few examples of shows that would be better if they started focusing on the more interesting supporting characters:

Kurt – Glee

If you have been following me on twitter, you must have an idea of how I feel about Glee. Even though I don’t hate Glee and I’ve watched all the episodes, I have never been too keen on it and I always thought it was overrated. However, I used to have a good sense of what the show was about, but lately, Glee has been so all over the place I am not sure of what is going on anymore. Before, Rachel was the main character, I suppose, now… who knows? So many storylines and so many old and new characters popping in an out of high school it is hard to keep track [or care] anymore. If I had to pick one character to focus on, I think it would be Kurt. I really like his character and the actor who plays him [I know I know if you were part of the Alpha Male Madness crazy voting you must be lol-ing right now]. I think Glee means well most of the times and they try to raise awareness to some important issues, but most often than not they fail in the execution and it just feels a little artificial and not deep enough. For some reason, I have always connected to Kurt and whatever drama they throw his way, it actually feels honest. I wouldn’t mind if they started focusing on him and forget about some of the other plot lines.

Dov – Rookie Blue

OK, the fact that I have a massive crush on Gregory Smith might be making a little biased here, but I swear I think Dov is the best character of Rookie Blue. I don’t dislike any of the other actors/characters (OK maybe Andy annoys me a little sometimes), but I always enjoy the show more when they focus on Dov, which doesn’t happen nearly enough! He is a very interesting character and whenever they make the episodes about him it is always heartfelt and compelling. Even when he doesn’t have a big storyline he steals the scenes with one-liners and sarcastic remarks. I really like his relationship with best friend Chris and the father/son dynamic with Oliver; I would love to see more of that! I was even rooting a little to see him with Gail (my second favorite character of the show). If they devoted less screen time to Andy’s disastrous love life and more to Dov the show would be better… I am telling you… (Also could someone get him to guest star on Revenge because that would be cool).

Auggie – Covert Affairs

Andy (Piper Perabo) and Auggie (Christopher Gorham)
Full disclosure, I don’t have much love for Covert Affairs on account of it not being the spy show I would have hoped it’d be, but also because I am not 100% into the Annie character. I like Piper Perabo well enough, in other roles, but it is the character that doesn’t cut it for me. On the other hand I LOVE Auggie (and Christopher Gorham, who doesn’t love him right?). Auggie is a very interesting compelling character, which begs the question: why didn’t they write Annie like that? Well, anyway, I would much rather see an Auggie central show. A show about the blind handsome smart CIA tech, who happens to interact with spies (one of them could even be Annie). It would be a more original concept, don’t you think?

Cristina – Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is yet another show where I wouldn’t mind losing the lead character (Meredith). I don’t really hate Meredith or anything, but she is way down on my ‘favorite characters’ list. Here are just some characters I like more than Meredith: Bailey, Arizona, Callie, Alex, Dr. Webber, Jackson, Derek, Owen… well pretty much everyone except for the new interns (not Tina Majorino, I love her!) and April I guess. I also know that getting rid of Meredith wouldn’t be a good idea… but I wouldn’t mind if the show focused on Cristina  (my favorite character).  Let’s face it, she is more interesting than Meredith, more fun to watch and has more stuff going on right now.

Pam – True Blood

Pam (Kristin Bauer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard)
I feel about Sookie the way I have been feeling about Elena (The Vampire Diaries) lately which is: Just pick a vampire already and be done with it! I mean seriously, the love triangle was interesting for a while, but who cares anymore? Sookie also had the whole fairy thing going on for her… but then it just got weird (although I kind of liked the fairy stripper night club), throw a hot werewolf into the mix and you have a leading lady who doesn’t know what to do with her life and just keeps whining about it! On the other hand Pam is cool and fun and has the most amazing lines.  Wouldn’t it be great if they started having more Pam/Tara – Pam/Eric scenes each episode… I know I would like to watch that. Get Lafayette in there too and that is a sure recipe for entertainment. Having said that, I actually love True Blood in all its craziness and I know they can’t just get rid of Sookie, Bill and Eric, but it would be cool if they dedicated a little more time to the truly amazing supporting characters. 
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