TV Pick of the week: Breaking Bad

What better way to start the week than watching probably the best show on TV right now.  Breaking Bad premiered last night on AMC and it was one hell of a ride.

I recently re-watched the pilot and I couldn’t believe how far Walter has come. I myself evolved from feeling sorry and sympathetic for Walt to being on the fence to disliking him and after the S5 first episode I gotta say I am on the edge of plainly hating him. What is more incredible is how believable the transformation was, kudos to Vince Gilligan! 

While Walt keeps becoming a text-book villain I feel somehow Jesse is actually a better person now. He not only has proven his loyalty for Walt a million times, but he has also become less selfish and dare I say smarter! (he had the cool idea of the “magnets” after all).

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t seen the S5 premiere the next section contains spoilers

The episode starts with a glimpse at Walt on his 52nd birthday. We later go back in time to where we left off at the end of S4. Gus died in the most awesome way, Skyler knows Walter killed him, Hank and the gang are not going to die…yet. Walt soon realizes Gus must have had surveillance video of their cooking activities stored somewhere. Before Mike gets the chance to kill him and Jesse they convince him to help get Gus’s laptop back from the evidence room where it is currently stored. Jesse has the brilliant idea to use a giant magnet to destroy the computer through the walls of the building, of course Walt gets greedy with the voltage and they have to leave the truck behind. Oh! And also while they succeeded in destroying the computer, they also crushed a framed picture of Gus and inadvertently reveal some information that was hidden behind the pic. Good job Walt!

Meanwhile, Ted Beneke is not dead! And presumably he is not done squeezing money from Skyler either… I kinda feel bad for the poor crippled guy… but damn he is annoying. Saul is his usual “unethical” self and he keeps blabbing about ethics to Walt, which may very well put him on the Heisenberg kill list. Other than idolizing his uncle Hank, Junior does as much as the baby which is nothing… Let’s hope he gets a better storyline later in the season.
All in all the season 5 premiere was as amazing as all other episodes. I cannot wait for the remaining 7 episodes of this summer and the conclusion of the show on 2013! I still dream of the day Hank finds out that his boring brother in law is actually the big bad kingpin he has being chasing all along. I am glad they are spreading the season over two years, which means I get more time to obsess about it!

MIKE: Keys, dumbag. It is the universal symbol of keys.

Where to watch it:
Breaking Bad airs on AMC Sundays 10/9c. If you missed the first episode you can watch it here until July 31sth, 2012: Season 5 Episode 1
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