Will DEXTER kill Debra?

After being severely underwhelmed by Dexter’s Season 6, I was praying for the show to redeem itself in Season 7. After watching last Sunday’s premiere I am glad to say that Dexter is back on my favorite shows list.
The whole season will revolve around Debra coming to terms with her brother being a serial killer (he even admits it out loud at the end of the episode) and it has been amazing so far! My burning question right now is: Will Dexter kill Debra? If you had asked a couple seasons ago, I would have said “No way!” At one point I even considered the possibility of Dexter killing Rita, but never Deb. However, now that she knows the truth (or part of it) I somehow think there may not be another way out. Let’s elaborate:

  • Dexter has feelings for Deb, or as close to feelings as he can have. He clearly said that if he could have feelings he would have them for her. That means that he cares about her and that is a big reason for ‘not killing’ her, but then again… they are not ‘real’ feelings, so who knows?
  • Harry told Dexter that one day Debra would be all he had. While that was true for a long time, now he has Harrison. So even if he killed Debra he wouldn’t really be alone. Which brings me to my next point:
  • Is Harrison in danger? If somehow, Dexter comes to the conclusion that Debra knowing may affect his son, that may be reason enough to make him decide to off her.
  • The Code. This is the main reason Dexter shouldn’t kill Debra. She is innocent, she hasn’t done anything wrong, and therefore she does not qualify to be killed according to Harry’s code. However, if I am correct, the first rule of the code was “Don’t get caught”. Now, I am not really sure if that rule supersedes the rest or exactly how it works… but there may be a loop hole there somewhere.
  • We can’t have a retired serial killer. Remember that short while in season two where Dexter was getting over killing Brian and he was unable to complete a kill? It only went on for a couple of episodes but by the time he finally killed somebody I was experiencing serious ‘watching- Dexter- kill-withdrawal’ syndrome. From the promos, it looks as if Debra is trying to reform him and we can’t really go too long with him not killing! That would be just boring. If Debra doesn’t let him kill for more than two eps I am going to want to put a needle in her neck myself…

I guess it also depends on whether Debra does something stupid like deciding to turn him in. I don’t think she will since she luuuves her brother. But Debra is also very ambitious, so I don’t know what would happen when this whole situation starts affecting her career. Plus there is also the normal guilt a non-sociopath person is bound to experience. It all comes down to whether she will really be able to love Dexter as he really is.

My money is that he won’t kill her, but I still think she may die at somebody else’s hand. Anyway, I am super excited about the new season! Can’t wait for next week!
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