Recap: BATB S4E2

Beast Interrupted

Catherine interrupts Vince-Beast to go hunt for yet another group of dumb hackers. There is also a conspiracy that involves a hotel chain, selfies and two sisters who were named after strippers.

Oh, newlywed bliss... Sunshine, early morning jogging and “beast bounty” conversation. OK, it’s more like newlywed paranoia. But hey, it’s Vincat, what did you expect? Cat decides that the best course of action is to “bench” Vincent and find whoever is trying to kill him this week by herself. Well… she gets JT’s help, because JT always has the skills required to move the plot along. Seriously, who knew biochemists were SO good with computers, explosives, guns and sporadically bats? JT is the true superhero of this show, don’t let anyone else say otherwise!  

Anyway, while Vincent is sent to play [hot] doctor, JT uncovers what might just be the WORST CONSPIRACY IN TV HISTORY. In summary, JT realizes that someone hacked into the DHS and stole the Beast-Files (among other things). In record time, MIGHTY FORBES manages to trace the hack to the DURBRIDGE HOTEL because 1) JT and his home computer are way more efficient than the entire Homeland Security team and 2) Whoever is behind this is smart enough to hack into the DHS but not smart enough to mask where the hack came from. Seriously, according to this shows hacking is easy and all hackers are stupid.

But here is where the WORST CONSPIRACY IN TV HISTORY gets confusing. The hacker is a guy named DOMINIC, who is facing a RICO case. He hacked into the DHS to find out where the FBI was hiding the people who would testify against him. However, the files don’t reveal the location of the witnesses, but they conveniently reveal the identity of the person who hid them. This WITNESS PROTECTOR turns out to be a socialite known as “Bootsy” [which is only an appropriate name if you are a pimp], the heir to the Durbridge empire. She also lives at one of the hotels.

So… let me see if I get this. Dominic and his hacking cronies check into the hotel, they hack the DHS from one of the suites and realize that the person they want is Bootsy who is conveniently in the same building? I am sure I am getting this wrong. When they said that they “traced the hack to the Durbridge Hotel”... Did they mean that some of the information stolen led to the hotel? If so… how would they know which information to follow, they supposedly stole a lot of files…

OK, let’s pretend this is logical for a second. Bootsy hides witnesses, Dominic wants to locate and kill the witnesses, he decides put a “controlled” bomb in Bootsy’s room to scare [but not kill] her. However, the only thing the explosion accomplishes is to send Bootsy to the hospital. I would argue that it would have been a hell of a lot easier for Dominic to just KIDNAP BOOTSY! I seriously can’t tell if I am being dumb or if this just doesn’t make any sense.

Meanwhile, Tess is upset because her boyfriend has a beast addiction. JT really does have a problem though. The Beast stuff is not letting him live his life. He even turns down tenure at the university. It has come to the point where he has no identity without beasts. Understandable, considering this has been his life for the past decade, but also a bit sad. And I worry… what will happen to JT if V is ever cured/safe? Heather is also having some personal drama this week. Vincent and Catherine won’t let her date PARAMEDIC KYLE because of all all the secrets & threats, which I think is unfair. They can’t expect Heather to put her life on hold indefinitely. Look at what happened to JT! Beast-addiction is real.

But let’s go back to the WORST CONSPIRACY IN TV HISTORY. After the explosion, Bootsy winds up at the hospital where Vincent works. And shocker, he is assigned as her doctor. Very convenient, since one of Dominic’s henchmen tries to abduct her from her hospital room. Vincent stops the assailant and then basically kidnaps her and takes her home. [Seriously, how does Vincent still have a job?] Being abducted by her doctor doesn’t seem to faze Bootsy much [well it IS Vincent… he can get away with a little abducting I suppose] and she decides to tell Vincat all about the witnesses she is protecting. OK… I am just going to say it. This is DUMB. It’s like saying Paris Hilton is secretly running a WPP retreat for the rich and famous. AH! I CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS PLOT!

