I always say I am a television lover, not a hater and I rarely write negative posts about TV shows. But think of this more as “constructive criticism” rather than “negative reviewing”…

A couple of days ago I listed my FAVORITE SEASON FINALES of this year. To every Ying there is a Yang and now I will enumerate my least favorite finales. It should be noted that these are NOT my least favorite shows by any means; the fact that I watch them should tell you these are shows I enjoy… I just didn’t like how they ended this season.

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers for the season finales of the shows mentioned below.

Game of Thrones

I love Game of Thrones. It is one of my favorite shows; I watch all the episodes, buy the DVDs and read the books. I thought season 3, as the two previous ones, was amazing! It was full of memorable moments and shocking twists. There was something on every episode that made me scream in shock. The biggest shocker was probably the Red wedding where not one, but four [3.5] Starks were eliminated. That was the second to last episode. It was the shocker of shockers and then came the finale... It was simply impossible to match the level of shock. Of course there were some surprises: Jaime returning to King’s Landing, Varys trying to persuade Shae to leave Tyrion, Davos breaking Gendry out of prison, etc etc; but those were minor tiny twists [if they can even be called that] in comparison. The final scene basically stated that “everyone loves Daenerys” [Hello, we already knew that].  It left me wanting more. Funny enough, last season I also liked the penultimate episode more than the finale, so I guess that’s their M.O. Nevertheless, I am SURE there are MANY more shocks to come on this show… so it is OK.

Gossip Girl

Dan is Gossip Girl? What the hell… That doesn’t make any sense… OK, the way they explained it, sorta makes sense… but not really. I can’t believe he would be so cruel to his own sister! I wonder when exactly they decided on this outcome. I am willing to bet the writers didn’t know the identity of GG until the very end. If it had been the plan all along it would have made more sense. The season finale wasn’t all bad, OK, it was mostly bad. Only good thing was that Blair and Chuck ended up together, but everything else was a disaster. They wrapped up all the storylines in the final 5 min and then pretended the damn reveal of Dan being Gossip Girl made sense. A quick Google search told me GG’s identity is never revealed in the books [please correct me if I am wrong], which seems like a better idea. In my opinion, Gossip Girl should have remained a mythical figure with Veronica Mars’s voice! I had this scenario in my head, where GG’s identity is NEVER revealed to the characters and then one day they are walking down the streets of Manhattan and bump into Kristin Bell. They don’t give her a second glance and keep walking. But we, the audience, know she is the real Gossip Girl. Without saying anything Kristen gives a knowing look at the camera. FADE TO BLACK. End of show. Now, doesn’t that sound like a better ending?

I found this interesting article which pretty much summarizes my feelings on the subject: READ IT HERE 

Hart of Dixie

How to fix an on-going love triangle people are so over? Create a new triangle/square? NO! That is obviously NOT the answer to the problem! I guess Hart of Dixie is a guilty pleasure, and I admit I enjoyed the first season quite a bit. I was excited about Rachel Bilson’s return to TV, I had fun with the campy quirkiness of the show and I was interested in the Wade-Zoe-George triangle. WAS being the operative word. The damn triangle has been going on for one season too many. I can’t figure out what are Zoe’s true feelings and I am not sure who I am rooting for anymore. Initially I thought George was the man for her, perhaps because he is the one I would have chosen, but then Wade was very charming, but then he was kind of a jerk, but then Zoe realized she was in love with George all along, but then she realized she was actually in love with Wade… How many more times can she have epiphanies about this!? It’s getting old. The final episode had the EXACT SAME story-line than last year’s finale. George decided he wanted to be with Zoe, he went to her house and found her with Wade… boring… then Zoe decided she didn't want to be with neither of them. She goes to NY where she runs into Eligible Bachelor #3 (Jonah Breeland) and presumably will spend the summer with him. Oh god! I am so over this! Please get a new plot that doesn't involve a love triangle/square/pentagon next year!


HELLO less romantic marriage proposal ever! I like this show, it’s one of the few cop shows I regularly watch and I love Nathan Fillion. I am a Casckett fan; they are one of my favorite TV couples. I thought they had a great first kiss and they have managed to remain interesting as a couple. So, when the season ended with them questioning whether or not they should be together, I was disappointed. They were on the verge of breaking up but instead Castle proposes to her. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the proposal per se. I think the proposal was exactly what needed to happen, but not like that! He looked miserable; she looked ready to break up. Castle was actually serious! When is he ever serious? This was supposed to be happy, romantic and epic. Instead…  I don’t know what it was. It sure as hell wasn't a dream proposal and it wasn't enough of a shock either. I totally saw it coming; I was just expecting to be better! I can’t believe I am saying this, but Richard Castle could have taken a few pointers from Boyd Crowder on how to make a romantic proposal!


So, there was a twist and a shock at the end; but I think it was the wrong kind of shocking twist. First of all, I totally saw it coming. I actually saw everything coming since the moment Juliet’s mother killed Dante and then killed herself. I liked the fact that Deacon finally learned the truth about Maddie, I DID NOT like his reaction. I guess I liked how Juliet’s arc finally made sense and for the first time ever I truly had sympathy for her character. I enjoyed what they did with Avery, but I am still somewhat annoyed with Gunnar and Scarlet. The season ended with Deacon and Rayna having a huge fight (while driving) and getting into a car crash as a consequence. It was shocking alright, but it was also SO DAMN cliché. I would give props to the writers if they actually killed one of those characters, but this isn’t Game of Thrones, so that’s not going to happen. Rayna and Deacon will survive the accident. Possibly Rayna will end up in a coma for a while so Deacon can carry the guilt of his drinking issues and whatnot. In summary, it is nothing we haven’t seen a thousand times on TV [mostly on soaps] and, although it made me gasp, I am not impressed. In general, I am not that impressed with this show. I think Nashville is a good drama with very good acting and interesting themes, but it is nothing extraordinary; not when you compare it to shows like Banshee, Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad. Critics like to talk about it like it is the greatest thing on broadcast and it really is not [have you seen Hannibal?]. The season finale just confirmed my feelings about it.

And that's it. I was obviously disappointed about more shows, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment. Agree, disagree?

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