On Valentine’s day I picked my Favorite TV Couples of all times and more recently I let go of romance a little bit and made a list of the Best Platonic Couples. Now I want to talk about some TV romances I wish had NEVER happened…

Apologies to anyone who shipped the following couples, this is just my personal opinion on the subject:

IZZIE & GEORGE – Grey’s Anatomy

Izzie and George had one of the best platonic relationships of all times until… they decided to ruin it and get them together! Why? I really don’t know! They were best friends, confidants… it worked so well. Meredith had Christina, Izzie had George. According to me, Izzie and George never had any sexual tension during the first couple of seasons, so I really don’t understand why the sudden decision to make them a romantic couple. Basically Izzie was the reason George left Callie [well, I guess that was for the best in the end, she is a happy lesbian now] and then there was what felt like an eternal guilt trip about it. When they finally became a “couple” they discovered they were lacking sexual chemistry, which the entire audience had figured out before! It was one of those plots with huge buildup that goes nowhere. I don’t know if I have more issues with the couple per sé or the unsatisfying conclusion of the arc. I bet there were fans who liked them, but I really don’t think anyone can convince me on this one. I was very disappointed that they destroyed one of the best friendships on the show and I think it was the beginning of the downfall for Izzie as a character.


This show had one of the largest and most diverse casts on television; so I could never figure out why they thought Shannon and Sayid should be the first couple to hook up on the island. I guess you could argue they were shooting for diversity with this pairing, two people who would have never gotten together under different circumstances… I understand the point of view, but I thought they were completely incompatible [even if they had a couple of sweet moments here and there].  Sayid was a former soldier and Shannon was a girl concerned with more mundane aspects of life [probably with a good enough heart, but still]. On one of the fansites they call them: “The soldier and the Barbie”, not precisely the type of couple I like. Plus, wasn’t Nadia supposed to be the love of Sayid’s life? Anyway, Shannon and Sayid bonded over maps and French translations and it looked like she actually cared for him… but also felt like she wanted someone to take care of her, as Boone pointed out. It didn’t last, of course, because Shannon was one of the first to die on the island…But then, they were together in the flash-sideways… which I really didn’t get.  I can understand people liking them, they were likable characters and it was an unexpected couple; from different worlds and all that. However, I personally never understood or cared much about this couple. What made Shannon and Sayid more epic that Sayid and Nadia? Never got that. I am sure someone is going to jump in after reading this and explain that Shannon was Sayid’s constant or something like that… hey have it, I’d like to hear it actually.


Yeah… that happened. If you don’t remember, it is probably because you suppressed the memory to avoid ripping out your eyes or something. This definitely gets filed under the “what the hell were they thinking”? category. I really don’t know. It was around the time Sloane was pretending to be a reformed spy/humanitarian. He runs into Barnett overseas, she confesses she was somewhat obsessed with him, she wrote her college thesis on him or something. Then they sleep together… I know… ew.  Oh, Sloane also tells Barnett he believes Sydney may be his daughter… so as you can see there was a lot going on! According to me, there was more than enough drama already. Having Sloane and Barnett hook up was just overkill! Aghrr… my eyes.

TROY & BRITTA – Community

Are they still together? No they are not, they broke up during that bizarre [but great] Freaky Friday episode... I think.... I could have accepted them being a couple if they didn't make the show about it; but that episode  where they were hooking up and then Britta climbed out the window was just so awkward… In other words, I really don’t mind the concept of them being together, but  I don’t want to SEE it. I wonder if some Community fans were all about this couple… I find it hard to believe because one doesn't watch Community for the couples! Who cares?! It is all about crazy situations and obscure pop culture references. But I could be wrong… However, if we are looking for couples to ship I’d argue Annie & Jeff work and Britta also had much better chemistry with Jeff. In addition, they should leave Troy with his true meaningful relationship: his bromance with Abed.

MIKE & KATHERINE – Desperate Housewives

Obviously we never wanted Mike with anybody other than Susan. So when they broke them up in Season 5, I don’t think anybody was happy. Susan had a new boyfriend and Mike developed feelings for Katherine. There was something really wrong about that couple, and I am not speaking about Katherine being sort of an obsessive psycho who later decides to turn lesbian and ran away with Julie Benz… I think I even preferred Mike with Edie and that is saying a lot! Whatever is the opposite of chemistry, I think Katherine and Mike had it. I never believed Mike could have feelings for her. In the end Mike re-marries Susan and Katherine goes all fatal attraction on him [until she runs away with a woman]. It would have been so much better if they had just gotten a new actress to play Mike’s love interest in that season… oh well… it was a long time ago.


Nothing actually happened here, they didn’t kiss or anything. Thank God! But they did decide, all of the sudden, to have Deb develop “romantic” feelings for Dexter! Did anybody like this? I don’t think so… One of the things I loved about them was that they had a very established brother/sister dynamic and I used to celebrate the fact that they never gave any ‘sexual’ vibe, which is impressive given that at some point they were married in real life. I used to love that, then that shrink screwed with Debra’s head and it all went to hell! After it happened, I read a lot of articles where the producers explained, Debra developing those feelings was a necessity for the arc to come [finding the truth about Dexter]. I completely disagree. Debra already had very profound sisterly feelings towards Dexter and that was more than enough for the arc to work.
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