TV Pick of the week: True Blood

The Olympic games are on and networks are taking a two week-long break from new programming. Thank god we have HBO which, as everybody know “is not TV”.

For over four years summers have belonged to True Blood.  After quite a disappointing season last year, I wasn’t expecting much from the show anymore. However, I gotta say, it looks like True Blood may not be ‘sucking’ so much after all (cliché pun intended).

Here are some of the reasons True Blood is worth watching this season:

Fairies know how to party
Last season started on the wrong foot with that ridiculous trip to fairy-land. Thank god they saw the error of their ways and while they are keeping the fairies around, they replaced ‘fairy-land’ with the much cooler fairy-night club which might be giving Fangtasia a run for its money.

The Magic of Mike
Magic Mike premiered over the summer and since then Joe Maganiello decided he should not wear a shirt anymore. I don’t know about you, but I think that is reason enough to have my eyes glued to the screen. If shirt-less werewolves are not your thing, keep reading…

Pam is a maker                                                                                                                                                                                
I have no idea why I never thought about it, but now that it happened it is so clear that Pam and Tara were meant to be together. Pam is just as cool as it gets and Tara is one smart-mouthed pain in the ass. Between the two of them, it is almost too much sassiness to take if ‘you are picking up what I am putting down’…

The Politics are back
What made True Blood great in the beginning and separated from all those other vampire shows and movies were the political allegories. The first two seasons were great at dealing with the vampires ‘coming out of the coffins’, the political hierarchy of the vamps and the opposition and discrimination of the humans and the church. This season has it all back and what makes it even better? They threw a good amount of religion into the mix! Now we know there is a Vampire bible, crazy religious sanguinist fanatics, hallucinogenic gods, etc etc. This has the potential to be great.

Now…  I am a little upset by Bill’s new beliefs and I still can’t get on board with the Lafayette Voodoo storyline, but I am choosing to ignore that (as well as the smoke monster, this isn’t LOST!). I am just glad to say I am enjoying the show almost as much as past seasons and looks like it is not time to write it off yet.

“There are two things I try to stay away from: Humans who eat a lot of fish and politics” Pam
“I better get back to slaughtering people in the name of god” Eric
“No, the president of the United States is not actually in Reynard Parish shooting and kidnapping people” Andy

Where to watch it? HBO, HBO-Go
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