TV Pick of the week: Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy is classic example of a show with a subject matter that does not interest me at all, yet it is so well written and captivating that it has become one of my favorite shows.

The series follows a group of motorcycle club outlaws in a small town in California. It sounds like the type of show any guy would love to watch, but not that many girls. And don’t get me wrong, Sons of Anarchy has plenty of elements guys would love: bikes, gun fights, fist fights, porn stars… and did I mention the bikes? 
However, that is not all the show is about.

Inspired by the classic tale of Hamlet, the show centers around a character seeking redemption for his kingdom (the SOA motorcycle club) years after the murder of his father. Behind all the gun fights and motorcycle joy rides there is a family drama which is the true focus of the show. The lead character Jax, has an eternal struggle between his loyalty to the club, his love for his girlfriend Tara, his complicated relationship with his mother and the desire to honor his deceased father’s memory. The characters are honest, they are outlaws and therefore live outside the law, they do questionable things and behave with the level of violence they need to survive; nevertheless the story lines are so well crafted and have such incredible heart that the characters can be feared and loved at the same time. We even get to see the occasional biker crying, but it is in such a genuine way it is not annoying at all…. I swear!  For all these reasons, Sons of Anarchy is sure to be enjoyed by men and women alike.

Another bonus of watching the show is that you get to follow outrageous show runner Kurt Sutter on all social media platforms. He has one of the biggest online presences and stirs quite a bit of controversy every now and then.

In summary; with solid acting from veterans like Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman and new comer Charlie Hunnam, engaging and believable story-lines and some of the best writing on TV, Sons of Anarchy is one of the best shows on the air right now! Why do Emmy voters continue to ignore it is beyond me. Luckily viewers are not ignoring it. Season 5 premieres tonight September 11. If you haven’t watched it yet get a DVD or go to Netflix and catch up ASAP. You will probably watch the first 4 seasons in a week! Seriously it is that good! Don’t miss out!
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