OK, Deep breaths, moving on. Vincent and Catherine have a plan. Vincent takes Bootsy to JT’s so she can stay there while Cat and Tess lure the killer out. It all goes according to plan until Bootsy’s sister MELODY - who was supposed to be in London - posts a selfie at a local bar. Bootsy knocks out JT and rushes to the bar to find her sister, but doesn’t bother to put on a hoodie or something to avoid getting spotted by papparazzi. Since Bootsy’s picture and location is all over the internet, Dominic and his evil minions quickly find her. I don’t know what they do after that, but next time we see Bootsy it is DAYTIME and Dominic is dragging her to a helicopter.

CUE Beast to the rescue. Vincent stops the helicopter from taking off and saves Bootsy. Yeah… not even a cool stunt sequence or anything to justify this whole senseless conspiracy. Bootsy’s way of thanking Vincent and Cat is to not ask any questions, which is nice of her, I guess. But it’s time for the CASE OF THE WEEK’S ON THE NOSE LESSON THAT VERY OBVIOUSLY RELATES TO VINCENT AND CATHERINE’S STRUGGLE. Bootsy has been “exposed” and her life will change forever. Like it could happen to Vincent… dun dun dun. But for now, Vincent and Catherine are just going to keep working out and be pretty. Well at least that’s what I got from the last scene [OK, I could come up with a more profound conclusion but this whole Gossip Girl in Plain Sight case of the week has jaded me].

End of Episode

As you can see I was not a fan of the story of the week. I also felt the episode had serious editing issues. I liked most of the scenes that had nothing to do with the A Story of the week, like the Heather/Tess, Vincent/Heather scenes. But not my favorite episode for sure.

Random Thoughts

  • “Beast Interrupted” is a great name for an episode. But I don’t think it lived up to the name.
  • Can someone please explain to me how Vincent still has a job? Is this the same hospital? Different hospital? Regardless, he was chased, almost arrested and then jumped from a rooftop. Seems like reason enough for termination.
  • I love Heather/Vincent scenes. He is just such a manly man and she is such a girlie girl.
  • Since when do Vincent’s eyes glow when he is lie detecting or tracking?
  • Why didn’t anyone give Bootsy a hospital gown?
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  1. ok, I am on the floor laughing! (well, not literally as I am at work)
    a few thoughts: 1 - I have stopped paying attention or trying to make sense of the plot in batb like a very very long time ago!! (for obvious reasons). So regarding Bootsie (what a name, btw) it was a bit like blah, blah, blah, blah
    2)BATB is the best at coming up with the WORST conspiracy theories and baddies in the history of conspiracy theories and baddies - yet, we still love it. Go figure
    3)I am not sure I would mind being beast addicted if the beast looked like Vincent! Also, I do not mind the glowing eyes cause they are incredibly sexy
    4)what was bootsie wearing? I do not even remember! was it not a hospital gown? lol lol
    5)How Vincent still has a job is a mystery to me - that is a very forgiving hospital, though his luck may run out very soon
    6)I loved the heather and Vincent scenes too but I also really liked the Cat/Tess working together scene in this episode - I had missed them two working together, plus there was less jTNT which was a bonus
    7) I enjoyed the episode despite the ridiculousness of the plot more than 401 (which does not say much cause I really disliked 401) only because there were some references ot season 1 and the vincat interaction felt less contrived - plus I had higher expectations for a season premiere.
    8)You are by far my fav #batb reviewer ever and thank u for taking the time to write the reviews!

  2. Gosh you should win an award for your reviews, seriously! It was amazing!

    I did like this episode better than 4x01, and I think it had to do with the fact that it had fewer VinCat scenes (Yes! I'm also shocked typing this, but I'd rather have less VinCat than have those unnatural, contrived ones in 4x01). That's another reason why I was less annoyed with (as you rightly put it) "The Worst Conspiracy in TV History"; because I wasn't boiling with anger at what they've done to VinCat throughout the episode. And honestly, now that I've read your recap, I realize how awfully lame and preposterous the plot was. It's like psychological self-defense; I just try to block out certain aspects (not that I always succeed!).

    I loved Vincent & Heather's scenes, and their natural and comfortable dynamics. Also loved seeing Tess & Cat doing cop stuff a la Season 1. Oh and that coffee shop scene with Cat & Heather was so good, too.

    There was not one great, memorable moment for me to take away from this episode, unfortunately. The show doesn't have that intensity that evoked strong emotions in me (good and bad) anymore. Yup! Broken record, here. Oh well...

    Loved reading your review, as always. You are so spot-on every single time with all your recaps, and notice things that I'm sure even the writers have missed themselves.

    Big hugs xx

  3. Interesting & entertaining review! I see your points & agree with most of what you've said, but somehow all the silly conspiracy stuff & editing mistakes didn't really bother me, because like Anna said, I was just happy to see the slight leaning back towards S1 & the less contrived VinCat. I feel encouraged that they are potentially heading towards a slightly more S1 feel for the show & hopefully for VinCat - fingers crossed.
    I was a little bit irritated about the sudden glowing eyes when detecting/tracking, which never happened before, but at the same time, like Anna said, I rather like it & find it kinda sexy, so I can forgive the discrepancy. The sudden daytime on the roof was very very silly, but again, I can't help but forgive them, because - well damn that was exciting & sexy!
    I also loved seeing Cat & Tess working like cop partners again & I loved the V&H scene. I also liked the JT&T scene & H&T scene as well, so on the whole, I really did enjoy this ep very much & am hopeful for better things to come :)

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  5. Thank you. Almost EXACTLY what I was thinking both times I watched.

    So thank you. That is all. ;)

  6. Genial Como siempre, Alejandra, realmente creo que es el peor ,de entre muchos peores , capítulos. Una pena todo lo que se ha luchado por defender la serie, para que BKern y los poderes fácticos desperdiciaron una fantástica oportunidad con la S3, que creo que ha sido la peor. Siempre creo que los principios de temporada deben de ser muy muy grandes! para atrapar al público y 4.1 y 4.2 son muy malos. La serie con 13 capítulos no debería desperdiciar ninguno...y ya lleva 2 malos. S4 no tiene ninguna trama profunda, ningún hilo de temporada, parecida a ala aburrida S3. Y a mí me gusta mucho VinCat, pero necesito más o al menos , mejor... pero realmente no estoy en el show por Jay Ryan sino por la historia , quue cada capítulo es más decepcionante . Empiezo a pensar que CW debe pensar que las fans de BATB somos tontas, ( y eso me molesta) por otro lado, parce que a la mayoría de las fans lo único que quieren es ver a Jay, aunque sea haciendo el payaso ...como sucede con una beast que ha perdido todo su potencial como ser enigmático, misterioso, oscuro , que tendría mucha historia para el show. A veces parece una mascota de circo, y VinCat una pareja que cada vez parece más hermanos que amantes. Realmente mala suerte que nos tocase tan mal showrunner. Entiendo a veces, que los actores den la espalda a un show de tan poca calidad. Deseando leerte la semana próxima . Gracias!

    1. yup, agree with all u said...

    2. and i think the only way for me at the moment to deal with batb episodes is to laugh it off otherwise i will get upset considering how much I loved the show before s3 ..but yes, u are spot on

  7. I'm afraid I can't say I love an ep where half the time I'm yelling SHUTUP drag queen ~ get your hissy anti-Beast 'tude and that ridiculous big hair off my screen. Useless hitman ~ Put me behind the wheel ~ I'll get the job done for free or die trying!

    Fave bits were far and few ~ think I vined all of them
    Agree re title ~ ep certainly did not live up to it
    Can honestly say I loved 2 VinCat scenes 1) the silliness at the hospital w/ Boobsy (better name ya?) which led to that very short sweet flirty moment when V was being Prince Charming *swoon* and 2)the wistfully cute ending(oh dear I grimace because cute seems to be a dirty word in S4 these days) at least a decent convo btw JT and V preceded that which makes for a very nice reprieve from the formulaic gross JTnT PDA ~ Oh wait they pushed THAT to the beginning this time argggghhh no escape! KBK! KBK!) Seriously JT is off his rocker for not accepting the tenure but by this time I don't really care what he does as he's under drag queen control so whenever he manages to squirm away from her iron curls and shows that old BFF loyalty to V and the beast cause ~ hooray for him! Oh please let them breakup or let her die ~ I'm not picky!

    There was a case of the week?? Yeah Boobsy's exposure dun dun dun serves as a dire warning that VinCat must find a way to save themselves from the same sorry fate ~ so I will not be surprised if Vincent's going to have to tell NYC that he IS Batman! I mean, a Beast.

    Well darnit the cool British black dude is not Muirfield *tosses that theory*

    Love your description of V and Heather ~ love him playing Big Brother!

    LOL yeah unnecessary glowy eyes but like Anna said sexy as hell so no complaints on that front!

    No no nooo ~ no revealing hospital gown for Boobsy as V has to whisk her home (seriously stop bringing other women to the apartment!) and also same reason why he's in the blue swoon shirt I love instead of scrubs.

    Sorry I came to moan too ~ I'd much rather be raving but there's been no cause too and it's going to be just favorite moments here and there instead of really terrific eps this season (because stupid Writers and JTnT) that's what my gut is telling me but boy do I want to be proven wrong SO badly so that I can honestly say this is my favorite show again! Tarrah!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. So you're bashing Ean to teach her not to bash? She's clearly talking about TESS the character. Are we allowed to criticize characters now or the fandom police is gonna follow us all around the cyberspace? Stop dictating what people in this fandom should and shouldn't do. She was talking about a fictional character. I suggest you grow up and stop berating beasties. This fandom has got much smaller because of some of you controlling the rest.

    3. and that is what i call bullying and harassment. attacking somebody, belittling them and calling them names because they express their views openly about a FICTIONAL character. the issue with the fandom is that people who have voiced their views about the deterioration of the show have been bashed or silenced in the past. and i wont say more here because i dont want to populate a great blog with more bullshit

    4. Right, so trashing a person's looks has nothing to do with bashing the actor? Calling someone a drag queen is trashing the actor. You can criticize the character or story arc, but trashing someone for how they look is clearly out of bounds imo because how they look has nothing to do with a character's arc or the story. This has nothing to do with silencing someone's opinions of the show. Maybe you need reading comprehension classes because you clearly don't understand the difference. You add nothing significant to the conversation by prefacing your argument with rants about how a person looks.

  8. Hi,
    when you discribe this episode it is a show I would never consider watching. There have to be a lot of scenes cut out, and that goes for season 2 and 3 too. It´s not enough to say "I love you" and give each other pecks. It´s something you can do to anybody. Why do I still watch? I totally fell in love with season 1 and the chemistry between VinCat. The romance and the love that went right through the screen and landed on my lap. I never cared about the cases to be solved, it was all about VinCat. Season 2 and 3 did not live up to the promises from season 1, the only bright sides were the reunion of VinCat in season 2 and the proposal and roof top wedding in season 3. Season 4 does not live up to my expectations so far (OK only 2 episodes). I really hope it will change and give us the feeling from season 1 back. I love your recaps and totally agree with you.

  9. I hate to speak (publicly) badly of BatB but this ep was disappointing. Why did we need it? We already know of the dangers of exposure. Did we not get the hint in Ep1 and in so many other eps? We can't afford to waste eps. We've only got 13 of them! Please stop with the repetition.

    The plot....the plot was so weak, and the acting of the woman who portrayed Bootsy was even weaker, like Tori/Amber weak. No, worse. The villains were forgettable, unlike the beast hunter in Ep1. Oh, and why would they try to kill Tess-as-Bootsy when the bad guy could have just put the vehicle in reverse and left? Brad hired new writers when he came on board so I thought we'd be getting really good scripts. ?? I throw my hands up in the air. Why aren't they exploring a new direction? DHS knows about beasts, so why don't they have Vincent working for them in some manner? Why aren't they striving to learn all that a beast can do?

    At least I enjoyed all of the scenes that had nothing to do with the Bootsy plot. And at the end when Vincent walked into the room in that muscle hoodie.....I forgot everything I had seen and just gaped. I knew that I would watch this ep a lot---the last 5 minutes--and be so happy. Thank you, Catherine Ashton, Designer Extraordinaire.

    1. I think this is a good example of someone voicing their opinion (which can be negative) in an educated manner... unlike whatever is going on on those comments above! haha I think we should be allowed to point out our disappointment or criticize a few things w/o going crazy. And I do agree with you Carol, the episode did nothing for the overall plot. People are out to get Vincent... we know. They live in constant fear of getting caught, we know. Vincent and Catherine are cute... and as cute as they are... we know!


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